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    Bri ~ If I go to her on my lunch hour I would only have to pump at 9:00am. I would have to go straight to her at 3:00pm so I can BF her. How many ounces should I leave at daycare?



    do any of you ladies drink coffee, and if so how much? I guess i’m just wanting that 2nd cup this morning.



    Just wondering, do we have any readers or members that have been nursing more that 20 months currently?



    @Chellebob: when I was breastfeeding and cut my feeding sessions down to morning and night I was a little engorged/sore for the first couple days, but then my body just adjusted to the change and I was still producing enough milk for those two sessions. It is amazing how our bodies just know how to adjust to the needs or our babies. Also for sore nipples raina suggested lanolin- I just want to say it worked wonders for me too!


    when imm brestfeeding my baby stays latched on for about three minutes then she pulls away a fits turns her head back and forth fighting with my nipple does that mean shes not getting enough what do i do also need tips on what i can do to make more milk



    kindra-i used medela bottles b/c that’s what attached to my pump and it was easy to pump the milk i needed and then serve w/o switching containers.



    i wish i could trust my body as much as i did when i was pregnant. But with my first son my breastmilk dried up at four months. were not sure if it was the birthcontrol (that was suppose to be safe to breastfeed with) or not. and now on my second child he is three months.. and my right breast is only good for maybe two feedings a day… when i pump most of the time i get NOTHING when on the otherside i always get 4-8 ounces. he gets very angry with my right breast, and i have to give him my left otherwise he isn’t full. it seems odd to me. i can’t get ahold of WIC here, and my OBGYN wont take me as a pacient any more, and i dont have a regular



    trinam- i havent nursed threw pregnancy, docs dont like you too i know that, but you have to consider the risks, lots of women do and are fine, but i woudl have to stop if i got pregnant due to being really high risk, i know with nursing one baby and being pregnant you need 3000 cal or so thats what my friend was told, but 2 babies…that is gonna take a toll on you! i heard that your milk changes taste so sometimes babies will start weaning because of it, or some milk decresses . and i have no idea what i wodul do with 3 nursing babies lol you do need another boob! good luck i hope it works out curious what LC says



    brandy- Gotcha, I can’t imagine pumping with the chicken pox, I was curious though…thanks for answering. BTW, it is entirely possible for you to relactate and get your supply going again. It’ll take some work, and a lot of pumping, but if you want to you can. I also have a whole list of things you can do to boost supply (Check out the 2 blogs I wrote). Best of luck!



    Hi, We got our BFP yesterday, still breastfeeding my one year old so hopefully that all goes ok. Very shocked because BBT did not indicate I had ovulated and I was expecting AF… What a lovely suprise!



    LJess2134 – They typically double around three months or so and then triple by 1 year. My little angel isn’t soo little anymore. He’s walking and well somewhat talking. He has his own little personality. I was giving him a bath last night and I sat there wondering who in God’s green Earth gave ME the responsibility of this little boy. HAHA! Two years ago I would never imagine that I share my home with two little boys….well ones not so little but sometimes I wonder… HAHA!



    I don’t think the soaked oatmeal tastes funny at all… maybe it’s just me. I just think the oats become a little plumper, but that’s the only difference I observe. Maybe it’s because I love oatmeal anyway!



    Thanks for the advice, will take her back tomorrow as the poor little girl coughs so much tears stream down her cheeks. A visitor called saying her family had flu and the next day Jenna was ill…wish she hadn’t called! The Dr says there is nothing she can take so we are just plodding on…hate seeing her like this. Hope everyone is ok and enjoying life with our bundles of joy x



    Oh ok m ped prescribed it for the same reason something about vitamin D since I’m breastfeeding. I just didn’t know if he was to young since he’s 13 wks. And that stuff smells awful lol.



    whats the fastest way to bring you milk supply back up, in one breast i think i’m lopsided

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