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    judi, journey can use a regular cup way better than a sippy but i have to help her with the regular one, the sippy she mostly just plays with but shes only been getting it for a week or so and the regular cup she has been fascinated with since she was about 4 months old since she sees us using them all the time. she can also handle a water bottle pretty good too, again i usually hold it for her though lol.



    So we are having major ice/snow storms here! My mom has a few bags of milk in her freezer for when she babysits Wyatt. She lost power this morning and isn’t excpected to get power until tomorrow sometime. I told her to just put the bags in a big ziploc bag, throw them in a cooler with snow, and put it outside. I am afraid we will lose power at my house now.. it is getting bad out! And I have a TON of milk in my freezer. I will be devasted if I lose it all! What do you guys think of putting milk in a cooler with snow? I am afraid to leave it in the freezer, even if we keep the door shut the whole time. I don’t want it to thaw out! I hope everyone else who is in the snow/ice zone is safe and warm!!



    Ya I’ve never heard of that drug. I’m a little weary of drugs now since my Reglan episode. Fenugreek though has given me hope to make it to my goal of 6 months now. If we make it to 6 months stressfree then I’ll continue. My baby boy won’t take formula for the life of me so I hope I can keep up with him. He’s 4 months old and weighed 19lbs 2oz 3 weeks ago. He looks so long and I’ve had to start nursing him on the couch because my Glider was too narrow. lol



    micky I have taken those for my cough and had no problems while nursing.



    omg- something i am doing is working. i just got 6oz outta one breast in my pumping session! it must be that pumping 5-10 minutes after baby nurses!!!!!



    DulcianasMom I got my period back at 6 wks postpartum and right now I have chosen not to use birth control pills but using condoms. A lot of people use whats called the mini pill and seem to be doing fine with it.
    bj4- prozac and zoloft are known to be safe while breastfeeding but I believe there are more. If you have a specific one in mine let me know and I will look it up in my Medications and Mothers Milk book.



    thanks ladies!



    So I gave LO cereal mixed with breastmilk last night after a nurse. I don;t think it settled well with her. She spit up twice ( a good bit too) in her sleep. Of course it woke her up so last night was a bad night for us and I am at work exhausted. On my way to the babysitter this morning she had a poopie that got all over the car seat, up her tummy, into her belly button. Oh, the smell in my car now! Normally her poopie doesnt smell that bad. Do you all think it was from the cereal? BTW she is also teething. Had one pop through two weeks ago & the other pop through 2 nights ago. Could that be causeing the spit up and not cereal?



    Bri, I agree with Angie, your advice on here is always a great encouragement!
    Angie, my LO is around the same age as yours. Are you producing less now, and figuring your extra supply will last that long, or is your LO’s appetite increasing?
    Or is it just a pumping problem? IF you don’t wish to supplement, there are several things you can try. My pumping supply had gone way down last month, but I luckily managed to get it back up.
    Of course, I still pump once at night (especially now that he is sleeping through) to get enough for one bottle, so I don’t have to get so much during the work day.
    For me, I was lucky that drinking MORE water, eating more, and simple meditation worked to get me back up. A lot of it, for me, was work stress, too.
    Always remember to make sure your pump is still in top shape, too! Replacing worn membranes/etc can sometimes help.



    I find breastmilk is very sticky but not messy…



    Oh and my son never takes more than 4-5oz of BM at a time either. Whether he was getting 6 bottles a day or 1 bottle a day it was always 4-5oz.


    hey y’all–wrong forum, I know but this is the only one I’m active on….Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep my lo from undoing the chest buckle on his car seat? He can’t get the one between his legs undone, but with the other, he can slip out of the straps and bend over to get things. I’m scared he’s going to get hurt..



    rebneter – I had to order my nursing bra’s from JC Penny’s online because I could find no nursing bra’s that were a DD in my town (I have been EBF twins for 10 months now!!! woot woot! My bbs before the babies were only a C – ugh) but I think the brand is ‘Fancy Me’. Its a very comfy bra and very “smoothing”!!



    soothie lol



    How many ounces do you girls pump? My baby is 9 months old. I pump 3 times a day at work and get about 3-4 onces at each session. I hope he is getting enough. The doctor says don’t worry about it as long as he is gaining weight. When I hear formula babies getting 8-10 oz a feeding, I get worried that I’m starving him. He snacks every 3-4 hours.

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