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    Ladies I have to tell you how happy I am right now. I bought the evenflo pump comfort select dual automatic cycling pump. I was so close to quitting breastfeeding my daughter due to the unbearable pain I was experiencing. I spent most days in tears. She is 13 days old today. However, I pumped 1x with the pump and never felt any pain and expressed so much milk. I had to start pumping to feed her because she was not latching on correctly. I have decided I am going to be able to continue breastfeeding her as pumping only took me 10 minutes and I got 4 oz from one breast. I was told pumps were expensive and several hundred dollars which I could not afford due to my being unemployed. I bought this pump for $60 at Target and it was worth every penny. For ladies who may be struggling please keep this option in mind before quitting. I am so happy I can continue giving her my milk. 🙂



    I told DH just last night that I need him to be more supportive of EBF in front of his family. Not that he’s not supportive, but I need him to be more vocal about it. They act like BF is something weird and inconvenient, and I just know that the older she gets the tougher it’s going to be. I’m sure the comments will really pick up around Christmas (still breastfeeding? she’s almost 7 months now, where’s the bottle?), bleh. I don’t know what I’d do if a complete stranger commented!



    lorelaismom, when your baby is latching on try and have your baby latch: bottom of your nipple with the bottom of your baby’s mouth first and then to the top of your nipple and top of your baby’s mouth. kinda rolling it in? does that make sense? i read that in some book & it really helped my baby get a better latch and reduced the pain. good luck!!!



    Oh no ladies, I have come down with my first cold since starting to BF. Which cold medicines are safe?? I feel horrible! Sore throat, headace, fever!! 🙁



    expecting-2b-patient – that’s a good amount considering the ‘normal’ is .5 – 2 oz combined if you are feeding baby on breast. I was pumping like crazy after I had DD and now I have 900 oz in my freezer, being untouched and I just tamed down my letdown which took 2 months to do!

    This is from
    Overactive Letdown Reflex
    A baby who gets too much milk too quickly, may become very fussy, very irritable at the breast and may be considered “colicky”. Typically, the baby is gaining very well. Typically, also, the baby starts nursing, and after a few seconds or minutes, starts to cough, choke or struggle at the breast. He may come off, and often, the mother’s milk will spray. After this, the baby frequently returns to the breast, but may be fussy and repeat the performance. He may be unhappy with the rapid flow, and impatient when the flow slows. This can be a very trying time for everyone. On rare occasions, a baby may even start refusing to take the breast after several weeks, typically around three months of age.

    Here’s another link if you are interested



    PGFirstTimer – I got one the first night. Didn’t know my son was tongue tied and that was causing it. I was still in the hospital and he was sucking so hard with a horrible latch that it caused a blood blister. It was awful! But now that I got his tongue clipped and I’m healed up everything is going smoothly. Quite a difference to the first time around. This time last time I was crying and thinking about quitting. I was frustrated and in pain! What a difference knowledge makes.



    excited41stbaby – My son (3 and a half weeks old) was only sleeping on our chests or in our arms soon as we tried to put him in the bassinet he’d wake up and cry. I read that babies have a period of light sleep before they reach a sound sleep, so whatever you do to soothe them to sleep, you should continue to do for about 20 minutes until baby’s no longer making those little faces and his face and body are totally relaxed.. I tried this last night..swaying with him in my arms for about 25 minutes after nursing him, and he actually slept in his bassinet after both night feedings! I can’t promise this will work..but I sure hope it works for me again tonight.



    I went back to work part time at 3 months pp, full time 6 months pp. I’m now 9 months pp, and am finally out of freezer supply which means that today I begrundgingly took my pump to work. Nothing has ever made me feel as awkward as pumping at work. I texted my husband while I was doing it saying, ‘Nothing is more weird than having your boobs out at work.’ He responded that he was sure Isaac appreciated it. I responded, ‘He better because this is going into my mother’s guilt list.’ I’m so glad I’ve made it this long without having to pump at work. I’m also so glad I only have to do this for three months. On a good note though, it seems effective I got 6 ounces on my first pump today!



    I don’t mind feeding at night either. This is my second . I rushed through a lot of feelings and experiences with my first. This time I’m cherishing every moment. I want a third but you never know what life brings so we’ll see. I’m treating this experience like it’ll be my last even though I want one more. I love co-sleeping and the cuddles. About once a week I have both boys in my bed with me. I love it. I get smashed between the two but oh well. I drag the next day but oh well. I get to sleep with the littliest to my back and my arms wrapped around my 2-yr old. I love it. I couldn’t ask for a better life.



    EllasMommy23 – First thing I thought of was teething. It’s the right time frame but you said she isn’t biting. Does her gums/teeth glide across your nipples? Another thing I’ve found with my second is his strong suck reflex. Even after he’s done eating he’ll continue to hold a suck. He also will bite down a little to keep my nipple in his mouth. Smart boy! HAHA! I have to use my finger to get him off even if he’s sound asleep. The burning sensation sounds like Thrush to me as well. How I describe Thrush is like Baby’s tongue has turned into razor blades or shards of glass. Both times that I’ve had it neither son showed any signs. I got meds and it worked like a charm, my sons never got it. I just called my OB and told her I had it. She then sent a perscription over ot my pharm. It was a one time pill. I took it and within a day I was feeling better. Hmmm? Another thing could be a bad latch. I know that sounds odd because she’s 8 months old but it can happen. I know when I’ve fallen asleep while breastfeeding I sometimes slip halfway out. I always feel it the next day. My nipple just burns. After a few rounds of lanolin and watching my sessions closely it gets better. At 8 months babies tend to want to pull your nipple in all directions so they can see. If she’s doing this to you it can become painful over time. Hope one of these helps and your nipples get better soon.



    well i need help wyatt has been nursing continusely for 2 days straight only enough time for me to get a drink of water and go to the bathroom before he has a panick attack i really dont know what to do im nursing him and typing one handed lol but im so tired he hardly slept last night he is 9 weeks tomarrow



    mommie2dagon – Yes you can pump. Actually pumping sometimes gives more pressure on that side and can break it free. You want to do whatever it takes to get the clog out before mastitis (an infection from the clog) develops. Work the duct with massage, feed with Baby’s chin pointing at the clog, and pump pump pump. A hot bath might help as well. Soak down in the hot water and massage the breast. If you develop a fever then you should get meds for the infection.



    We did peri massage with both our boys and I didn’t tear with either one. My doc didn’t make it to the second birth and I thought that that the on call doc was going to rip me a new one while she checked for tears! I swear she uses a SHOE HORN to check for internal tears!!! My doc never did that with my first!!!



    deeyore: Thank you! Right now she is taking 60ml-2 ounces every 2 to 4 hours. Will my milk still change if i’m pumping?



    I only pumped one ounce in 10 minutes from both breast!!! Thats so sad. 🙁 it was right after a feeding. Am I doing something wrong…? Im so frustrated how other ppl can pump 8 ounces in 15 minutes!!

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