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    Bri – Thank you!!!!!!!! 🙂



    Thanks for the link on cosleeping. I’ll try buying a flannel pajama top like that and just wear a sports bra underneath. I haven’t figured out yet how to feed my LO from the top boob though. Leaning over far enough to get it in her mouth kills my back. Maybe as she gets bigger she’ll be able to reach it better. She sleeps so much better with me than she does in her bassinet though.



    She really is! The first time we met she kissed me on my forehead!!! She said that she would be lucky if she had ten mommies like me because I was so looking forward to BF, researched it a lot, and love it so much! She has looked at my LO’s latching, helped me with thrush and even suggested I read the books she used to get certified. She’s really kind and sweet. We are very lucky!



    tishlamp- i drink 1 cup a day, and i drink it right after i nurse laney in the morning so by the time she nurses again most of the caffeine has metabolized.



    Just curious what around the clock nursing does the first couple of days? Also, my little girl is 3 1/2 months old and the last couple of days has been nursing for a much shorter time each time. She just stops and smiles up at me; then she is on and off on and off for a minute or so and then she is done. She is not fussy and I can still get milk out? Is it possible she is drinking faster? She has always been so consistent until now.



    @illy2 – when my AF returned my supply dropped a little. What helped me was drinking a lot of fluid, eating healthy foods, and most importantly was to stay calm and not get to stressed out. I think my stressing out effected my supply more than anything. Hang in there… and I hope you start to feel better!



    kallie – it might be when your milk lets down. It can come out reallly fast and make them squirmy. Mine does it towards the end of a feed though when she finds it harder to get the milk.



    rachelz-have you tried nipple butter? and put it on before and after nursing, air dry for a few min if you can, if it becomes unbearable you can try nipple shields til u heal a little. my baby is 7weeks and right on cue every night between 8-11 she cries fusses cries while nursing. shes getting plenty is changed burped. i lay her on the floor on her tummy for awhile that calms her down for about 10min then she will just lay on her back look at her toys kicks her legs like crazy and fusses but not real crying for about an hour, then back to the crying. then we go to bed shes fine…i think some babies have certin times they just are gonna cry. i dont think it has anything to do with baby not getting enough to eat.



    i exclusively breastfeed and when my baby was 2 monhs i got AF. this never happen with my other children. do you think that this will mean that AF will return every month? my LO does go from about 11pm until 7am without a feeding



    dominique23 The LC has directed me to a special dietitian… They’re suppose to be getting back ahold of me soon… I’m eating very well, and have already gained 10 pounds. So I don’t think calories is an issue, but I don’t want to lack anyone, including myself, of important nutrients… I’ll let you ladies know what she says… 😉 Thanks for the input!


    when my second daughter was 6 weeks old I had to go into hospital for emergency appendectomy. I expressed milk as soon as I came round from surgery, although I had to throw the milk away for 24 hours, after that DH took it home after visiting me every night. It meant she only had to have formula for the first day and was glad to latch back on as soon as I came home.



    stacka – That’s so awesome! Congrats! YAY! I knew you would get one eventually.



    Isn’t that such a wonderful feeling!



    does anyone else feel the pins and needles in their boobs, when its getting close to pumping time or feeding time?



    Again, I’m so sorry. We have had our fair share of flus and colds. It sucks and there isn’t much you can do. Like I said, be sure to keep getting fluids down and lots of rest. You can also set up a humidifier in the nursery. We always have one running in the winter. It helps clear the nose. Also, if her nose is stuffy then you can use saline drops and an aspirator. Lots of cuddles help too. Ohhh! And Vick’s vabor rub on the bottoms of her feet. I know sounds weird but helps.

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