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    My fiance things my milk is for my baby. I told him if that’s the case then none of us should drink cow’s milk because that must be meant strictly for the cow’s baby. I was so mad at him last night when he said it’s gross! By the way…my friend that started the donation to this micro preemie has hit 500 OUNCES of donated milk…talk about awesome!!!



    YOU WILL LOVE THIS STORY. I am at my pumping station at work, our school nurses closet. I ‘m wearing a dress so it is hiked up and thrown over my shoulder. I’m fully hooked in and double pumping away. I hear a key turn in the lock and immediately yell out ‘hold on,just a minute.’ As I’m yelling this I’m realizing that it is probably our evening custodian, who is deaf!! In he walks, as I madly scramble to hide behind a small stack of boxes. He sees me, dress still over the shoulder and immediately leaves. The thing is, I think he probably thinks he caught me masturbating or something! And I’m the school counselor!! Oy-I’m not worried about getting walked in on anymore, figures, the first week of school!!



    I bled pp for 5 weeks and got my period completely regular at 6 weeks and every month since. Even my OB said I was in the unlucky minority so Im with you!!



    courtenay – Anytime there is a hormone change it does effect the taste. But, many babies don’t care. The biggest problem most women have when their periods come back is low supply. I’m sorry your daughter is/was sick. That sucks. My son had 9 ear infections his first year of life. He was in daycare and got sick often. Once we left work/daycare he stopped getting sick. Congrats on making it a year and continueing. My son self-weaned at 21months. I think mostly because I was pregnant. He’s just now turning 2 and I’m 31weeks pregnant. Pregnancy can also have a big effect of taste and supply. I miss nursing him but with a new baby coming in just a short couple of months I’m glad that he weaned on his own. I plan on self weaning this next one. It is recommended by the WHO to breastfeed for 2yrs and I hope this next one will. I don’t plan on getting pregnant again until after this next one is weaned. HAHA!



    My baby is 4.5 weeks old and breastfeeding,(and I still get up 3 times a night) and I believe I just got my period, is that even possible!?!?! My bleeding had completely stopped for a couple of days, and now is here with a vengeance Sorry TMI. Is this possible? that just would be plain unfair.



    Explo – Babies actually DO nee breastmilk after the first year, just not as their main source if nutrition. It’s considered a supplimental food after a year but still very nesessary until their immune system is fully developed.



    Hello everyone. I was in this forum about 5 mos ago. I stopped bfing my daughter at that time. I am now pregnant with baby # 3. ( a boy) Both other children are girls. With the girls My breast were leaking through the entire pregnancy, a little bit. With this pregnancy, the boy, I have had no leaking at all. Just very sore breasts. I am so nervous that I will not be able to Breastfeed. Anyone else experience this? Is it the gender difference?



    mybabysurprise-when he is doing that i would just take him off the breast long enough for him to pass the gas he has or if there is no gas I’d wait until he settles down a bit. You shouldn’t have to wait long (5-10 minutes) and it’ll keep him from hurting you. not sure if that’s the right thing to do but that’s what i would do. I have a (almost) 8 month old and he does that from time to time but now more because he gets distracted.



    My girl is almost 11 months, and breastfeeding is the best thing that I have ever done. She also lived on the boob for the first couple of months. Just remember, this will increase your supply. I just said the other day that she wasn’t as in love with me as she once was. I remember nursing and her just staring at me, eyes glazed over (we’d call it milk drunk) like I was her personal goddess. Now she is crawling around like a mad woman, laughing and playing and those quiet moments for the most part, are behind us. I understand that it is hard for you. Trust me, those will be the moments that you will remember. And they will go by fast.


    Ok ladies, I need some help. I posted this on the 4 month page, but I wanted to ask you ladies too. Scarlett has been so fussy in the evening lately. When I try to nurse her before bed she screams bloody murder for about a half an hour! She refuses to latch- I don’t know if it’s her gums bothering her (she’s teething) or if she’s too tired/lazy to wait for my milk to let down which seems to be taking longer and longer. And of course if I can’t get her to stimulate the nipple then my milk isn’t going to let down. Maybe she’s fussy for another reason all together, but I just don’t know. Any advice or ideas? It’s so frustrating and I just want to cry!!



    Momofcash- don’t give up on trying without the nipple shield! It took my son and I over a month before he would latch on without it. I have flat nipples. Now that he is 6 months he can find them in the dark I swear! lol Give it time and he will get it! My son sleeps every night in his crib and he sleeps the best in there in his own room. Nap time he sleeps in my bed. I breastfeed him in there and he usually passes out from it. My son is a very happy boy too and I think it has a lot to do with all the naps he willingly goes down to!



    thanks ladies for all the great advice! I didn’t realize how many of you had this issue too! But it’s encouraging that you all made it work. The one thing almost all of you suggested was block feeding, and I read about it too. So I’m gonna do that for sure as well as work on positions. I rarely pump as it is, but i’ll try to cut it out completely. I hope block feeding works cause even though I have a forceful letdown and he gags, I only pump 6-8oz, so I don’t feel like I’m over-producing. So I hope he gets enough off one breast. nmy dr said that they get more when they feed than a pump gets, so that’s not an accurate indication anyways. Ok, thx so much ladies for all the help! I really appreciated it and I feel confident that I can do this 🙂



    Thanks everyone to your responses! I will wait and see what happens 😉 I am no means about to force him to wean. I want him to ‘self wean’. Thanks!



    LawsonsMom- My daughter breastfed nearly exclusively until about 13 months. I didn’t even start cereal til 7 months, and even then only occasionally. About 8-9 months she got interested in our food so we would mash up a bit of whatever we were eating and she would eat as much as she liked. She still breastfed a lot over the next year, and we continued to offer her more of our food. She just weaned super easily at just over 2 years old and she eats really well, and loves all kinds of foods most kids don’t. The only problem is that she’s a bit behind most kids in using utensils and still enjoys making a mess with her food– maybe other babies get that out of their system earlier?


    2010 and2011- I guess I could do that, I’ve just been spoiled with not actually having to wake up to nurse her during the night right now. We just do the roll over pop it in the mouth and both of us are happy routine lol. But I might have to make that sacrifice, thx

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