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    jeni- congratulations!


    I was sick as a dog with both boys! I knew both times because my breast were so sore. I couldn’t even face the shower.



    Jepca- if there is blood in the diaper I would personally take het to the er. Now do you ebf it could be a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance not sure about that exactly but maybe could be the poopin probs



    Ok so I think I have a lil bit of postpar. I can’t stop cryin…. I’m tryin to breastfeed it all started out so great so would latch right on I got so sore I didnt breat feed all day yesterday just pumped I didn’t get so much doing this so I gave her so formula to make sure she was gettin enough. And now all day she won’t latch on I feel really bad cuz I wanted this so bad for her I keep tryin but she just won’t do it:( it’s makin me feel worst every time I even try:'(



    Bouza – The rule of thumb is 1 to 1 1/2 ounces for every hour you are gone. That one feeding could in theory be eliminated if she gets used to several big feedings in the early morning and right before she goes. Then you’d just feed at your lunch hour and pick her up and continue to feed throughout the day and night. I’m not sure how it works but you could try. Also, at six months you’ll be adding food so you can leave food and a few ounces in a cup to drink while you are gone. It can work!



    babybellybliss- thats what i have been doing, i drink cup right after i nurse so that its gone before i nurse again. I’t was a crazy night, 6yr old with a cold who could not stop coughing and nursing little brother every 2 hours, I think I only had 2 broken hours at most all night… dragging.



    Me too when it comes to nursing. Everyone in my family nurses and none thought it hurt or had any problems. At least that wasn’t talked about. Thought you just put baby at breast and go. As for in the hospital ours said to offer the breast at least every 3 hours. This is because some don’t feed every hour in the beginning. Soo, they just make sure you are feeding often enough. Lan, around the clock feeding does many things. It helps bring the milk in faster and fuller, it helps establish a breastfeeding relationship and it helps Baby transition to the real world. While in the womb they are fed 24/7 and then they are expected to go every few? Nope, most don’t. My first we had to wake every couple of hours to feed. This was important because he was losing weight quickly. More then the norm. Anyways, the second time around is sooo much easier because you have the experience and knowledge. You know how to handle problems when they arise. I’m stronger this time around and less paranoid.



    My son is 4 months now and all of the sudden he seems less interested in my milk. Now he nurses for like 10min max and looses interest. Im worried he is going to loose weight. anyone else going through the same?



    i am 34 year mom and i have 2 is 2 and half 2 nd one one and half year.
    i feeding both of them.
    i want to stop it but feel so sad when thy cry and ask for i give to borth of them.
    how i stop it.and any one knows how much its good for three of us.please let me know thanks.



    Hello…my daughter is 7 months today and is still nursing…I rarely give her bottles and have started her on stage 1 food…I guess I’m taking my time on the whole food thing 🙂 well I was wondering if any bf mothers could share what’s going on with ur babies food situation and breastfeeding and how much food ur giving them



    I thought your nipples were wupposed to toughen up. after 5 1/2 weeks I thought I was doing great, but this morning my nipple is soooo sore! I tried to pump, because I’m pumping in the morning and freexing it, and I had to stop right away because it hurt so bad. I;ve only had to use the lanolin a few times, but this morning is one of them! Does anyone know why this is?



    jlevin- I’m not sure how that works either. Did you get her tongue snipped? If so, are you going to try to nurse again or strictly pump? If you notice that your baby is going through a growth spurt I’d throw an extra pump session in. But it seems like you are making more than enough right now.



    I am so glad to have been recommended to this forum. When my LO was born she lost more than her 10% weight. I was strictly breastfeeding and she just kept fighting the breast, so the Dr had me do ten minutes each breast then the rest suplement for 4days. After she gained her birth weight I went straight to breastmilk again, but I found that I liked pumping the milk better and it reassured me she was getting the proper ounces.



    2nd miscarriage while ttc while nursing. Am cutting back more on the nursing and ttc again.



    Hi Ladies, My baby girl is almost two weeks old, I intended to never give her a bottle until she was at least 3 weeks old to establish BF, unfortunatly, her blood sugar levels were down when she was born and they gave her a bottle, and had me supplement with formula with every feeding.
    Well, I have been trying to ween her off the formula, but I am only producing 2 oz every three hours. Is this normal? ANd how can I increase my supply?

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