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    cutie- that is your milk dropping. some people feel it and some don’t but it is normal. it can last anywhere from 2 months to 7 months it just depends on the person.



    my 14 days old son is breastfeeding over 50 min is therea prob??plz post in my profile….



    Just a word of encouragement to all you new breastfeeders! Wyatt and I started in the same boat as pretty much everyone. We had trouble latching on then I was convinced he wasnt getting enough and he was always hungry and he was always up at night. What really got me through it was googling ‘breastfeeding’ and seeing every single problem I was having coming up on all the FAQ lists. Every single one! Then I started pumping and was convinced I didnt have enough for bottles when I returned to work and it always seemed there was one thing after another that was trying to get in the way and make me want to quit!
    Now he is 14 weeks old and one day 2 weeks ago just started sleeping through the night. All of a sudden! I actually woke up and sent my husband running down there to check on him haha. That was right before I returned to work. My husband is staying home with him this month as an adjustment period before daycare and I leave the house at 6:30 and come home at 6:30 at night. I pump throughout the day and nurse before I leave in the morning, when I get home, and at his bedtime at 8:30. I am still worried about milk production so I set my alarm to pump once at night as well. He eats 4 4oz bottles when I am away and I pump 5 5oz bottles which allows me even to freeze some for later.
    The crazy thing is I loooove the fact that I pushed through the hard part. Its so easy now at only 14 weeks. Moral of the story… HANG IN THERE!! Even if you are returning to work! It can be done and it is definitely worth it. Like most mothers agree, I’d say the turning point for us was 6-7 weeks – AFTER the growth spurt that occurs in that time period. That 5th week took a toll but its been smooth sailing from then!



    6 years ago I used domperidone to relactate but I don’t remember the site I used or if it even exists anymore. I found one site that sells 100, 30 mg tablets for 65. but not sure on shipping yet. Still have to do some research. I haven’t even decided if I am going to get some yet I am just tired of paying such a close attention to what I eat and drink because if I drop calories or liquids my supply drops, also for AF too.



    Sweet – Size has no baring on bf. I am also a DD and with my first i struggled with supply. With my second it was fine. Bf can be a struggle at times but is well worth the benefits. I never had pain, but i used a nipple shield and was very dilligent about appling nipple creams. Good Luck to you, It is at very least worth giving bf a try! The more determined you are, the more success you will have.



    We do have an icemaker in our freezer, and there is a ton of ice in it. So if we do lose power, I could put my milk in a cooler with all that ice and some snow. It is about 30 deg outside too. Thanks angela!! I just want to be prepared in case we do lose power. It has been flickering off and on. Because if we do end up losing power, I will also have to figure out where we can go to stay warm!! I am ready for warm weather haha!



    Can I have peanut butter while breastfeeding? I swear I read somewhere not to but I miss PB!



    Erin are you pumping for a little stash or to get ready to return to work?



    My little Morgan is 5 months today! Yay and I get my period… Boooo This is my first one since having her. Could be worse, I’m not on birth control and me and hubby don’t use protection. I’m glad I’m not pregnant but was hoping to not start getting AF for some months.



    My experience was quite the opposite with both pregnancies. I have terrible endings to my pregnancies with very high blood pressure, c-sections and lots of meds to decrease my bp post babyand then a good four days before my milk comes in. My first son wouldnt latch on and after a week stay in the hospital, him screaming all night for food, and me begging the nurses to supplement until my milk came in and I could pump, or until he would at least latch on to get colostrum….finally after four days they brought me some after my doctor asked them too because baby had lost too much weight. Then…a nurse brought me a nipple shield to see if that would help him latch…AND IT DID!! We were successfully breast feeding, and he could latch with the shield, all of the other nurses though were not supportive of the nipple shield though which made me feel terrible, I was just so excited he could finally feed..what does it matter if there is s shield or not. I breast feed him for four months and it sucked…I did not produce enough milk and I had to top him up each feed with formula and I pumped constantly, took the pills, you name it to increase my supply. I finally gave up at four months when he was getting way more formula than breastmilk. My second baby I was determined to make it work! Again it took my milk four days to come in, but I assumed all was well because the baby seemed content and didnt cry at all and he even latched really well…without a shield! I was so excited until the day we were to be discharged my doctor ran a simple blood test as he had lost 11% of his body weight…turned out his salt levels were high and he was dehydrated! So we were again forced to supplement and push fluids for a few days to get him healthy as this condition can cause brain damage. I would finger feed and pump and feed him what millk I could produce (which wasnt much). So when my milk finally came in, his levels were normal again…he wouldnt latch!!! We tried for a few days and then the same nurse brought me the nipple shield again and it worked again, of course I felt ashamed I had to use this again and tried to hide it from the other nurses because some of them made me feel so guilty the first time! Things seemed to be going well, again he was eating often and there was some milk there…but he wasnt gaining weight. After two weeks of him just maintaining weight, inadequate stools (not the normal seedy poops, almost looked like the meconium still) and hardly any wet diapers….I freaked out again and started supplementing. Im not sure whats going on…I have milk and he can get it, i hear him swallow. But he isnt gaining off my breast milk alone. Again I am supplementing. I try to pump every three hours, and breast feed him..and i get milk…only about 3 ounces a pump but there is milk there…I just cant get more than that and its been 6 weeks. Not sure whats going on with me…could be the bp pills i have to take post pardum that mess with my production…not sure. But moral to the story I have learned not to feel ashamed when I pull out a bottle at the hockey rink, not to be ashamed when people ask me how breast feeding is going and I tell them its not going great…because I know how hard I am trying, BOTH TIMES and no matter how many people tell you that everyone can breast feed, that every one’s has milk supply they just have to build it up…I know that this just isnt true…because I have tried and tried and tried and done everything suggested to me and I still struggle…So those of you that have to supplement, dont feel bad, those of you that just simply choose to use formula, dont feel bad. Its hard, to some people and babies is really easy but thats not the case for everyone. I am of course PRO BREAST….but next time you see me, or someone like me pull out a bottle…before you start thinking in your head that I took the easy way out, just consider my story and know that i didnt, I am not, I am still fighting!! But dont assume, just accept.



    Kathy, I’m checkign this late. Oops! My son bit me last summer. It hurt sooo bad. I was bleeding and pumping blood. There are few things you can do. When it does happen tell him NO and set him on the ground. Expect a meltdown. He’ll be upset. Give it a few seconds and pick him up and cuddle him, tell him why. That it hurts you. But, don’t let him feed anymore at that session. He’ll get the idea. The teeth thing is hard. They are told to chew on toys, blankets, food, everything but don’t bite mom. It’s confusing. But he’ll learn. It took about two weeks with my subborn little man but he is now 17months and never bites. He also has 11 teeth, the four top front, four bottom front, three molars and working on the fourth. His canines are there but haven’t come through yet. Also, I know it’s scary to feed when you know how much it hurts. I learned that you can feed with your thumb on his chin. He can’t bite down if you give a little pressure there. Watch feedings too. Remember, if they bite they can’t actively feed, so there is no use in continuing that session. Good Luck



    i’m really lucky that i’m able to pump so well. when my son was first born i would pump extra all the time and have a huge supply of milk in the deep freezer now (lol those of you who went through the possibility of all the milk being bad so not funny but looking back now i laugh) i have it figured out that if i ever need extra milk i have 2 bags per week to use until he turns a year old in november. which is an additional 10oz of milk. i won’t be able to go nurse my son more than 1 time a day, but even that 1 time will be better than having to do a pumping session. his schedule’s pretty routine, always having a bottle or being nursed 4 hrs after his first one so i think i’ll be able to time it pretty good and just schedule my 45 min lunch breaks for that time. i will also get a 15 min break but i might just do a quick pumping session with that one. i’m hoping that his sitter will not be so crazy about me nursing there, but i told her that she can choose, either i’ll nurse him there quick or i’ll pick him up and take him to my grandma’s to nurse (work, sitter, grandma’s all w/in 1-2 blocks of eachother) so either way i’m planning on nursing him instead of pumping!



    Sounds fine, gladek. 8 days is on the extreme side, but I wouldn’t be worried. I was horrified once when my sister mentioned in passing that she had ‘run out of baby enemas and had to run to the store’… how? why? yuck! I’ve had 6 healthy babes and NEVER used an enema. Anyone else ever heard of this? I would be tempted to offer prunes to a baby that’s been holding it for a week, but not that!



    Hiya ladies! My son is 8 weeks old, and has been nursing like a champ since we got it all figured out. My problem is that in the last few days he has started biting me! I know he doesn’t have teeth yet, but he will chomp down on my nipple and then pull back, which really hurts. I don’t yell because I don’t want to scare him, and I know that he can’t really understand ‘no’ yet, but what can I do to stop this? I watch really carefully while he feeds, and take him off as soon as I think he might do it, but he still gets me sometimes. He is only doing it on one breast, the one that he doesn’t like as much. Is there anything that I can do?



    Hey mammas – I have 6 month old twins and quit breastfeeding around 2 1/2 months. With 5 other kiddos I couldn’t physically keep up. Now I REALLY hate that decision. Has anyone heard of being able to start breastfeeding after quitting? If so, please send me info.

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