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    Can anybody with older children tell me when they started offering water regularly? My DD is 11 months and very nearly EBF right now so I don’t worry about her thirst. But soon I’ll be pushing solids a little more and not worrying so much about decreasing supply and I just wonder how the water thing works. I don’t intend to use a sippy cup, so I guess I will just follow her cues for when she asks for it? Really not sure…



    Thanks, styx. I read something saying that, but wasn’t sure if I could trust it! I am bringing freezer bags to put it in and only going to put 3 oz in each one because I read somewhere that they let you for 3 oz or smaller. I hope it all works out well. When something happens to compromise my pumping, nursing, or breastmilk…i go into melt down in about 5 seconds. it is the only thing that seems to do that to me. My husband who is the one that talked me into breastfeeding my first baby says that he doesn’t know it is is worth the stress and to just give her one bottle of formula a day. I did after abou 8 months with my first, but I just refuse this time. I don’t care if i have to loose sleep and get up in the night….not sure why I am super against it this time and wish I can’t done it because it was the easier thing last time!


    thanks so much..that makes sense..i was hopin it was normal..cause he seems so happy..hope you ladies havea good night..till tomorrow 🙂



    oh i always used to nurse my daughter in fitting rooms. in fact this is pretty silly for me to admit but once at a major department store i was nursing and i have like ridiculous let i was letting down before my daughter latched and milk splattered all over the side of the fitting room mirror. i didnt have anything to clean it up with and i was in a hurry so i just left thinking surely they clean the mirrors. years later my milk is STILL there on their fitting room mirror haha



    emilee i think you are an incredible judgemental person. if you can come in here and say it then have the courage to say to that girl about how she ‘picked and chose her children’ and how she is a bad mom for the things she has done in her life………..



    Also as time passes she has been getting better and better.


    Bri~ Asher is still in disposables, I bought a few packs because I knew post c-section the last thing I needed was more diaper laundry! And I didn’t want meconium staining the diapers… Now I am just waiting for the disposables to run out then he goes into cloth.



    sooo alexis from birth was going from bottle to breast just fine, then i started to just nurse and stopped using any bottles unless we went somewhere and most of the time she would sleep when we were out…once in awhile she would take a bottle, but this last 2 weeks, i try to give her a bottle she freaks out, screams gets sooo mad! iv tried freshly pumped, and also from my freezer supply doesnt want anything to do with it wants her boob! tried differnt bottles/nipples . is there a way to get her to take a bottle…or am i out of luck!? im feeling like ill never be able to leave her for more than an hour or 3. also wondering what are chances of getting pregnant again when ebf??? had a few accidents


    sharon i wrap a muslin around ollie keeping his arms down when he does that.



    They actually have a strideright store?!?! I want to try those but nordstroms doesn’t have the bigger sizes last time I was there



    Double, I have been sore at all this time either. Well I was torn apart from the whole tongue tie thing but better after that. Alex is teething so I think that’s the problem Ugh!



    Okay quick question my baby will be 3 months on saterday (I know they usually have a growth spurt around this time) My baby has been like this for ever so thats why Im asking… She eats alllll the time. Sometimes 30 minutes after a feed she wants more! I know she uses me as a binky cause I can tell when shes not really extracting milk but its ALL the time. I am tryin to go back to school but it looks alittle impossible if shes like this! I EBF and do not give my baby formula or a bottle. Okay now the question… When do they start having a more predictable eating time? She has her usual in the morning and at night…she also sleeps all night. But in the day time its anything goes. When will this end! lol oh and she wont take binkies! I dont have a supply issue…



    I am really struggling to get Derek to take a bottle. I go back to work in less than a month so I’ve been experimenting. He didn’t like the playtex dropins so I ordered the breastflow bottles but I must be a moron because I’m really struggling to get them to work. They keep leaking on me and I have a horrible time trying to release the extra milk from the chamber at the end. I’m not sure where to go from here.



    mn-that just means that baby is becoming an efficient eater and should be an long as great weight gain and wet diapers



    jessie-it’s still all about the latch. make sure its proper and then i normally hold isaac’s head in close and snug so he doesn’t get lazy, sleepy, etc and slip off which can really hurt…especially with teeth.

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