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    Member – Everyone will say that’s personal and up to you. I can state that the WHO (world health org) recommends only breastmilk for six months and then continueing to breastfeed along with solids until 2 year or longer. The AAP (american acad. of Ped) recommends breastmilk only for six months and then a year or however long after that. I will personally be feeding at least 2 years unless Alex doesn’t want it anymore. My first did 22 months. As for the gas. Many babies are gassy. It’s their immature tummies trying to cope with having food in it. It’s even worse of formula fed babies because it isn’t as pure as breastmilk. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever. You said 8 weeks, right? You should start seeing a difference soon. In the meantime trying moving his legs around or pushing them lightly towards his chest and hold there for a second or two. With my second I could almost play music by how much gas he had. HAHA! Around 3 months or earlier is when it started going away.



    ellas mommy do you have a fb? i cant keep track of all of my friends on there and here. if you have fb add the new forum!! iap breastfeeding forum!



    jeniwalker – YAY!! good for him! Casen, you teach baby sign the same way you teach language. In fact, kids who learn baby sign often learn both languages faster, because you repeat the words more often. For example, before I nurse Braeden, I ask him if he wants some milk. I usually ask him 2-3 times as I’m getting ready to nurse him (ie, grabbing a book so I have something to do! LOL), and once he latches I say, there you go, there’s your milk. Each time I say the word, I also sign it. Braeden learned to sign milk on his own at 5.5 months! You really have to incorporate baby sign into your day. Tell them you’re going to change their diaper, and make the sign. Ask if they want to play, and make the sign. When feeding solids, ask if they want more, or if they are all done, and make the signs. Then, when he gives me a signal, ie, opening his mouth, I say, oh, you do want more, and make the sign. I think ‘all done’ will probably be his next sign, it’s the one I use the most, other than ‘milk’



    I’m in Bothell and haven’t heard anything. It must all be in the South end. I know he’s here talking about how we have been able to get our economy back on track and such here in the NW.



    Not sure if any of you do use or have thought about using La Leche League as a support system in breast feeding but they are a huge help. And you can get 24/7 email and phone support from them and even find local support. They help me a lot with my most recent baby and my nursing challenges with her. OH AND THEY ARE INTERNATIONAL.


    3gurls.. Have you tried a nipple shield?? That is what I used when I got sore. I had one breast that would hurt more than the other.



    Eating some ol’ oatmeal before bed! YAY! Not….



    When you say coorporate suicide do you mean no job at all or no moving up? I ask b/c I thought your plan including being a SAHM soon.



    Is it normal for babies to start eating less around 3 months? My LO was nursing a minimum of a half hour to an hour per feeding up until now, emptying both boobs completely. But for the last week and a half she only nurses like that maybe once or twice a day. Now, especially in the morning and early afternoon, I’m lucky if I can get her to nurse for 5 mins. She takes the first letdown, then when the second comes she either pulls off crying or pulls off and turns her head away while milk is still leaking out. I get a bit engorged now because she doesn’t even finish one boob per feeding, and I’m worried my supply will go down. I don’t care for pumping, but am wondering if I should to keep up my supply while she’s doing this. Does this sound normal? She still has plenty of dirty diapers. I just don’t want to lose my supply, and I’m hoping she’s getting enough hind milk. Any thoughts?


    falsterbo- My son started nursing less around that age too. He is 6 months and 5-10mins is normal for us and many others. He’s just mastered the latch and let down!



    Charmed – great advice. Perhaps Miroulla you could also try to make it more of a ‘special’ time – like just at nap time and bed time? I’m finding that my 6mth old LOVES to nurse so much, that I’m becoming so engorged all the time. Even after I pump (if he’s fallen asleep) and he wakes up, he likes to nurse…so its making my supply increase, which would be fine except on wednesdays Im away from him from 7am till 2:30pm and only get to pump at 11:45am. owww

    Im co sleeping and BFing too – I commute half the week in one town and live with my parents where I have a crib in my bedroom – I’ve just started putting my LO in there for naps only – other wise he sleeps with me at night bc he does wake to nurse. However, my nurse told me he should be able to go 12 hours without eating and should be sleeping through the night and I should start him sleeping in the crib…how??? by letting him cry! I just CAN’T. So I figure the naps are good – but for a few more months I’ll keep him at night beside me.
    At home with my DH we put a King Bed in the nursery and took the crib apart due to recall. LO sleeps with me and DH with bed guards along the sides, but he is always in the middle anyway. We used to use the playpen and napper for naps – in the living room or my office. I never ever leave my LO alone. Just too precious and so many fautls with products these days I just prefer to see him all the time..

    We are however, making progress with nap time in the crib.



    stay-c, until 1 year of age, breastmilk should be the main nutrition. If they start to decrease their nursing, you should decrease solids, so that they drink more milk. My son is 9.5 months old now, and only in the last week has he really started eating. Before now I have offered solids, but he wasn’t really very interested, and he probably was only have 2-4 tablespoons throughout the entire day. Over the last week however, he has finally become interested in food, and he has 3 meals a day, usually about 4-6 tablespoons each, but occasionally more. We’re actually not doing babyfood anymore, he just eats whatever we eat, just cut up small. He was never too interested in baby food anyway 🙂 He still nurses all the time. Before we get out of bed in the morning (in desperate hopes that if he nurses he’ll go back to sleep), twice between breakfast and lunch, twice between lunch and dinner, at bedtime, 2-6 times per night, and if he gets hurt, he nurses as well. I have no idea what he’s going to do when I go back to work in 2 months…. he won’t take a bottle, though he will take a sippy cup, but not having Mommy to cuddle and nurse with every couple of hours? The poor child is going to be in withdrawl!!



    babycarter- if you were having a painfree time nursing, then suddenly its painful it could be a thrush infection.. i have been battling one since my lo was 5 weeks old, after pain free nursing it became sore, then really sore and itchy.. then painfull and itchy.. so if you think this could be the cause give the doctor a call! i stiiiilllll haven’t gotten rid of the infection! 🙁 misery!



    beegee- she did have her tongue snipped, but because she was tongue tied, and it was hard for her to latch we wre bottle feeding.. and now that she can nurse.. she doesnt want to and throws a fit when i try. its too much work for her to breastfeed and have to work for the milk to flow than to have it already there in front of her. I do keep trying though a couple times a day to get her to latch and nurse just so she stays familiar with it and we willkeep on trying. but in the mean time.. ive been pumping like crazy and have no time to rest whatsoever since i have 2 other children at home that I have to tend to! The things we do for out babies! <3



    lisseth82 – Same thing happened with me and six months later still pumping. I have to say I don’t like pumping at all but do like the reassurance that he gets enough as well. How old is your little one?

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