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    2t- good luck. At your age i doubt you’ll have any problem =)



    Bri, thanks heaps… I hate the idea of her having formula… I have gone this far I would hate to switch now! I will keep up all I am doing and keep an eye on her too!



    Oh… crazy… i just really noticed it.. or sometimes when its not feeding or pumping time…



    marily; My daughter fed for an hour each feed for the first 9 weeks. Then suddenly changed to 15 minutes and has been 10 -15 minutes since, They take a bit longer when they are little.



    About the multi-vitamin – my pediatrician told us to use it since he was 4 days old. I actually didnt bother because I figured breastfeeding was the most natural thing I could do and didnt feel the need to supplement. But every subsequent appointment after that they keep asking if he is on them so I am starting to feel like a bad mother by saying no so we finally got them last week. Every time we give it to him though he throws it up. Are they really worth it? I still take pre-natal vitamins – does any of that come through the breastmilk? (Ironically – I am better at taking them now then when I was pregnant! 😛 )


    ok…so my LO latches for about a minute at a time (good latches too) and then gets really angry and jerks away. he starts to scream and then he will just latch again like nothing ever made him mad. is it because my milk is coming out too fast? he is only 2 weeks old. its just sooo frustrating because it takes forever for him to get full when he does that.



    I used one b/c of inverted nipples. Once my nipples weren’t inverted anymore and my son was older i just started feeding him without it at every feed. At first is was hard but after a while we were able to do it. Finally we just didn’t need it anymore. He was about 2 months old then.



    kathleen, that’s excellent! I b’fed my first, second, forth and fifth babies until they were that age or older, and it’s a lovely feeling, hey. I’d advise you to wean her off by the age of about two and a half, though, as it can become an emotional issue ~ hard for the little one to stop if you go for too long.



    You can buy online here but it’s expensive. I stressed about supply when I needed to pump. I stopped worrying when Kekoa could have milk and water. Now I pump what I pump during the day if he drinks all then he can have juice, water or milk. No big deal. In a couple weeks I won’t have to pump at all and I will be able to let Kekoa wean on his own schedule.



    great Angela, Thanks!!!



    Rebster, I use the Similac Advance Early Shield at night before my son goes to bed and then I pump. He is 2 weeks old and I have had no trouble yet. I researched it and it is suspose to be the easiest to digest.



    DulcianasMom, I’ve been breastfeeding my daughter for almost 9 months now. I got my period back when she was 7 months old. For birth control I have a copper IUD. I’m very happy with it. It was slightly painful getting put in, but I like not having to worry about missing a pill accidentally or other side effects 🙂



    I REALLY need help! I have been ebf for almost 6 months and things have always been tough. Now I have a terrible cold (cough, sore throat, runny nose, itchy/watery eyes, ACHY body and 103 degrees fever). I noticed my son was hungrier than normal yesterday, like I didn’t have much milk. And now, I CANNOT get my milk to let down, I don’t know what else to do. Any suggestions? And will my supply come back up when I’m better?



    brie, clogged ducts are painful. You’ve been doing good by applying heat. Massage the breast as well. I know it hurts but try to break up the clog by massaging and heat. Also, nurse nurse nurse. And if you aren’t nursing pump! Try angling your baby’s chin toward the clog. I know that can be difficult depending on where the clog is but that should get the most pressure. If in the end you can’t unclog it call your doctor, especially if you are getting flu-like symptoms. Mastitis is an infection from a clogged duct. Meds will help treat it but it’s not much fun. Hope you get through it soon.

    babyboybump – That really depends on you. I’ve heard of women still producing years after they stop and others dry up within weeks or even days. I have a feeling since I’m practicing baby led weaning that I’ll dry up when he stops. I don’t have much milk left. If you start cutting one feed out at a time you should also dry buy quicker then if it’s cold turkey. In the end it’s up to your body whether you contitnue to leak for months on end or stop all together.



    Ok so I weaned, not by choice but as necessity because I was leaving for a few weeks. I very rarely miss it now, it’s nice to have my body to myself again….however, I miss the connection! My lil guy doesn’t need me for food anymore, and he’s all over the place, and I feel like he didn’t even care I was gone! I thought for sure we’d have some kind of bottle strike when I got home but nothing, he’s been just fine, just more about daddy than he is about mommy, very depressing….! I’m going to miss this page! You ladies are such a big help. But I guess it’s ok, I EBF for 9 1/2 mths and he had BM til almost 10 mths so that’s better than I thought I’d do…and big CONGRATS to BRI!!!

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