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    Breasfeeding, messy!!! I have never found it messy! No bottles to sort, wash and sterilize. No leaky bottles, no spills! It’s always been easy and clean for me! What part do you find messy? To start with, my little girl would dribble some milk somtimes during feeding, but I just used those muslin squares under my boob to catch any small dribbles!


    twinsmake7: I’m not a mother yet, but I know a woman who had never breastfed or even been pregnant who nursed her adopted daughter very successfully. She knew she would be adopting her before she was born, so she took something (unfortunately, I don’t know what it’s called) that caused her to produce milk. Then of course, after the baby was born and nursed regularly, that kept her breasts producing milk. It should be totally possible for you to begin breastfeeding again. Best of luck! 🙂



    hi yall, im just popping by, and i’d thought that id share some advice that worked well with my daughter(33mon) who stopped nursing at 22 mon. Whenever I needed to substitute, since she wouldnt take a bottle, I put the breastmilk in a sippy cup(the kind with the soft nipple) nuby brand(available at walmart) She would take it if it was given to her turned around. it seemed to work better for her, feeling more like the breast on her nose, and giving her the milk faster than a bottle. She would try the bottle for a few seconds and get frustrated because the milk was coming out so slowly. I hope this helps someone.


    rebneter, I used for my nursing bras. They have a variety, tell you how to measure, and will let you return it once without a charge. I never had to call them, but my sister did when she had her babies, and they were great at walking her through everything. The brand I chose was called Bravado–it is super comfy (even though I no longer need the easy access, I still occassionally wear them b/c they’re so super comfy and supportive!).



    I took our little guy had a weigh in today and he is 10 lbs 8 oz. He was 7 lbs 12oz @ birth and 7 lbs 2 oz the day we came home. Looks like he is getting plenty of mommies milk :0)



    Does anybody know how long an EBF baby takes to go from milk intake to poop output? I got my first green poop in a while and am trying to figure out when it would’ve happened so I can try not to get it again.


    Anyone else’s baby want to eat every hour?! This is crazy.



    lilli – that’s definitely one of the perks – getting to take your baby out of a room where there’s too much stimulation (too many people holding him/her, too much noise, whatever). Sometimes it’s hard to remove my DD from a situation, but I’m really learning that the sooner I feed her, the faster my happy baby is back!



    Miamimom2b- I just wanted to add that I went through the exact senerio a few weeks back. I never had a problem with supply and then all of a sudden the ‘angry nursing’ started. I posted on this thread and it was sugguested that maybe I had a phantom period. Well I think that may be what happened. I did drink a beer to give me a boost and my supply came right back. I never had to give formula. Thank God. I try to eat a bowl of fermented oats every morning to keep my supply up but whenever I think I have a dip I drink a beer and it is right back to normal. I have also added malt to my recovery drink after I workout and that also gets my supply back right. Good luck!!



    if you are putting alcohol in the eggnog that could be counteracting the boosting effects of the eggnog since hard alcohol always caused a drop in my supply. Just a thought. I’m not sure what it is in the nog that gives the boost…last season I was drinking it like it was going out of style though 🙂



    One thing I hated about pumping – Crying over spilled milk!!! Whoever said that had not just spent 30 minute getting a few oz of that liquid gold!! haha



    number2luv, I know it has been quite an emotional experience since the day she was born. Ive decided to stop bc I have trouble sleepign and need to take some sleepign pills that she shouldnt get, also, I’m ready to have some time to ourselves to go out. She never would take a bottle just nurse. Now she takes a straw with milk:) Well like I said we made it two days and last night out of now where she wakes up and nurses three times through the night something she hasnt done since she was 5 months old. It is sad I love doing it for her` but also want some freedom again:( Thank you for responding.


    excited41stbaby…our little guy did that too…we actually just ended up giving our bassinet away since he NEVER used it…this is by no means the best method, but after weeks of him sleeping in my arms or on my chest (i took night shift, hubby took day shift of holding him) we ended up getting him to sleep in a bouncy…then the swing…then the car seat…and now we are moving to the crib…just make sure you get sleep!!! the car seat worked best because it is so confined…and we put it right by the bed…the pediatrician said it’s common for newborns to sleep in car seats…i wasn’t thrilled, but ended up getting lots more sleep that way!



    Explo, the WHO recommends breastfeeding until 2 and then however long after that. The only reason the AAP recommends a year is because of society and what ‘they’d think’. They have proven that breastfeeding does reduce the risks of being obese, allergies, gast. problems, etc. There have been mulitple studies showing this. You can find plenty online. They follow groups of infants for many years. Now does this mean formula fed babies are stupid? No, not at all. Actually my FIL is one of the smartest people I know! He graduated third in his class at MIT. He isn’t stupid by any means and he is from the generation where formula was the thing to do. The whole women’s lib movement and all. Honestly, yes, breastfed kids are smarter but it’s only by a small fraction of points which in reality doesn’t make a difference. As for benefits, there is a nutrional value past a year. Breastmilk is awesome! It changes with the needs of the baby. Right now our milk is very fatty, as our babies grow it becomes less fatty. The vitamins change as well. Then there is also the emotional aspect. I love breastfeeding and so did my son. He weaned himself at 22months. We were both ready. I’ve seen parents ‘decide’ to wean early and it causes heartache. The baby is upset about it and the mom goes through a whole load of emotions. I’ve seen moms experience depression like PPD that has become serious. I believe it is best to let baby wean slowly when he/she wants. As for starting cow’s milk at a year. That works for some but 1 is not a magic number. We tried milk around 13months it was awful! My son could not tolerate it so we backed off. Around 15months he started having it on a regular basis with meals and breastfeeding in between. I wouldn’t be so hard on stopping at one. Your baby may take to milk easily but many breastfed babies take a little longer to be ok with it.



    Lovingmommy- I would always get mine around 3 months. I wasn’t lucky to be without it the whole time. But like Krystal said, you can get it at anytime and some don’t get it till they stop.

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