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    ‘All truth passes through 3 stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as being self-evident.’ ~ Arthur Schopenhauer



    sydneemay – Regarding your out-of-the-blue clogged duct, have you had a cold or been stressed out for any reason lately? Did you have a tighter bra on? Have you had less sleep? I’ve also read that sometimes they can just happen for no reason at all. But I know that stinks just getting one after 10 months of none. Hope it goes away soon!



    madux, i feed on demand, however what i did was during the day i kept things bright and noisy and at night i kept things dim and dark. i also kept him in his own bassinett and moved him to his own room at 3 months. that way sleep is about sleep and smelling me and feeling my bodyheat etc are out of the equation and not there to distract him and wake him up. just doing that had him sleeping about 7 hrs by 2 months and now at 6 months he’ll go a good 10 hrs. alot of times he’ll get up and play and put himself back to sleep because he hasnt gotten used to associating eating with sleeping. after about 3 months or so when i saw that he eats plenty during the day iuf he would wimper at night i would just give him a pacifier, if he got up again shortly after id know hes hungry and of course id feed him. i know there are several that do completely the oppsoite and swear by cosleeping and it works great for them so you’ll just have to judge your baby and what works for you.



    Lauraoct– I would wait to dip the baby in the pool since chlorine is harsh on bb skin. I dipped my baby when she was four months and she didnt enjoy it too much she turned purple cause she was sooo cold. Im going to wait now with my second till atleast 7-8 months. I think its a personal choice (and your babies).


    Socal~ I have the medela harmony manual and love it, the lansinoh manual is good too but is harder to clean IMO. They cost 20-30 dolars depending where you look but I think they are good quality. i get more from a amnual pump and faster than I ever could with an electric, even the medela. For some reason controlling the pressure helps me get letdowns faster, but that is just my breasts! Also, for hand pumping, try doing it in the shower, think of your baby and compress fromthe base of your breats towards the nipples. Good luck, and hope you get the results you want.



    Kinta: I completely understand what you’re going through. Levi and I had those issues for about a month and a half. Then, one day, magically bf’ing in public became easy. Just hang in there. I actually bought a nursing cover for those first few months, and was able to pull off nip. The cover caught any spray, and because I got a cover with a stiff neck, I could see to re-latch her as well. Also, the one I got has towel material sewn into the bottom corners, so if I got milk all over my hand I could just wipe it off… very handy! Good luck!


    Does anyone use a breast shield and have a hard time keeping your little one awake/interested? I have to use a shield and Ethan hates it but he won’t latch on at all without it; so I never get emptied and he ends up needing a bottle while I end up pumping. Anyone else have issues like this?



    jepica19 – Honestly, it just sounds like the age. You little girl is only a week old. I know it’s tiring and you are still recovering from birth. But, during the first few weeks your baby is going to go through a lot of changes and growth. She needs to nurse all day long. If you don’t have to go out then sit down and watch TV during the day. Relax and rest. It does get better. Oh and you don’t want to pump and feed bottles. I did it for 2 months and it sucks. It’s hard work and you are always worried about supply. Breastfeeding is much easier. Try to relax and your baby will start going longer periods. You are doing the best for your baby by breastfeeding. Everyone of these ladies will tell you it gets better.



    All I can say, is wow. If it were me in that situation, a hospital would be short a couple doors and I would probably be going to jail, and the director of patient relations would be meeting me, even if in the middle of the night. It would not be pretty. I hope mom gets things worked out very soon. Also, thanks ladies for all your input about the BF question I had. Perhaps I will try one more time…it is the last baby I will ever have, so why not.



    Lawsons-one of my girlfriends has done the same thing…Her son is 2 weeks older than my little boy and I have said something too I just dont see why everyone wants to make baby sleep longer thru the night you know if baby is waking OBVIOUSLY its because they need something lol….Just doesnt make any since to me…
    I was trying to ask which cloth you ladies are using I was on my phone thats why I think it cut off but I tried the G diapers and hated them the inserts felt like cardboard…any suggestions?


    scarlet begonia, what is the pouch you have that has the storage area for the milk called?



    wow, i’ve been gone camping for almost a week, I don’t think I have any hope of catching up… think I’ll just start from here! LOL


    And yes, by sleeping through the night I do mean 11-12 hours. At 2 months Alyssa was sleeping from 7pm – 6-7am but I would wake her to feed her and then she would fall right back to sleep. By 3 months, she was no longer eating at night. So now it’s straight through. Although it’s now closer to 10-11 hours with an occassional night of waking up at all sorts of diff. times of the night. She usually goes right back down after a nursing session, though.



    rodazie, good for you for pumping that much! 8oz every two hours?!?!? I don’t think any woman could produce that much! Do you mind me asking why they put him on such high amounts of BM when a baby only needs 1-1.5oz an hour? It almost seems like they were setting you up to fail. 🙁 I am really hoping that it is more of an uneducated issue on their part. Not many doctors/nurses/hospital staff know that a mom’s body knows baby better than anyone else. A mom with a baby at risk automatically produces a higher calorie milk than a mom with a happy, healthy, full term baby. Your story just makes me wonder. I am always trying to figure out the thought process of various doctors! 🙂


    Here are other names I can’t identify: Amanda Deatherage & Emily Gardner Peterson. Pls PM me or shoot me a msg on FB. Thanks!

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