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    Yay! I got up and pumped this morning and got 4 oz in 5 mins!! Looks like pumping over the past few days has helped.



    JESSIE- I coslept with my son till he was 6mons. But I could never nurse laying down until he was 3mons… it just didn’t ‘work’ for us. He needed a lot of head guidence to the nipple for the proper latch. He’d damage me so badly when I’d try. So I would sit up in the bed, get out the boppy, nurse him to sleep and then we’d lay back down. Once we both ‘learned’ how to nurse properly it was no biggy and we’d do it in the middle of the night pitch black- oh, how nice that was ☺



    Ladies do any of you know how long it is safe to take reglan? I have been taking it for 2 weeks now and from what I have read I am scared to continue, but I am also scared that if I stop that all the progress I have made will go right along with it.



    You have to type the whole thing in and then search… it doesn’t give you any suggestions



    Casen- the way we started doing it was like when she would nurse i would do the sign for ‘milk’ and say milk or nurse. Then as we were nursing i’d do the sign a couple more times while saying it. I’d also do it with her hand to show her. Then while she was in her high chair eating i’d do the sign for food and say ‘food’ then i’d do the sign on her.



    hi ladies i dont post here much, but i know a few of the gals here. my ‘month’ is getting a little to weird and dramatic for me so i think i will stick to posting here from now on. hi to the ladies i already know, and i hope to get to know everyone else soon! Delaney is 7 months, 1 week, we had a REALLY rough go at BFing in the beginning, but it is like second nature now, and i cant imagine it any other way, i plan to nurse until she weans herself. anywho, just thought i would formally introduce myself as i read daily, but do not post often.



    mjs – You should try offering both breasts at every feeding or your supply will go down. My lactation consultant told me that (just in case) and she said not to worry about the fore/hind milk. Just nurse on both sides at EVERY feeding. Congrats!



    Nobody answered me. 🙁 Why does is have to be old fashioned oats? Why can’t it be instant oats?



    I guess I’ll see what happens later on. Right now I feed on demand and that usually means sleep, get up, play a little, BF, change diaper, BF, and go back to sleep. Sometimes an hour goes by, sometimes 2, and sometimes not even an hour!



    Surely they wouldn’t fire you for just asking.



    PGFirstTimer~~ i was breatfeeding my first son till 17 months i stopped coz i was pregnant th my second , this time my target is 24 months , i hope i can do it successfully 🙂 …. Casen & Lan07~~ my son is 3 1|2 month now n still breastfeeding each 2 hours for 15 mnts n in sleeping times r more when he s using me as his pacifier ,so it might take 30 mnts .



    Welcome loulove!



    For those who co-sleep, do you have to go to bed at the same time as your LO? Sometimes I have to go to bed really early with my LO because I can’t get her to fall asleep any other way. I also can’t get out of bed before she wakes in the morning, or she will wake up for sure.



    Charmed…I totally relate with u and I haven’t done that with anyone else lately haha I usually feed her in the morning too and yes she goes back to sleep or if I have to leave her for a short time, first thing I do when I get back is nurse (even if she’s not hungry) to establish our bound again… I’m not sure if I nurse her for me or for her sometimes haha but thanks for sharing



    I really need some help and advice. my baby is 2 weeks old and is being BF, but he seems to eat so much that he ends up spitting it up. is it because he’s not being satisfied and if he isnt could i mix the BM with cereal? I know he’s gaining weight, cause i went to the docs and he had a check up.Please someone help!!!!

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