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    My son is 61/2 months old and has been exclusively breastfed. Well about a week ago my milk dropped dramtically. Also at his 4 month check up he was 13lbs 6ozs and at his 6 month check up he was exactly the same. So I have been giving him a bottle after every feeding of his frozen milk, My milk is dwindling that I had stocked up so today while I was out and about I tried to give him formula for the first time and he refused it. Ok so question one. I want to try and get my milk up. I do not want to give him formula at all. What can I try. I started taking fenugreek yesterday and will be nursing as frequestly as possible and pumping. So has anyone had this problem with any luck? Has anyone had a problem giving there baby formula? If I have to give him formula what if he won’t take it?!?!?! Anything will help and be greatly appreciated!



    Just out of curiosity why would my breast become tender again….I mean to the point of touching them hurts….



    wow, nobody comes here, ha ha.



    Luv – Haha I know, but its funny because all the research I did on milk storage I did while I was pregnant! Now Wyatt is 15 weeks and just realized that I was maintaining my milk completely from memory. I always smell it to make sure its OK because like most babies, everyone’s breastmilk is different as well. I had a moment where I was thinking as the mother, noone would tell me if what I was doing was wrong because I am the mother. Even my husband asks when the baby should get a bottle and where to get it from and how much to give him. Its strange that even as a new mom I’ve never once second guessed myself. I guess motherhood really does come naturally!!



    yeah they (boobs) fave a mind of their own for a while lol



    my son was in the nicu for 4 weeks and i pumped around the clock this whole time. he is finally home and nurses great, i just don’t have enough milk to provide for him. i give him my milk during the day and mix half my milk and half formula at night. he was vomitting and after a visit to the er found out he is allergic to formula. (We went to the er becase throwing up can be a complication to his intestine surgery) anyways i am taking fenugreek and have tried EVERYTHING i know of to make me produce more milk. i worked with lactation specialists for those entire 4 weeks he was in the hospital. i want so badly to provide just milk for him! what can i do?? p.s. my dr got me reglan but i am terrified to use it because of the side effects.



    Oooooh about the spilled milk!!! I have spilled milk accidentally and I literally cry over it!! My husband cant figure out why I get so upset, but I work sooo hard for those bottles! Thats why I still refuse to drink haha, I cant imagine pumping and dumping!


    he hates bottles and still turns his head to my chest when i hold him…so he must like to b/f.. i just dont understand why he gets so mad



    SweetNika I’m not going to lie and tell you that it doesn’t hurt for everyone and it’s easy. Breastfeeding has been the hardest thing I have ever done but….it has also been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I highly recommend it. It’s the best for your child; the benefits go way beyond nutrition. As for the pain, it doesn’t last long. You need to make sure you have a good latch and keep a good supply of lanolin. In a few weeks it should be better and once the pair of you know what you’re doing then nursing becomes second nature. Give it a try. Don’t let a little pain get in the way of something so important. Congrats on the pregnancy by the way! I’m envious! I can’t wait to do it again.



    I’m so sorry Jen!! The ice might work. But cooler packs only keep the milk cold, not frozen. I would bury it in the snow. Compact the snow to make a ice/snow ball around the bags. If the milk defrosts then you will need to use it within 24hours else it goes bad. I would also keep adding more snow every couple of hours so whatever melts gets replaced. Good luck. It sounds like a lot of work ahead of you to keep it frozen.


    angie, The painful engorgement will stop after a few days of not getting up to pump. You’ll likely still have very full breasts, but you shouldn’t hurt anymore. Your cycle may return after you stop mid-night pumping, so be on the lookout.



    Angela… i would like to get some what of a stash if possible. Im not currently returning to work but i do go to school one night a week. I was close to stopping but i really think my little one enjoys it and it is a lot cheaper, i figured well i am staying home right now so why stop kind of deal. Im also hoping i can get my supply back up as well.



    jessicalynn21, deep breath! Baby is doing just fine! Sounds more than perfect to me! Some babies just stay a little bit smaller…my 2yr old still isn’t on the growth chart for weight. The ONLY reason why we didn’t get pressured into supplementing or putting him on formula was because my doc knew better than to even suggest it to me! As long as there are enough wet/poppy diapers, there is some weight gain and milestones are being met, you are fine.



    dulcianasmom- My LO is 18 weeks and I still have not gotten a period. I am on the mini pill Jolivette and seems to be doing just fine for me (a little weight gain but oh well). I tried the mirena but i have a tilted uterus and my doc couldn’t get it in without surgery.



    larissa789- you probably aren’t producing enough milk as you normally do because you are sick. Just keep on feeding your lo, even if its every 2 hours. Make sure you are still eating/drinking enough. If you get dehydrated and don’t eat enough it’s hard for your body to make enough milk. I had a really nasty cold a few weeks ago and went through the same situation. I did give her some milk I had frozen to just top her off, she was almost eating every hour and we both needed some rest. It will get better. You can take sudafeed (sp?) while bf to help with congestion, just make sure you don’t take one that will make you drowsy.

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