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    My babe is 2 weeks old today, and loves the boob. We are having a few issues, though, that are making it a bit frustrating. Frequently when he is on and settled and eating well he will suddenly start to cry and even scream. He will arch backwards (sometimes losing his latch and sometimes not… ouch) and start to make these anxious, loud snuffling noises. He seems furious, but for no reason! He will usually go back on after I burp him and calm him down, but it just happens again after a few minutes. HIs latch is fine, I know he is swallowing well, and I burp him frequently just in case there is air in there. Any suggestions? Is there anything that I can do to prevent this?


    Brie: i know someone that was and is breastfeeding her 10 month old. she hasnt gotten af yet, but guess what? shes 12 weeks pregnant! my son is almost 10 months, and still no sign of it here



    Oz, I didn’t stop pumping until 15months just in case. We’ve had milk problems in the past so your right to be sure that milk is ok. Try giving it to her during one meal in a sippy. See how she likes it and how her tummy handles it. You also don’t need to give as much milk as breastmilk. Once they are 1 and technically full time on food she will be getting nutrients from food too. Some babies drink more then others. Kekoa only drinks a couple ounces with a meal. I give him like two or three and if he wants more then I give her more. But, they get plenty of dairy from cheese and such. Anyways, after one meal, try two. Kekoa had problems with lots of milk during the day for a long while. Now at a year and half he does much better. Yesterday he had milk with all three meals and water between plus two breastfeeds. Once she is good with milk during the day then you can stop pumping if you’d like to. They feed when you want. It really makes life easier.

    Jess, is your baby new? I ask cause I remember in the beginning the leaking and breastpads. I remember sitting at work and thinking I smell spoiled milk and realized it was me! HAHA! If this is what you are talking about then it does get better. Around three months or so your breasts even off and many women stop leaking. A little burp cloth to wipe the excess milk afterwards usually works from there on out. And, unless your baby has reflux, breastmilk babies tend not to spit up as much. Oh or unless they have an alergy that you haven’t found yet. My son was awful at spiting up until I quit dairy. HAHA! But the others are right, compared to formula there is no contest. Mixing the powders, the spills, the spit up. The laundry on how many burp cloths you go through and the bottle cleaning. It is much easier and less messy just to pull the already made milk from it’s neat little container (aka boob). HAHA!



    Question…when are you ladies introducing cereal and how often are you giving it? My LO is three months old-and going through one heck of a growth spurt from what I can tell! While I’m at work she eats only about 10 ounces of pumped breastmilk, but when I’m home (even on my three days off) she has been constantly eating. It seems like she’s only satisfied for about an hour and then is having a meltdown before I can get her to the breast. Up until now she’s been nursing about 10pm and going down until about 5am when she nurses again. But the last two nights she’s been waking by 3am to nurse and seems starved by then. This morning she nursed at 330, 430, 530 and 730! And my supply hasn’t dropped-It’s even up a little (am getting about 7 ounces when I pump). Would it be wise to give her cereal at this point? Or just keep up with the constant nursing? It breaks my heart to see her meltdown when she’s hungry.



    ladies help! my son’s 9 months old and has been ebf this entire time. well we’ve been to the dr for weight checks since his 6 month appt and i’ve always just said that when he’s hungry he eats and that when he’s not hungry it’s a fight to get him to try to eat. well i’m away from him this weekend and i’m pumping while he gets bottles and i’m freaking out! i pump so much less than i thought i would and i’m very scared that he hasn’t been getting enough from me. now my period is due in about 7-10 days so that may be part of it but i thought that i would be pumping the equivelant of the hrs since the last pump and oz. so example 5 oz for 5 hrs of time between. but it seems like i’m only pumping about 3…i’m very worried. i’ve also toyed with the idea of giving up nursing and using the rest of the frozen milk that i have (about a month or 2’s worth and then switching to whole milk when it’s gone, he’d be about 10-11 months old. what do you ladies think? i feel like i’ve just been more stressed about this weekend and being away than actually enjoying some adult time! please share your thought! thanks so much!



    For you veteran BFers; how long does it take once you are done pumping/nursing to “dry up”? My daughter is almost 14 months, I had been exclusively pumping since she was about 5 months old. I omitted my last pumping session on Saturday, but if I squeeze, I still get drops of milk…I’m looking forward to baby #2 (whenever that is) so I can have the nursing relationship again, and hopefully future baby will want to nurse longer than my first! I always wanted to be one of those moms who nursed for 2-3 years, but apparently baby girl had a different idea!



    Thought you ladies would like to read this study about vitamin D and sun exposure. From what I concluded from it is that we only need to give the vitamin if we don’t go outside for a few minutes daily with sun exposure. They did say that suppliments are the safest way to get vitamin D but if you are going outside then it only takes a few minutes to get it. We were outside quite a lot today so no vitamins for Alex tonight.



    Question!! My son is 5 days old and my milk FINALLY came in today. I was wondering if it’s normal for his poop to be like a green/slimy/watery consistency? Also, he has been pooping A TON…like literally every time he farts. Is this normal? He was also jaundice and still is a little bit…so maybe the biliruben getting out of his system?


    cuddlebunnymeg: Yay that pumping is going well. Breastfeeding is hard a ton of work. Keep trying your baby at your breast. You may find that she will eventually latch on properly and you will be able to nurse her directly. Pumping is great–but, nursing will save you lots of time (if she can get it). Lots of babies are exclusively fed expressed milk, though. So, if she doesn’t get it, no biggie!



    I feel very lucky my family and inlaws have been very supportive. I can’t beleive what people have had said to them because of BF’ing. It’s natural and better for baby and mom. Geez peple sometimes!! Hardly anyone in my family BF’d and I get so happy to meet or talk to someone that’s going to BF’d.



    1byfaith – I don’t think its my period because I have already gotten it & it is not due for 2 weeks. However my supply IS back to normal. My LO is not into comfort nursing, he LOVES his pacifer & nurses ONLY to drink his milk. He is a QUICK nurser. I think since he doesn’t hang out on the boob & stimulate it that might effect my supply but right now we have more than enough! Anyways, happy bf’ing ladies 🙂



    MIAMIMOM2B: I felt awful a few weeks ago and didn’t know who to call to ask about cold meds. So I called my pediatrician. She didn’t tell me I couldn’t take anything, but she said they give NO cold meds to children anymore– remember all the recalls a few years back? But the amount that is in your breastmilk is minimal, but there is still a trace. She said if I could go without then go without. So I did, but felt like hell. I’d say call a lactation consultant if you know one… unless some girls on here know what you could take.



    tommiesmommy- I hear you there!! I hate that!



    number2luv-if I am at walmart or equivalent I’ve gone to the shoe area and sat on one of the benches they have for trying on shoes. I’ve also ‘tried out’ benches and chairs at other stores and a couple of times just sat in the floor in a corner somewhere. For me just about anything is more comfortable than the toilet in a stall. I start feeling claustrophobic and hot.


    Scarrtt OMG I love her! So cute! !

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