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    As for solids….six months you can try to add some food but it is just for practice the first year. Let baby lead you. Don’t force your child to have three meals a day because that is what other babies do. My son was only eating one or two meals for the longest time. I personally didn’t have any solids until over a year. I just wasn’t interested in it and was still gaining weight with just breastmilk. My Ped was fine with it and so was my mother. As for finger foods, that is up to you and your baby. I started later because I have a fear of choking. I choked on a marble when I was an infant and even though I don’t remember that incident I still to this day have a gag reflex and choked on other hard candies growing up. That led me to not give my son any harder foods forever. Cheerios is probably the best thing to start with. It helps them learn fine motor skills and cheerios do dissolve in the mouth. Once my son started finger foods we started giving him everything from our dinner plate, even really tiny bits of steak. That was around 10months. I believe that adding solids is soooo darn confusing! You never know how much is too much because you want your child to have enough breastmilk too. Formula is expensive so many bottle feeding moms are excited for solids because it means less formula. This isn’t true for breastfeeding moms some how! We all tend to really love it and have clashing feelings of wanting our child move to the next step and keeping them at the breast. HAHA! It’s all crazy!


    Hi, I’m currently pregnant and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after the birth of my last child. I’ve read some on breastfeeding with this disorder..any on else have anymore insight on the topic?



    Just wanted to jump on the Bri-is-awesome train. Your comments are always so thoughtful and helpful. I read the 3 month page even though my son isn’t quite there yet just so I don’t miss any of your pearls of wisdom 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to encourage so many ladies


    thanks ladies..thats what i was wondering about..if pumping while bfing i would have enough supply for when i went back to work..looks like i will pump a little while bfing..then pump when i return to work! thanks so much!



    Lawson’sMom- So sad to hear that, it breaks my heart! Plus I know the trouble you’ve had pumping at work! I know only a few times my frozen was like that and like I said DJ didn’t mind. But I could understand why some babies would turn their nose to it! It’s too bad you couldn’t have donated it. I mean nutritionally there is nothing wrong with it, just the taste. Well, good luck at building that supply back!



    lisseth82 – Slowly is the best way. I let my babies self wean so we don’t have a time limit. But, to keep from being engorged you’ll want to cut one feeding/pumping a day until there aren’t any left. You’ll also want to be sure that there isn’t any stimulation because that’ll keep milk coming. Women are known to continue to produce even a year or more after a baby has been weaned. I would also make sure your baby is fine with cow’s milk before cutting out all the milk because some babies just can’t handle it. My first couldn’t have cow’s milk until long after 15months.



    mileysmommy, she may not need to feed from both sides. Not all babies do, in fact many only feed from one side per feeding. As long as she is gaining weight, and making enough wet and dirty diapers, I wouldn’t worry about feeding from both sides. I actually quite like only feeding from one side, because when my son starts a growth spurt, and is still hungry after one boob I can just put him on the other one, and know there is more mik for him there, rather than have him empty both and still be hungry.



    Mileysmommy08, the thyroid gland messes with so much! I have hypothyroidism and just take a supplement every day. Now that it is back on track, no problems! You just have to make sure you stay on top of your meds and get it checked regularly. 🙂



    i see your point on the higher prices. i use the lipil premium because it has it in there and trust me it isnt cheap! idont have WIC….anyone i know that does uses Goodstart because its much cheaper. dha is proven to help prenatally so thats why i use it with the formula even though it is relatively new. since dha is naturally present in breast milk and i have to formula feed i choose to pick the formula that i feel is as close as i can get……..



    breenoel- i would stop giving bottles. why is a baby going to nurse if they know they can just get a bottle? baby isn’t going to let itself starve. Then once LO gets used to nursing again, i’m sure that he/she will start to like it again. Maybe even develop a preference for it. My LO will wait for me to come home from work to nurse, rather than taking the bottle (she’s 10 months, so it’s fine and i only work for a short amount of time). If you want to continue, that’s what i would do. A baby doesn’t wean that early on its own, it’s just that he/she knows that he/she can get a bottle from you if he/she cries.



    lilmamamads-my baby is on prevacid solutabs and she took a half of one once a day for a week and it did nothing…………the dr then upped it to 1 pill a day and since doing that it took about one full week for me to see any changes. she still spits up ALOT….but it reduces the acid so she is not fussy at all now unless she is hungry or sleepy!! it is amazing!



    God-iva I feel you on the pumping. I feel great when I bf but when I pump I want to rip the thing off and throw it agains the wall. I often day dream about doing just that right before I know I have a pumping session. It’s so weird. Sometimes it makes me feel so sick that I feel line throwing up. It usually passes after the letdown slows so I just have to suffer through a few minutes. I have been told that Tess feelings deminish with time. We shall see!



    sydneemay2009 – That’s good, I think? I’m sorry your baby had issues but I’m glad it wasn’t preterm either. Hope this next one goes all the way! I’m sure breastfeeding is fine since the meds couldn’t push you into labor.


    Am I the only one posting on the breastfeeding forum regularly from the UK? I always go to clarks for James’s shoes. They are the best over here for kids shoes, also can be expensive but certainly worth it.



    lawsons mom, to get it to become ripe u can get a sheet of paper and wrap it in it. after about 2 days itll be ripe. i usually buy them hard and ripen them at my own pace this way. im in tx so avocados are a staple around here. i like to just slice em in half and eat em straight outta the skin with a spoon. love em! they r full of iron and healthy fats too like bri said.

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