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    jessica, I’m so happy that worked out for you.
    my kid wont’ even nurse at the moment. We’ve been through alot more then a unhappy nurser/feeder since his birth(since the pregnancy!). I need him fully functioning and believe he’s not due to being under weight. He’s missing hearing test and has a few other quirks. I need his body healthy so it can focus on that rather then daily survival. I hope that makes sense.


    maddux – Alyssa didn’t like the playtex bottles either. She did like the medela bottles though. It was easy for me to try both since I bought the playtex ones thinking we’d use those and the medela bottle I got came with my medela pump. Once we figured out she liked this bottle we got a few more and returned the other playtex ones we hadn’t used. As far as getting your LO used to the bottle, make sure you’re using a slowflow nipple with a wide base. Also, you might want to try having someone else feed him the bottle. I’ve heard some babies have a hard time when mommy is around because they would rather nurse and seeing you there makes it harder for them. Daddy started bottle feeding Alyssa at 4 wks, once a day. After 6 wks it was 2x a day. I went back to work at 8 wks PP so by then she was doing pretty good. Alyssa is 5 months old now and just gets one bottle a day and the rest is nursing + her solids. She just started holding her own bottle for dad, too. It’s too cute! 🙂

    Bri – Alyssa started to stand with assistance at around 3 months and now she’s standing on her own at 5 months!!! It’s so bittersweet isn’t it?



    so white on the tongue isn’t an indication of thrush. oh what a relief! he’s 13 months and listening to what you guys are saying is required to get rid of it was giving me the cold sweats. he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.



    Changing your pads really depends on how much you leak. If you are still leaking often then I’d change them every couple hours. What you want is to change them often so your breasts are just sitting in souring milk. It can change the bacteria and cause the yeast to fester.



    Why has my baby started squirming around and tugging the nipple towards the end of a feed? I wondered if it was wind or if she was struggling to get milk?



    oops i typed that before reading your post. i sent you a message on fb


    Jeni congrats on the potty!



    That’s the type I got with Alex. Didn’t get a positive the day of my period but got one three days later. I’m thinking maybe i’ll pick it up today and take it in a day or two. HAHA! I feel like I could be but then I think ‘how?’ We’ve literally had sex three times in 7 months! Twice was at about 3 months and it hurt that we didn’t again for a long while. Aug 3rd was the last time. What is the posibility that it could happen on that ONE time when I hadn’t even had my period yet. I know it can happen but I just doubt it. I bet it’s a false alarm, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Joe won’t be mad at me, by the way. He’ll be mad at the situation. HAHA! Just like I am. If I am, it won’t be public knowledge for a while. We’ll both have to do some internalizing before that happens. Plus we’ll need to look at finances and start looking for a mini van sooner then later. HAHA! I’ve talked with Chris about it but of course he doesn’t understand. HAHA!



    I am so jealous of you gals that have a lot of organic products available. I live in Puerto Rico and unless you grow your own produce, there is almost no organic things out there. 🙁 The only place where I can get some organic items is at Costco and most of it is frozen, not fresh.



    ladies does anyone know how i can get my letdown to happen faster? my little bubba is teething so he latches on and off, on and off and so my letdown doesnt happen as fast…so all he gets is the foremilk thats sitting at the beginning and then isnt patient enough for the rest. his only good feed is the morning which is when im full. im scared its going to affect my supply. i just pumped after his last feed and i got 6oz out which means that he barely fed at all. hes frustrated and im frustrated for him. all i can think of is to pump before i feed him just enough to stimulate the let down and then put him on. but will that then make him even more lazy in getting the let down to happen himself? are there any foods i can eat to help with this? helppppp please!!



    Well, I am off to bed! Good night or good morning to all!



    Lawsons- 12 hours is so long! Is there like a definite need for you to be there for that long? You must be so important! That is so hard. I hope that they help you out. I really, really, really, really do! It would be so much better for you. Not as good as being home, but much better. I hope it works out!



    Ladies @ the oatmeal how many times per day , n what is the recipes u use , i bought it but i didnt know what to do with it lol .



    chellebob – i found that just putting breast milk on my nipples and letting them air dry (no oils or ointments those made them worse)…. I sure leaked a lot wo a bra – but NEVER had any soreness since my first two weeks….

    Just google breastmilk and there are all kinds of things you can treat with breast milk! Ear infections, pink eye, cuts, stings, burns, etc….. GOOD LUCK



    You will always make enough milk for your baby. trust your body. Let your baby feed on demand and your body will take care of it.

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