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    That sounds AMAZING…We might have to take a day and make a trip 🙂 doesnt sound too far really…Did Chris have problems with sleeping once Alex got here? Lina will be 2 on the 31st and I CANNOT get her to sleep without laying in bed with her and I cant hardly fit us both in that toddler bed lol…I just dont know what to do we obviously dont believe in CIO and I just dunno what more I can do


    Courgette has always been a favourite with James


    Oh and can I just say I WANT TO BE PREGNANT AGAIN!!! Everytime I come around my son he gets the biggest smile and keeps it. I just want to eat him for all my meals. I can’t help it, he’s so stinkin’ cute! The fact that me and John Sr. are better than ever now makes me want it more. Oddly enough most people who aren’t married and get pregnant mostly fall apart but we got stronger and became closer. That feeling has not stopped since. I want to wait until Sept-Nov, I want a summer baby, but its so hard. I haven’t told him but i know he’d be game. I keep it to myself incase by then I change my mind!! But the stage John jr is in makes me wait itmore n more. I just love his sweet face so much. lol



    scarlet begonia – Yeah sucks! My first was walking at 8 months 4 days. He was an early everything and so is his brother. He has been standing with assistance for a while now too but this was the first that HE pulled himself up on the couch. Now he’s doing it to everything. Of course I’ve been working with verbal skills. I try to say Mama, Chris and Dada and he just laughs at us. Chris will repeat me when I say it to Alex. HAHA! He just finds us funny. I can almost see what he’s thinking, ‘Silly Mama, I’m busy trying to chase after brother!’



    OK, that makes me feel better.

    Is this considered good weight gain???? He was 11 pounds 7ounces at his 2 months appointment and I weighed him on a baby scale I bought the other day and he was 13 pounds 6 ounces- 1 month and 12 days later.



    Seattle has a nurse in right by the Space Needle this week too. Well, kind of by the Needle. It’s over by a fountain closer the the Music Experience and children’s museum.



    jmuncy – I worry about Reglan too. It’s weird to me that the FDA allows it while dom..whatever isn’t approved? I get emailed constantly on Reglan. It did bad things to me so I’m not sure how long you can take it. My doctor did give me a months worth with refills though? But that was a couple years ago. I know many midwives and LCs aren’t using it anymore.



    And i also can’t find the group on facebook just typing it in. Will someone suggest it to me? Michelle Lemos or [email protected]



    Thanks for the suggestions for signing. My DD is almost 3 months, so a little young, but I think I’ll start practicing with some basic ones, more so I’ll remember them and get used to doing it. It sounds like fun to try at least.



    Hey Erin, I wondered why you weren’t over here. HAHA! Much more civil and besides my ‘drama’ we don’t have much going on. HAHA!



    I just set my first bowl of oatmeal to ferment! 😛



    doublemama ~ My letdown sometimes happens if I drink a glass of very cold water. A few days ago I got a letdown for bending forward to pick up clothes from the floor. Sometimes if I stretch I get a letdown and I have gotten a few letdowns doing kegel exercises. Hope this helps.


    Wow I have a progressive pediatrician for Clementine. She offers a homeopathic medicine or western medicine. It’s pretty neat because I’m all about that. She was recommended to us by my other pediatrician because we wouldn’t vaccinate. She’s an amazing doctor and I’m so in love with her! She will or won’t vaccinate or even do an alternative vaccine schedule if that’s what you want. Touching on what scarlett said earlier …. I’ve always wondered why broke people always formula feed? Probably because of wic. If wic wasn’t around then maybe more ppl would breast feed. I’m not talking about only poor people feed their baby formula so don’t come in from the other pages yelling at me…. I just wonder why when your struggling to make ends meet why you’d throw away free food. It seems weird. I had my son at 19 and bf primarily because I was broke. I know a girl who had a baby and he was on some special formula that was 30$ a can and she actually had the nerve to ask people to buy it for her if they asked if she needed anything for the baby. Who does that? Tacky. Tacky. I asked why she didn’t bf, which would have solved the I’m broke and can’t afford 30$ formula debacle, and she said her milk was late coming in. Eye roll.she didn’t get it till the 3rd day. LOL



    For those of you who were looking for the amber necklaces, is running a special!

    Mom’s Milk Boutique For the morning crowd….10%
    COUPON BALTIC10 …. we have a new shipment with new styles arriving soon and need to make room! Coupon expires midnight 8.29.10.



    Just had Thai for dinner, yummmm!! Lemongrass, ginger, chilli’s… Wonder how little miss is going to enjoy it in the morning?

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