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    falster- as long as you are nursing your LO whenever he wants, he should be just fine. They do get more efficient and learn how to get the milk out faster, so that could be a reason why.



    miroulla, you can start by limiting the feedings. For instance, say, ‘you can only have mommy milk for 10 more seconds’ then count down from 10, and when you get down to one, say ‘all done now’. Also when they ask, if you find a reason they can’t have it right away – ‘we have to finish this first’ or ‘mommy’s making dinner now’, they may forget they want it for a little while. It will take a while, but if you either limit the time on the breast, or cut out one feeding at a time, they should lose interest. It may be harder to wean the younger one, as s/he may not fully understand what you are telling her. Also, as long as it doesn’t bother any of you, there is really no problem with feeding for longer. In many countries it is normal to feed until near the age of 5. That doesn’t mean you have to, I just want you to know that as long as you are all happy, there is no reason to stop. That being said, if you are no longer happy breastfeeding, try giving my tips a go. Good luck.


    My LO is 5 months. I bf exclusively, she eats about every three hours. i also have just started stage one baby foods. She loves them! if we are having something with mashpotatos or something easy to eat for dinner ill give her a lil taste. Normally tho its just bf an baby food.



    nicknack04, sounds like your baby has reflux. Both of mine have had it too, and the ped told me that 50% of babies have it. As long as he seems in no discomfort, and is gaining weight it is more of a laundry problem than anything else. If he starts fussing during feedings it could be causing his pain, and in that case the doctor can give you a medication for it. It’s very rare to need to give cereal for it, their tummies don’t handle cereal well at this age at all. To help with the spitting up, try burping your baby between each breast, and sitting him up for 20 minutes after each feeding. It won’t eliminate the spitting up, but it should help. And he should grow out of it by age one, though many do earlier. My first spit up until 14 months, my second had mostly stopped by 9 months.



    kirbys2nd – Did you start your period? I noticed with my middle child that once my period came back that my supply really dwindled. I tried Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek but it didn’t help that much. Then when she was about 10months old I got a nasty stomach virus and that just about wiped it comepltely out 🙁 It sucked 🙁 Good luck and just keep hydrated and try to pump often!



    oh ivehad a clogged duct before but this doesnt feel the same



    Hey Ladies!!! Ok here is my deal. My son will be 2 on Jan 3. I breastfeed him still! NO AF!! I really want to get pregnant but do not want to ween him yet until he is ready and let me tell you he is not. Do I need to ween him? How are you ladies doing it??? Confused. Thank you!



    Amanda what a gorgeous pic – and nice work on the breastfeeding, it’s obviously going brilliantly. The girls are beautiful. I’ve often wondered with twins, if they sleep better when they’re together, like they were in the womb? Do you put them in the same bed? (Or would that be dangerous?)



    Cutie – I never feel let down but if I’m way way over a feed….like a couple hours then I get a rush feeling like I need to go pump or feed NOW!! It tingles a little but I never leak even if it’s been over hours since the next feed. I had it this morning before my first pump.



    MyAloma-I would not supplement, just feed on demand, as long as she is gaining weight. Sounds normal to me. My baby feeds every one-three hours during the day, a bit less often at night (he is almost two weeks old)



    Alright ladies – my girls are 2 1/2 months old. I have always been very careful as to what I eat to avoid unnecessary fussiness. Nothing seems to really bother them so I have been getting braver. I made a huge pot of chili on Sat for us to eat over the weekend. My son ended up staying at a friends, so DH and I had chili for every meal until Monday. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!! The girls spent Sunday night and last night up screaming. I have had like 3 hours of sleep in the last 2 days and am ready to cry myself. How long before my milk and my girls return to normal???



    my LO does the same things I really don’t know i thought it was because she wasn’t getting anything out try repositioning him, to latch on better



    I have tried one sippy but she just chews on it. I was wondering if someone had a specific brand that works. It’ s very rare that I am not with her now. Maybe I’ll just keep giving it to her for practice and if I do end up working we’ll figure something out. It would be at least another month probably that I would be working IF I did get this job.



    If you do lose power do you have a fire place in a room ya’ll could just camp out in and maybe use some blankets to block any entrances to that room? That way ya’ll could stay warm and you can keep an eye on your milk. Atleast maybe long enough to see how long the power is going to stay off if it goes out.



    Oh and I just went on your profile to check and noticed your son is 2 months old. When my son was 2 months he would pull off and scream. My letdown was too forceful. I had to pump until my flow slowed down a little before latching him back on. Eventually they learn to keep up with your flow and it’s not a problem.

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