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    ok guys, i’m freaking out and need some info! my husband and i just had an ‘incident’ and the condom broke…i’m still EBF even though my son is 7 months old (he just has no interest in food)…and haven’t had an AF yet…i’ve heard that it’s difficult to get pregnant while breastfeeding, i know there are cases where you can…how concerned should I be???!!!!



    Oh and we spend the afternoon in the shade in our little pool. We also go to Alderwood or Bell Square. They have nice indoor parks that Chris can run around at. And of course they are air conditioned!


    You could try the disappearing chair method Styx that might work.


    Took Ollie to a baby group today, it was the first time he was awake and liked looking at the spinning toys there.



    jessica, its no problem. it will all work out.
    want to be pregnant again! NOT ME!
    Told hub he can carry the next one. ! 😉


    Lots of talk about increasing supply but does anyone have an idea on how to decrease supply. I already block feed and try not to pump but my supply just won’t let up. She has been diagnosised with reflux but I wonder if its really a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance


    I was able to pump about 5oz last night (2 pumping sessions about 30 minutes long each). Eating the oatmeal again today. Question: How much should I be eating at each meal and per day? I make 1.5 cups total and eat half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. Is this the right/wrong amt?



    JessieDee – Yeah you just need to work of the latch. I didn’t lay down to nurse until Alex was a little older. For the most part we get through the night without being sore but some mornings I’m like Ouch! HAHA! You also toughen up over time even with a bad latch. My nipples have been put through a beating and they’re fine. HAHA! Work on how best to lay to get the best latch and once you figure that out it becomes a natural part of sleep.



    Give the Duck a hug for me!!!



    Hi Ladies 🙂 I’m looking forward to joining this forum in just a week or two. I’m currently in week 38 atm! Waiting is the hardest part!! I found this cool website that has an awesome opportunity for moms to earn money while still staying at home. I don’t want to go back to my old job once I have the baby, so I have been searching for other options. Anyways thought maybe some of you might want to check it out



    laura- isn’t it like 2 am there? what are you doing up?!



    Bri- you didn’t feel or here anything? Lucky you!!!



    Take it easy on Petskies….I’ve been in her shoes and was dealing with major problems with breast feeding my daughter, while my husband was out of town working offshore and I was running our very busy business by myself too. The lack of sleep, coupled with stress from the business, the entire household all on me, and the nursing issues was a lot to take. I even resorted to taking Reglan to increase my milk supply after all my attempts of extra pumping CONSTANTLY failed to increase my supply. The Reglan helped me but it had horrible side effects for me. I slipped into a really really bad depression and I also had muscular side effects that kept me from wanting to hold the baby or interact with her much. It was a very very hard time. We struggled until 9 mths and finally my Mother gave me some advice that made a huge difference….she said to me…You have given it a Valiant effort you have tried every thing you could possibly try and did everything that you could possibly do. Your baby deserves to have a non stressed out mother and if that means giving her formula then know that you’ve given her 9 mths of the best you could do and by golly give her the formula so that she has the nutrition she needs and can thrive. (my supply was so low that she would latch on and in about two minutes would be crying because my breast would be empty. I’d switch sides and the same thing. Give her a bottle and happy as a lark). I was beating myself up about failing. But, Keira (my daughter) could have cared less, really. I nursed my first child until he was two and it was hard to give up and not do as well the second time.


    I have some nuk bottles I will try those too.



    The problem arises with the lack of support for breastfeeding working moms. Leslie can tell you that one!! Anyways, when you are working weird hours and not able to pump when you should then it’s hard to breastfeed. I’m not saying that it can’t be done or that it shouldn’t be done but I have a feeling that many working moms that work in less then desirable positions just don’t have the opportunity to pump so why bother. I guess I’m making excuses. Then to have WIC on top of it just give you a million cans a week. Enough to feed a herd of babies. Then you are told that formula is just as good. Then you think, I can go out and party. Then, then then…. For someone that isn’t educated in the ‘art of breastfeeding’ and relies on others to tell them how to raise their kids, yeah formula does look good. Sucks huh?

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