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    Could they legally sack you for asking for reduced hours?



    PG, I’ve been lactating two months shy of three years now. Does that count? Chris continued to get breastmilk even though he weaned at 22months. Still gets it if I pump. But I’m on Alex mostly now. He’ll go for at least 2 years since I don’t plan on getting pregnant as quickly this time. We’ll see, maybe I’ll be lactating for five plus years by the time I’m done!!



    chellebob- tea bags on your nipples work wonders!!! soak 2 tea bags in hot water for a min or two then soak in ice or ice water for about 5 min to get them nice and cold then squeeze out most of the water and put them on your nipples. i always just tuck them in my bra with a nursing pad over just beware if you dont get out all the water and it leaks beyond the pad it will stain!! just leave on for 10-15 min no more than 20 or it can start to dry and dry out your nipple. i did this 3-5 times a day the first week or so of nurses bc my lo has a shallow latch and my nipples were so sore and blistered!!! also use lanolin and if you have those nipple covers that just go around your nipple so nothing touches it but air still gets to it those work great good luck hun =)



    I am going to vent… I SUCK AT PUMPING!! I have an awesome pump but it is meeee!! I have to pump 3 times to get a 5 ounce bottle. I’ve tried every trick in the book but I can only get one let down and sometimes not even. I pump after I feed her because I am away from her for 3 hours in the evening to attend school so I need that bottle!!!! Another thing… Tori wont take a binky! She just uses me. I cant Co-sleep because I can’t sleep very well with her next to me. I feel like I am going to squish her plus my husband is a very very deep sleeper so I wont run the chance. (i have tried it…not for me) Last night I didnt sleep. I am soooo sleepy. There has to be a magical binky… somewhere. I need a hug lol.


    Need suggestions….. I’m looking for a new breast pump. I have a Medela Swing pump right now but don’t really care for it – feels like it doesn’t empty me enough. I’m wanting something with a little bit more suction. Price is not a problem – just want something that is going to work well. Any suggestions?



    thank you for all your help. i’ll call my doc monday and ask them about his spitting up.



    1st post! Im 22wks pregnant and still breastfeeding my 3 1/2 yr old. Have been feeding for 6 years non stop!. Fed my now 6 yr old got pregnant kept feeding her till she 4+.. Advice if your milk is decreasing, try to keep your baby at ur chest as much as you can (only seperate if u really have to). Also keep yourself full and well hydrated. The more she tries the more milk will be made.



    NatashaMc that is awesome. Keep up the good hard work! Do you plan on pumping until she is 1? Gosh I am so glad that I dont have to pump any longer. but I would do it again if I had to.



    lovemylove- I am still nursing 18 month old twins. One is close to being weaned (most days) but the other is not ready at all!. AF returned for me when I returned back to work at 15 months. I am cut back to 2-3 feedings / day / baby. If your babe isn’t ready to be cut back, maybe try cutting back duration of feeds (that’s what I did to get ready to go back to work). Cutting out night feedings is supposed to help, but I still haven’t done that!
    Not sure if I should even be on this site… we’re not officially trying (I’m petrified of having twins again) but definetely would be sooo excited to find a positive.



    saabgirl88 – Make sure you are eating a healthy diet with all your vitamins. Next, there are several ways to increase supply. There are prescriptions you can get from your doctor but if you have any history of depresssion or anxiety then you may need to avoid it. Fenugreek and blessed thistle are known herbs that help. When I was on fenugreek I was taking about 15pills a day but it helped. Sticky rice is has helped some too. My favorite (although awful tasting) is ‘fermented’ oatmeal. When I’m boosting supply I eat it twice daily. Soak a half or a full cup of old fashion oats in with equal amounts of water for at least 7hours. Heat and eat. You can flavor it up if you want. I use maple syrup to mask the taste. I began pumping 9more ounces over night. My sister gained 12oz. It really has helped many of us here. Also, be sure to stay hydrated because dehydration will lower your supply.


    ******hey ladies question for all i am bf and just reccenlty started bf and bottle but still bf or pump every 2-3 hr and ive had a period since she was 2 months sept, oct, until now nov i havent had one could i be pregnant or could it be that i am now useing bottles



    i am freaking exhausted. i do not think my baby is getting enough milk in each sitting therefore i am having to breastfeed like every 1 1/2. my breasts just never seem full. my baby is 8 weeks old now and i am going to start back to work next saturday and i have tried pumping ( with a medella electric pump) and i just do not seem to have enough milk. i can get like maybe a couple of ounces out per day. i am afraid that i have come to the conclusion that i am going to have to supplement. it makes me really sad but i don’t know what else to do. ………..



    okay, I’m having a meltdown here. My SIL is BF her 2 mo old. She isn’t very intelligent and is very lazy. Anyway, her baby was born 9lbs 12oz, lost 14 after birth and now still is only back up to 9lbs 14oz at her 2 month appt yesterday. She wont wake her to feed her, the baby goes 5 to 8 hours all the time, and I try to get her to wake her only because she is so tiny and lethargic. Baby sleeps all the time. I’ve never seen her awake except to eat, then back to sleep. She is only in the 15% for weight/height. Her parents are both really tall, so this troubles me tremendously. Anyway, my SIL said the baby’s poo is brown most of the time, not mustardy and seedy? Jake’s was brown a few times, but not always? She insists she has reflux even though she doesnt spit up, or cry, or arch her back???? She said she doesnt eat much cause she has reflux and she feels full?????? I dont know what to do? Our family all knows baby is small cause my SIL is lazy and sticks the paci in baby’s mouth instead of feeding her, and we just dont know what to do!!!! Her doctor told her to feed the baby every 2 hours but we dont think she’ll do it…Does anyone know what the brown poo means???



    1st tyme mommie – I think it’s different for everyone. Some use meds but I can’t due to anxiety. Fenugreek was ok but I was having to take A LOT of it to get it to work. I love fermented oatmeal. No idea why it works but it does. Within a weekend I was pumping almost double.



    oh and question..if I just sit there and pump even after I know my boobs are empty, will it help me produce more?? I mean, my body will think I need more so wont it produce more??

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