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    two winters ago we lost power. Most of Seattle did. We didn’t get it back on for 9 days!!! It was crazy. Luckily my work got power after four days and I was taking my turtle to work with me. My mouse didn’t make it but the chinchillas and cats were fine. At least I wasn’t pregnant yet…I got pregnant two months later. HAHA! Pretty much we stayed by the fireplace with lots of blankets and then headed over to my inlaws house on the weekend. It was crazy, Homedepot was selling plywood for firewood because no one had anything. All perishable foods had to be thrown away so you were lucky if you got salami or any other dried meats.


    Wow my son is 3 weeks tomoro and he jus started latching on 5 or 6 days ago I am so happy that he’s gtting the good well good luck to u ladies whoare still having trouble with it they will get it..



    Erin- You’re pretty much ‘on demand’ right now with bfing. You can pump in between nursing sessions to boost supply. It may take up to a week to get much but it will get better from there. Most like to pump directly after nursing as to not hinder the supply for the next nursing session. Once you know your baby’s schedule you can go based on that. While you’re gone you can pump too. I think we’ve all pumped based on our LO’s schedules. It’s extremely relaxing to know that you have something in the freezer in case of an emergency. I’ve got over 50oz in there. I love it! haha!



    brie i liked the avent hand pump



    kym22- just FYI, I feel your pain about feeling like you are drying up. I noticed that you were taking the mini pill. I was having problems with my supply until I went off the pill. Within a couple weeks I was having a much easier time. I couldn’t believe what an easy fix it was. I am now going on 7 months bf…yay. I thought several times I wasn’t going to make it. This is actually the first time I’ve posted, but I’ve been following along for many months…Thanks ladies for all the support!



    larissa – I’ve been breastfeeding for almost 18months and believe me when I say we had a rocky start. I couldn’t get a latch for two months which led me to having supply issues. I totally understand where you are coming from. I’m sorry you are sick. Please be sure to drink LOTS of water and eat food. Even if you aren’t hungry. Remember your body wants to use it’s energy to heal itself before producing milk. Pretty much if your body wants to save one life and it’s better to save itself then produce for a baby. You need food. If you have enough energy to heal yourself and some left over of milk production will. Eat the right foods, no empty calories. You can also take suppliments while you are sick such as fenegreek and blessed thistle. Oatmeal and sticky white rice also helps with supply. But, you can rely on just that eat, drink and sleep. Get better soon! In the mean while you may be needing to feed more often which sucks while sick but it will help production ramp back up once you are well.



    my little guy(4 days old) nurses every 2-3 hours for 20-30 mins. last night he slept 4 hours at one point.
    …my first nursed around the clock. lol she was up every two hours until she was about 9 months old



    SherB- Is Alesse a minipill? They have so many different names 😛 Anyway, I had a problem with the minipill drastically cutting my supply. I finally went off it in desperation, I couldn’t think of anything else that could be causing me such supply issuses. And sure enough, as soon as I stopped taking it my supply came back up- whew! Some women do fine, obviously. I however was one of the unlucky ones=) Hopefully you don’t have any problems!



    Man i wish i had that problem! i never have enough i think i might be a little to excited if i actually leaked!



    twinsmake7 – Relactating is a process but most definately can be done! I’m not sure the process but there are girls on facebook that can help. In a group call ‘Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obsene’ you can pose the question and you’ll get loads and loads of responses. They have a lot of good information and ideas.

    Erin, the other ladies are right. Cereal is NOT meant for little ones. Most peds will even tell parents do not give any solids for the first six months. It can lead to gast problems, early diabetes and several other not so much fun things. It is also a proven myth that cereal in the bottle will help a baby sleep longer. There can be a correlation but it’s not the cause. Most babies will have a growth spurt around three months and then settle back down and start sleeping longer. If a parent starts putting cereal in the bottle then they might think it’s because of the cereal and not from the fact that the child has finished the growth spurt. Also, never put cereal in the bottle. I understand that six months is not a magic number but you can look for signs. Baby must be able to sit in a high chair and be steady, not slumped over or leaning back. Baby must also want the food. If s/he isn’t ‘asking’ for it then they aren’t ready. And last, they must not have the thrust reflex anymore. Most three month olds still have that reflex. It helps them keep foriegn objects out of their mouths. If your baby can do all these then talk to your doctor and do what you think is best. Even when we started food our ped said only a tablespoon or so a day. Food in the beginning is just for practice. Cereal does not have the nutrients in that they need. Babies need milk.



    alright ladies im taking a plane ride from CO to FL on tuesday. do planes have microwaves so i can heat a bottle? i just dont see how im going to b able BF with it so small and 2ppl sitting that close to me =( im so nervous. my plan is to put some frozen BM in the fridge the night b 4 i leave to defrost then take it in a fridge pack to keep cool but when i need to use it i dont know how im gonna make it warm?help!


    ollie was up every hour and half to feed last night. I’m exhausted feel ill from lack of sleep. And its not one of james’s nursery days so i wont get a nap either. Feel like crying. Sick of people saying put him on formula it will be easier for you. So i can get up and make bottles in the middle of the night yeah that will be easier!



    Hi all. I usually post in the incompetent cervix forum, but this will be first here at the breastfeeding. I have a 5 week old baby and have been nursing (trying to) and also substitute with formula because I have a low supply. The last few days, it seems like after just a few minutes of nursing, I have nothing left. I then have to bottle feed. Today is even worse. My milk let down has only came a few times and right after he latches on, a few minutes later, he is pulling away b/c there is nothing left. Is there anything I can do to get more milk flowing? I really don’t want to stop nursing. I have a 4 year old and the same thing happened. By the time he was 6 weeks old, I was all dried up. Please help! 🙂



    Any tips on breast feeding twins please ladies?!



    cuddlebunny – Pumping also saved me from giving up. By the second day in the hospital my nipples were bleeding. I woke up in the morning and my LO had blood dried on his face & shirt from the night before. His latch was just not right & it was killing me. That morning I told the nurses I couldn’t BF him & I ended up giving him once oz of formula. It was the only ounce of formula he has ever had. As I was giving it to him I started to feel so guilty that I was giving up & feeding my LO smelly formula, I decided that I would BF even if I had to cry at each feeding. Then a nurse came by & asked if I would like to try a pump I said YES!! It gave my breasts such a break & relief & I was still able to feed my LO breastmilk. My first few bottles were pink from the blood 🙁 Eventually my nipples healed, I worked on getting my son to latch properly & I now pump maybe once a day & freeze it or let my hubby feed him. I also use a cheap manual pump but it does the trick. So hang in there. Good luck & it is worth it so keep up the good work!!

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