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    Hi ladies – I have EvenFlo pumps and up until recently they’ve been great. I never had to use the highest settings and was still able to pump a good amount of milk. Now, unless I use the highest setting I only pump about 1 oz. I wouldn’t mind using the high settings except that it’s killing my nipples. It looks like I have a hickey on each of my nipples – purplish with spots of blood under the skin. Should I get different pumps? Or what should I do?



    Mizrice- My dd is doing the same thing! She’s 12days old too;) try to press the glands to squirt milk in her mouth to remind her why she’s there…she’ll most likely start sucking again… I try to blow gently on her hair to wake her up too…. And she also sleep for ‘too long’ or is really hard to wake up but at her check up 2 days ago, she was putting on weight normally so my doctor said ‘enjoy the sleep’… As long as she’s healthy and growing well it’s fine… But she is still fed a little bit of formula…I just started taking domperidone so I’m hoping that soon she will be only breastfed… I been working really hard on re-laching her and she’s taking it!! 😀 she only whines when I run out of milk!! I’m so happy it’s working… But I wonder how long it will take for the domperidone to take effect? Today will be the 3rd day and the doc said it will take 3 days but I pumped this morning and only got a little less than 3oz so far 🙁 what’s your experience with this? ( Anyone who tried it ) 😛 thank you!! 😉


    hey everyone just popping in. we’re now 14 months down the line, still breastfeeding and still loving it! felicia my little girl gets excited when it’s time for milkies too! i love it 😀
    im now training as a midwife so help lots of ppl learn to breastfeed and having done it myself has helped sooooo much!
    with regards to solids, Lily was exclusively breast fed til 6 months then we did baby led weaning check out the website if u want to know more. it’s now being recommended by the national health service over here in the uk.



    I had frozen 3 3-4oz. bags when my DD was about 3 weeks old and was working on the 4th bag. I had 5 oz. ready to go, opened the door to the fridge and out the bag fell! All over the floor, fridge, and sliced watermelon inside. I bawled my eyes out, yelled at DH for not understanding the big deal, and haven’t frozen any since 🙂



    PGFirstTimer – I don’t have any helpful advice, just drink lots of fluids like you said, and rest alot if you can (I know that’s nearly impossible but try!) . So sorry, it’s awful feeling like that while nursing and having a baby who is sick too. Yuck. I hope you both feel better soon…



    angela123, could it be possible that he is teething? Even if his teeth are not close to erupting yet, they can cause pain for weeks, or even months. (they go up and down several times). Oftentimes when babies are teething they don’t feed as well. I also found that my son got lazy at one point, and wasn’t latching on well. To correct it, if his latch was bad I would immediately unlatch him, and help him latch like I did when he was a newborn (tickle the top lip with your nipple to make him open wide, then aim your nipple for the roof of his mouth, and put as much in as possible). It sometimes took 5 or 6 tries before he got his latch right, but after a few bf sessions, I saw an improvement, and he began latching properly again. Good luck!



    just wondering if anyone else has had issues with nipple soreness for the first 6 weeks of breast feeding? I have tried the lanolin and making sure her latch is correct, although recently she started making clicking sounds while nursing which she hasn’t done before. Also wondering if anyone else has had a lazy nurser and if so what to do about it. She doesn’t get full, but won’t wake up until I put her down and she wants to eat 15 minutes later. also won’t sleep unless she is right next to me in the bed where I just kind of let her nibble here and there as she pleases, but I am still really engorged by the am. Starting to get really frustrating having to pump due the her not suckling well and the nipple soreness and now my milk supply is decreasing. Started taking the fenugreek and blessed thistle and my OB gave me an rx for Reglan though I am trying to wait until absolutely needed to take it.


    I know I’m late on the whole FF vs BF talk but I just have to put my 2 cents in. I am a BFing mother with this 2nd child. I didn’t BF but choose to FF my 1st. Now speaking as someone who has done both I will say FF is much easier. KATJAK7- I watched that show with Dr.Drew and I will say what he said was RIGHT! It does hurt and takes time. You can’t lead people to think it’s going to be easy and feel great because it doesn’t. I believe the more you know going in the easier it will be to deal with the issues you may experience. I do not enjoy BF at all. I hate pumping and just wish I could face the shower without covering my nipples because they sting so bad. If I was never told about nipple shields I would’ve stopped a long time ago. I know it’s suppose to be the ‘best’ for your child but my 1st son was healther than his cousin who was BF. Each child is different as well as the mother. So if someone is going to FF over BF whatever their reason is shouldn’t matter. I know if I was working I would not have the time nor energy to BF. I have a 6yr and a man to share myself with as well . But that is me, I know me and i know I wouldn’t be able to do ‘it all’. I do praise those who can you are wonder women!!!



    deeyore – your advice is SO appreciated too, believe me! 😀



    Here is a link that hasn’t been shared on this site for quite some time. It may help those of you new to pumping on how to increase your pumping production by using a combination of compression pumping and hand expressing. It worked wonders for me! I’m in the process of weaning out my daytime pumpings, so I don’t use the methods any longer, but worth giving the technique a shot! This site also has some great tips on anything breast milk related.



    mommie2dagon – So is it clogged or are you just engorged? If you are just engorged then I wouldn’t pump until empty else you will continue to make that much. If it’s clogged then work on that particular duct. Usually it’s red and swollen.



    Bri- he very well could be teething. I know DJ showed signs WAY before he cut his first tooth. But that was one o f them. DJ would show signs of wanting to nurse or be happy, only to scream when I offered or he tried. MY LC told me they might not eat for a while, but they’ll make up for it some where. Well, good luck today, you just might be a busy Mamma!


    ok ladies.. my milk supply has been fine in left breast. its only one that fills. but last night i gave my son a bottle of expressed milk i had saved up cuz i pump my right breast after every feeding. so i gave him bottke n pumped my breasts to freeze milk. but… my left breast has not filled back up since. im getting scared cuz i dont want him on formula. did i screw myself up by pumping instead of lettin him nurse ?



    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks so much for the feedback. I decided not to use the milk in the fridge…sigh… what a waste, but I didn’t want to chance it.

    I’m still working – as my husband has his own business – its right next door – so I often have to leave the house for meetings with clients, or special events that I co ordinate. I’m lucky though cause most of my work can be done from the computer, with scheduled phone calls. But this week I have 3 events to attend so mum is coming to help out. SO That milk was like GOLD to me….DH doesn’t understand sometimes…….

    For example, I had to meet a client today at 2:30, so I fed J at 1:30, but he feel asleep,so I started to pump the other side, so DH could have the rest to feed when J woke up…. but only 3oz came out…. and DH says….Is that all you’re leaving me????!!!!

    Uhg… Sometimes I get a lot (if I wait a long time and boobies are buldging) or just a little (like today but it had been since 12:00 since last feeding….



    lauraoct – Congrats! Always feels good to get a good nights rest.

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