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    thanks bri. yea ive been trying to feed him more often to up my production of milk. he is loving all the breast time!! i will try all i can to get my milk up as the doc does believe its best. im goin to try th soy milk on his hand just to see if he is allergic to it, but i would be real happy if i pumped some for him in a bottle. thanks for your help, ill try it all!



    I read this book the other day that really made me mad. It was talking about a baby sleeping through the night, and it made it sound like if you are a ‘good mom’ you can train your baby to sleep through the night by two months. Psshh.. First of all, you teach your child..not train. My son is not a dog. Second, I must be a horrible mom because my son still wakes up atleast twice a night..and I am sure I am not the only one.



    I tried every hold under the sun, and the lactation consultant at the hospital and the nurses all tried to help me. Matter of fact is that his mouth is too small. I wanted to be able to breastfeed, I did with both my other children, but I don’t see it happening this time around.



    wow so i thought i had no reason to be worried about my supply… i took my daughter for her 4 months check up today and she has actually lost weight since her 2 month. she eats constantly and always seems satisfied. i have been prescribed somethin called dompairedon to increase my supply and other than the weight shes really healthy but i am totally stressed out. her doctor fully supports me continuing to breastfeed and says its not a reason to consider switching just yet but i have to give her rice cereal 2x a day now (i just started a few days ago anyways) and were going back for a weight check. i just feel really bad, like its something im doing wrong.



    Micky my medications and mothers milk book says that guaifenesin (musinex) is an L2 which is the same as B for pregnant women. But it also says that it has not be reviewed by the AAP. I thought that it was a cough supressent (sp) that has been all over the news and stuff that it isn’t good for you not guaifenesin that just loosens and makes a cough more productive. Anyone know for sure?



    bj4–i am having the EXACT problem as you! if you find somthing that works, let me know!!!



    campimama- i have been on the mini pill since week 6 (LO is now 18 weeks). do you really think that may have something to do with it? my supply has been up and down and i really thought i was doing GREAt last week. Then after a weekend of stricktly nursing, i go to work on monday and my supply dropped 4-5oz. and its been that way all week.



    larissa – rest is one of the best things both for you to get over being sick, and for your milk production. I went through this when my daughter was only 2 weeks old, and I freaked because I thought I would lose all my milk. My husband gave her formula for one day while I slept, and I got better much faster, and my milk came back. I had to pump, and eat quite a bit to get my milk back to normal, but the rest really helped.



    teilvnav – Your let down may be too fast for baby.. When you nurse him lean back so milk will not be rushing into the back of baby’s mouth. He is probably swallowing air when he screams/cries thus the need to burp. When he gets a bit bigger a fast let down will stop being a problem.


    campimama, allesse is a regular pill, only micronor is a minipill. i havent had any supply issues on it, thankfully. my dr told me there shouldnt be any issues. you must be one of the really unlucky ones!

    sherb: i got it backwards, the minipill is synthetic progestogens, like what the body makes naturally



    Yeah but ParkersMommy….you aren’t the norm! HAHA! I’m sorry you spray everywhere! I know that must be problematic and frustrating but most don’t at 8months. Like NatesMommy, I would have loved to have enough to be able to spray. I made just enough for my son and that’s it. My eldest sister was a cow too! It was/is crazy! HAHA! But even she stopped leaking after a couple months.



    My LO is 7mths and EBF with addition of solids. We started introducing cereal once a day at about 4.5mths. It was very runny the first time we tried it and he only took a few bites. But, I never put cereal in his bottle. My Pediatrician said cereal at this point is not needed for nutritian or calories. Its more for practice. I know my sister formula fed her kids and the twins were little so she added cereal to their bottle. I don’t believe it helped them sleep all night though. It was more b/c they were all small babies. I know the first night we gave our LO cereal by spoon I thought he would sleep better. He woke up more that night!



    Ash – if you are between people someone may switch with you to the aisle or window. If you still don’t feel comfortable nursing on the plane you could always run hot water over it. Ask for hot water for tea and just put the bottle in that. I nursed on the plane and it was fine



    jessicahan-Congrats on getting your supply up! Yay!
    torybailey-I’ve been breastfeeding my son (exclusively for six months, then breastmilk with some solids for the past two and a half months) No period for me yet. But my friend who did the same got hers back at four months. It really is an individual thing, I guess.



    nicholasmom, for your milk to be established you have to stop supplementing, feed often.if you must supplement, pump as often as you can and suplement with the milk you extract. kill two birds with one stone. you will increase supply while ensuring your baby have enough to drink, oh yeah make sure you get an extra 500 calories a day and drink plenty of fluids. let us know how your doing. good luck. happy nursing

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