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    ok ladies, once again i need you! lol. so my son will be 10 months old on tuesday and we are still breastfeeding. about 2 weeks ago he decided he didn’t want to eat baby food anymore (he had hand/foot/mouth and it was hard for him to eat the foods because it hurt his mouth) anyway i let him lead the way and he started on table food. he loves it! he also gets breastmilk mixed with whole milk( there is no poing in my introducing stupid formula at this point in time, why get him used to that only to switch in 2 months) in a sippy cup at meal times. the overall amount of whole milk that he consumes would be maybe 6oz give or take a few. the majority of what he gets to drink is still from nursing. anyway, he’s always been a lighter baby (he just hit the 16# mark) and so the dr said that if by his 1 yr appt if he’s still not gaining appropriately that they would check for celiac’s disease. he mentioned some signs/symptoms and i just checked them out on the internet because ever since we started on table foods he’s had really loose stools. could it just be his stomach adjusting to the new foods? i guess if he really did have celiac’s then the initial start of solids would have made him have runny diapers…and that wasn’t the case. anyway, what do you guys think is it more likely that the poop is an adjustment to the table foods?


    thanks everyone!! yeah I don’t have to pump frequently so I am not wasting time. I like expressing the milk and giving it to her in bottles. I am unemployed and will need to be returning to work in a week or two. So it works for me. I am happy where things are at and she seems so happy now too. Lol, so this morning I fed her and she threw up all over me and the couch. Literally it sprayed everywhere. When she finished her big blue eyes were huge like she had no idea what had happened. Note to myself to not bounce her after a feeding. 🙂



    bri-i like confidence over defensive. I think if you just sit right down and do it as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do you get less comments. it seems when i try to hide it like i’m doing something wrong i get the most stares. so far no comments though so that’s good. oh and the sick comment i think is just a lack of info. i got a cold recently and a coworker said i should go ahead and pump a couple of extra bottles b/c i might not feel like feeding baby. she was genuinely concerned for me. after i explained i’d have to either nurse or pump anyways she understood better.



    emmalouliz – I LOVE my glass of wine or beer once my LO is asleep for the night! I do have milk pumped anyways in the fridge in case he happens to wake up (he hasn’t yet!) You are right that milk leaves your body as it does in your blood so there is no problem having a drink once LO is down for the night. Tell your hubby you have done your research! Cheers 🙂



    Letty, there is a facebook group called, The Leaky [email protected]@b, they are full of great advise and support for breast feeding mummies. Have a look. They were really supportive for me when I thought my milk was drying up and got me through it!! Good luck, keep trying and stop the bottles.


    My baby even has a onesie that says ‘I cry over spilled milk.’ .. haha, her and I both!



    Hey all… this is my first time to this site (wish I would have found this much earlier!!) I do have a quick question for the breastfeeding mommas… my lo is 13 mo old now and I just weaned him last month. While I was weaning him I got my first PP AF since being pregnant. Well I’m already 3 days late this month and was wondering how regular AF is supposed to be after weaning (bf for 12 months)? Is my cycle going to be different than before? Thank You!



    I seem to have dried up a bit this afternoon. The baby is sucking away for ages at a time then screaming again as soon as she comes off. What can I do to increase my supply. It might be becasue my hubby has gone back to work and /i have tried to do a bit too much these past couple of days.



    my son turned 1 month today. he was born 4 wks early. i have breastfed from day 1 and supplemented formula a few times here and there. my problem now is that he eats so much, basically til theres nothing left and then screams because hes still hungry. so at least twice a day i have to give him an ounce of formula after bf’ing to fill him up after empyting my breasts. will he grow out of that?? or will i have to supplement even more as he grows? i hate giving him the formula, it stinks and he always spits up! i just dont know what else to do…



    jessicalynn21 – I think the problem is that people focus on how hard it is and how badly it hurts instead of the benefits that come along with it. Breastfeeding has been proven to be better for both baby and mom. Many of us here wish that people would say, ‘yes it’s hard, but it was well worth it!’



    BRI – I agree that CIO could brake the trust that my son has in me. He is going to be 6mons and we still co-sleep. EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) is telling me I need to get him out of my bed and he needs to cry. How do I get him to sleep in his crib with out letting him cry?? He crys every 20mins when I put him in there! Anyone have any suggestions. Also at 6mons how often should be be nursing through the night? He’ll wake maybe 3 times a night and nurse to sleep each time…



    I knew here I just had my first baby a boy name christopher so in love with him:) I have had issues with inverted nipples and my son was born jaundice so he had to be under a lamp in the hosiptal and a billiblanket at home…. I cried cause i wanted the skin to skin contact and tobreastfeed right away. He was too tired cause the jaundice to suck and the skin to skin contact was taken away cause he had to be put under a lamp… So I always give him my nipple and use a breastpump my milk flow is really good I can get a 150 ml out of each breast.. and now he is 10 days old I bought a xtra small nipple sheild and today I was able to feed him for the first time my breast milk from my breast it was about 15 to 20 minutes then I offered a bottle of breast milk to make sure he got enough. I go thru alot but Iam still determined to make sure my baby gets the best. its funny I never thought this whole time I was pregnant that I had inverted nipples untill I tried to breast feed… everything I read says to not worry cause the milk will come out of the areola, my baby is learning to suck better each day, I am just glad we had a breakthrough yesterday so I hope to have another one from here on out:) I hope my post will encourage some mommy that may be going thru what I have like someone did for me!!!!!



    Hi ladies, my first is due in July and I was wondering if any of you can recommend good books on breastfeeding. I know it’s what I want to do but want more info on techniques/troubleshooting/bonding kind of stuff. Thanks!



    Hannah- I wrote a bit about teething in my last comment, but yea, they can show signs VERY earyly on. That first tooth is the worst and then it gets better. DJ was showing signs months before his first tooth at 6mons came through. But once it did it was like I had a different baby! He started sleeping through the night and in his own crib- amazing! But yea, they have teething tablets you can give to baby, also Tylenol. When DJ was a cranky mess I’d just give him Tylenol before bed. They have Munchkin Mesh bags where you can put stuff in. I don’t know if your LO is too young for it. I put frozen solids in it, but you could freeze some breastmilk in an ice cube tray. Then put it in the mesh bag and if he can’t hold it in his mouth, you could do it for him. This way he can naw, bite, suck on it and get the great nutrition from your BM still.



    Ladies…thank you for the reassurance about my little ‘snacker’. I feel much better about the way he eats now. I love this forum! 😀

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