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    Bouza – I disagree about always nursing both sides at every feeding. Some do, some don’t. Either way your breasts will level off. I’ve only rarely offered both at a feeding (mostly when cluster feeding) and am 14 months going strong. Just wanted to add my 2 cents so moms who only feed from one side at a time don’t panic.



    I was just thinking the same thing ellas!!! That was a little strange!


    Thanks for all the input on introducing cows milk. It’ll be interesting to see when Alyssa decides to wean herself. I don’t really plan to wean her so it’s all up to her. I have the feeling it won’t be shortly after a year. Maybe closer to 2 years. Just have that feeling and I’m OK with that!

    Bouza – A few of us in here work and bf and I think we’re all in the same boat of wishing we didn’t have to work or ever be away from our LO’s – so I feel your pain! I went back to work when Alyssa was 2 months old. I would pump for both my breaks and for my lunch hour I’d go home to feed her. (we live just 1mi away so we have the luxury). When she started to eat every 4 hours and not 3, I cut back on the pumping but that also affected my supply so be careful with that. I’m back to pumping 2x a day now. The more often you can nurse vs. bottle feed the better. IMO. For me, pumping started to affect my supply, hence, the fermented oats. If by chance some day you can’t make it, I don’t think it’ll be a big deal if she’s already used to taking a bottle a few times a day already. As far as bottles go, make sure you’re using a wide base nipple and that the flow of that nipple closesly matches yours. We started with the slow flow and always stuck with that. Your flow shouldn’t change and so shouldn’t the nipple. We use the medela bottles since those were the ones that came with my pump, and she seems to like those. She didn’t like the Playtex Original Nursers, though. At any rate, good luck with it all! It can get rough at times but you always have this site for support! 🙂

    2ndtimemommmy – Awe! Please stop by and say hello from time to time! I know this particular thread gets very inundated. If I wasn’t at work 8 hours a day I’d find it hard to frequent it myself. As many of you probably can already tell I normally don’t post at night or on weekends. Tonight, though… I happen to be up and in a chatty mood! Well, I hope Braeden feels better soon. Still looking forward to Alyssa’s first tooth! 🙂



    I’m there with you ladies on lack of sleep. Bailey refuses to fall asleep before 11 pm..but lastnight she nursed at 9 out cold by 10, up at 1 to pump, she woke to nurse at 3 and never went back to sleep..aaaaaahhhhh No wonder my milk supply won’t increase..i get no sleep! And i’m sitting here at work trying my hardest not to fall asleep!



    pinkish – Old fashion oats, one cup per day. Mix a cup with a cup of water. Let it sit for at least seven hours. Heat, add flavoring and eat. If you’d like you can split the cup into two halves and eat twice daily. I could never eat a full cup so I split it into two. Breakfast and after dinner dessert.



    Hello LADIES! My ds is now 11 months old and he will be 1 YEAR on Feb9th! Ohhh what a year it has been. I am still nursing him and not quite sure how to wein or when or anything. I do have a DS that nursed until 2 only at bedtime after 12 months of age but he weined himself. This baby doesnt seem interested in ever stopping. It’s like he will want me to go to college with him. lol I am currently TTC our 3rd and final baby 🙁 sad to think that I will never be pregnant again after this one more time. I think he will stop all on his own once the pregnancy hormones hit my stream. I just wanted to tell you ladies that are having trouble not to give up. My son wasnt gaining any weight for his first 6 WEEKS! they blamed breastfeeding even though he was wetting and having a ton of BM and he was happy never cried and slept like a champ. After pretty much forcing me to feed him formula he still was not gaining weight and we found that he had a digestive issue that required meds and he is now still small for his age but a very happy and healthy baby. We call him super baby because he has done everything super early and he even walks/runs around. When we see people in walmart they always ask how old he is because he looks like he is 7months old. hehe Good luck to everyone and if you ever need any help add me and I will be more than happy to help!



    Does your baby reattach themselves??? Mine has just reattached himself TWICE!



    I have a Ameda Purely Yours pump and it works great. When I was doing my research this pump got the highest ratings because of the suction, ease of use, and the milk does not back up in the tubes causing contamination. A good website to use for comparing pumps and looking at their ratings and testimonials is



    what do I do if I’m getting lots of wet diapers but not a lot of dirty diapers? I typically get 5 or 6 small dirties a day but haven’t had one for 15 hours….



    kirbys- fenugreek should do it, but you can take 3-4pills 3x a day, you can also take brewers yeast you can get it in pill form online or health food store. if that doesnt work for you you can try a lacation blend you can find online or healthfood store or if you have fred myers they sell it as well. also order domperidone off line that will for sure give you an increasewith in a few days, its a prescription med you can order it from Canada online with no script or get it from you doc give yourself some time try to relax, if you do have to supplment your baby, and wont take formula you can look into donated milk, facebook page human milk for human babies find your local area there, also eats for fets online. another option is goats milk, i started mine at 6 months once in awhile, if i had to leave her and couldnt pump out enough for the whole time i was gone . its closer to breastmilk in compensation and taste and easy on the tummy.



    Right now the goal is 10 months. O.k. it really is a year, lol. I’ve been trying to trick myself for the past six months by saying o.k. I met my three month goal, now it’s six months, yeah I met that goal now it’s eight months but really the entire time I’m thinking I really want to go a full year. Just makes it less daunting I guess!! Maybe it’s time to just admit it…four more months…nope I still can’t do it, two sounds so much better!



    & i am BF but also supplementing a bit



    girls thanks a mil for your comments on feeding my baby. i think il stick with my instincts as someone said your damd if you do and your damd if you dont! i feel a lot better about it now, i dont think some mothers know how great breast milk is to babies even at 6 months! thanks xxx


    yes we do have unprotect ed sex and im not on bc we use the pull out method for now

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