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    My daughter turned a month old yesterday. She has been going through this phase for the past week and a half where she wants to eat ALL the time. She was born 2 weeks early and is now just shy of 8 lbs. But she gets very upset when she’s not eating, or at the breast. I know she is getting enough from her diapers and I can also hear her swallowing and see milk in her mouth after she eats, but I’m not sure what this is. Dr isn’t concerned b/c she is gaining but it is VERY hard to get anything done when all she wants to do is eat. Also, I had tried to start pumping some to save and freeze for when I go back to work but I can only get 1 oz, max 2 out of each breast at a time. I read that some people are getting 4-6. Am I doing something wrong or do I not have enough milk? I’d love to hear from anyone who has adivce, or has gone through either issue. Thank you!


    tj9779-my LO would only eat from one side…so i worried and worried about it, he would eat some if i would use the football hold…but not great…so then i just nursed him on that side when i knew he was ssuper hungry (the night feedings worked best!) eventually i realized my left breast was producing a ton of milk, so i quit pumping and the supply has gone down and now he latches on to that side happily! i think it was just coming out too fast for him!


    oh my LO is definitely getting stuff outta there!! i leak all over his poor lil face. and when he pulls away he gets milk all over the place.



    Also, is it true b/f helps you slim down to your original size



    Oh, and yeah, when baby is under about 3 or 4 months old, you have to be careful not to eat foods that may cause colic or give Baby gas (legumes, brassica greens, etc), but after about 4 months of age, unless Baby has a sensitivity to something in particular, you should be right to eat anything and breastfeed.



    Brodys Mommy ~have you read ‘the womanly art of breastfeeding’? its a book by la leche league. It covers a lot of stuff and might help. also I read that sometimes baby doesnt like your deodorant and will not nurse. Can you try w/o deodorant for a day? I also imagine lotions and perfumes could also cause a problem if baby is sensitive.



    For the milk imbalance (sometimes called over supply) it shows with green frothy poo’s that will give nappy rash. I had it this time around and don’t know why – bf my girls till about 9 months but could get my milk corrected this time around and so stopped (when j lost weight over weeks) at 4 months. Anyone worried about it try to make sure you get them to empty each boob before moving to the other one. I gave up because my lo one so unhappy and the dr recommended formula because of his weight loss but i loved bf while I did it. Although i do remember the toe-curl on latch for the first few weeks!



    What about holding a teether or chew toy in your hands until you think they are about done and have them hold it? Maybe when they are done they will want to go straight to that toy and bite it. I have been letting Jakub play with my finger during his feed and it seems to distract him enough right not but not sure if it will last. There is either a lady or company that makes Nursing beads kinda like a necklace that they can play with while nursing.



    kym how many hrs a day are you away from your little one? Also babies are much more efficiaent (sp) at the breast then the pump.



    Can a woman pump breast milk before she has her baby and freeze it to stock up for the baby? Also, does anyone know anyone who breastfeeds at night and supplements with formula feeds during the 8 hr work day and still keep their milk supply up for the night and after work feeds?



    Anyone else’s baby choking while breastfeeding? My 3 week old chokes just about every feeding and it drives me crazy and scares me to death. He has a hard time catching his breath and I hate it. I think my let down may be coming too quickly so before feedings I have been trying to squeeze some breastmilk out so it’s not squirting down his throat but he still seems to be choking. Any suggestions?



    Hello everyone! I am 11 weeks preggo and my DD is turning 1 this weekend. I have been in the process of weaning her for about two weeks now . We are going slow. I have dropped one feeding during the day and went down to two feedings a night (used to be three-four). she is getting whole milk with her BM during the day with Nana. My concern is that my BB are so sore right now and my supply is going way down. I dont’ want to increase it just hoping to wean her off a little bit quicker. I think I am going to just keep doing what I am doing and if my supply goes, it goes. I am just worried that she won’t be fully transitioned to whole milk before my supply goes down. She gets about an ounce and 1/4 in her bottles now and we are increasing by 1/4 every couple of days. I want her to get her nutrition, but I don’t have any stored BM in the freezer (except for like 8 oz.). I am not sure what I am looking for here, I guess just advice/support from others who have been through this.


    lol bri. i had to get up at 2 am to pump. i gave up after 9oz, but i could have kept going! its annoying, im jsut glad we dont bf’d in public. people would walk by and id spray them lol. hes starting to get cows milk in a sippy cup so i think my supply might actually level off one of these days!



    ToRiMiLi – I orginially wasn’t going to do extended feeding or self weaning but read more about it. I think from all the problems we had in the beginning I just learned all I could about breastfeeding. I’ve learned that breastmilk is an amazing thing. It adjusts to what your infant, baby and then toddler needs. Honestly, cow’s milk is very harsh on littles’ tummies. Some handle it better then others. I had to go dairy free for months until Kekoa’s stomach became stronger. We still didn’t introduce cow’s milk until he was 13 or 14months. Even then it was a small small amount. As he gets bigger he can handle it better. I was working when he turned one. I had planned to stop pumping but he wasn’t doing well with cow’s milk so I kept sending the breastmilk to school and nursing on weekends. I quit when he was 15months and of course didn’t need to pump anymore. Since I now know the health and mental benefits of extended breastfeeding I am glad I kept up with it. I love it. He usually nurses twice a day before nap and bedtime but he will also nurse first thing in the morning or if he just needs a bit of comfort. We both enjoy the closeness and think that by allowing him to self wean he’ll feel much better about it. He’ll feel like he has some control. Too many times the child isn’t asked and it’s just taken away. It’s something they have loved and used for sustanance for a year. Then the one person who they love the most just says no, you can’t have it anymore. It frustrates them. They may act out of cry. It’s heartbreaking. I want him to have control over some parts of his life. Granted, my son is a very wild little boy. He hears no all the time! Time out is definately a place he knows well. HAHA! I just think they need to have some choices. Kekoa thrives on his schedule and he loves having some choices as well. Especially now that he’s beginning to talk. I can ask him a this or that question and when he answers and gets what he wants he is just floored and overly excited. Ok, so I’m getting off topic. My ‘why’ is because it works for us. I know it doesn’t with everyone and I know toddlers that have self weaned at a year. I don’t find it annoying and I have no urge to get my body back. It was part of getting pregnant and having a baby. If it’s a little thing that makes my son happy then I’ll do it. Anyways, like my OB said when I told her I was pregnant and nursing she said….’Good, it’s healthy!’



    Ash, I have flown with my son and he is still bf.. They will let you take as much milk as you need on the plane with you. My pediatrician told me bm is good for 4 hours after it is taken out of the refridgerator.. so I made up enough bottles put one in the diaper bag when we left ( so he had the next 4 hours to take that one) I packed a couple more in a mini cooler with ice packs. then once he took the first bottle I just took the next one out of the cooler and he had 4 hours to take that one.. so on and so on.. depending on however many you need.. hope that helps..

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