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    noah-i don’t havethat kind of charsma. i’m a lab tech and very technical. i also have to admit i like knowing what my paycheck is going to be every week.



    Quick question. I remember there was talk of Britax carseats being among the best. Was it the Britax Marathon that people were talking about? I found a Britax Marathon on sale and was thinking about picking it up. There were some other Britax as well, but they were even more costly, and I’m not sure what the difference is.



    Fly zone they dispatched the big dogs they broke the sound barrier causing a sonic boom that rocked everything


    Hello everyone this is Scarlets Hubby. I just wanted to pop in and say that today is our LO’s 6 month Half Bday today. Which means Scarlet has been successfully EBF for 6 months!!! Congratulations!!! I know it hasn’t been easy but you are doing so well!! Keep it up! You have met your goal half way now and I’m always here to help!!! I love you and Alyssa so much!!! XOXO



    3gurls – I defintately agree with Emilee. It’s hard in the beginning but formula is considered a booby-trap. Once you start on it it’s hard to wean off it and then supply starts going down which means more formula. For your cracked nipples keep them covered with lanolin. Just keep trying. It will get better.


    Ok, I’m off to bed now. See you girls in the morning… or afternoon since I’m sure I’ll have several pages to read to catch up! lol Gnite!



    Isaac isn’t a sleep through the nighter but when he wakes it’s normally for 15 minutes tops. Of course I co-sleep so I normally catch him before he’s completely awake to begin with.



    I put peanut butter, almond milk and almond kisses on my oatmeal. Mmmm!



    Thanks for the advice. They suddenly seem to be much more sore than ever. am not having much l,uck with nursing.



    it seems to wean both my grandmother and great aunt made up something. both are from the country so these are going to sound odd. anyhow, my uncle wasn’t weaning as soon as my grandmother wanted and was apparently disgusted by chicken poop. she rubbed wood ash from her stove on her boob and when he wanted to nurse next she took out her boob and told him a chicken had pooped on it. he was so disgusted by it he never asked for it again. my great aunt told her youngest son that the dog had stole it. her son wnet outside got a stick and hit the dog. now obviously both of these boys were older kids, but it seems it can be easy once they are old enough to understand and you can find a trigger to make them want to stop.



    I have the Medela Pump in Style, too! I absolutely love it…this is my second child, I used it a lot with the first, too and it still works great.



    aprilrose, how old is your LO now? Newborns tend to dirty just about every diaper, but it slows down as they get older. Trying to go on memory, but I think yours is around a month old, right? The reason that they go so often in the beginning is two-fold. First, their bodies and their guts are adapting to being used, and second, colostrum acts as a laxative. As your milk moves away from colostrum, the baby won’t poop as much. As long as it is not hard when she does go, it is not a problem. If she begins to get fussy there are things you can do to help her go – massaging her tummy, and bicycling her legs should help. Many babies are fussy before a poop, even if they’re not constipated, so try not to worry. It is very rare for a fully breastfed baby to get constipated. Also, did you supplement in the beginning? I’m not sure if it’s you I’m thinking of, but if it is, the change from having both breast milk and formula to just breastmilk could also be part of the reason. Breastmilk is so full of good stuff that is all used up by the body, that they don’t have to poop as much as formula fed babies, who get all the filler along with the nutrients. Breastfed babies can easily go up to 10 days between bowel movements, and I’ve even heard of one little guy who went 21 days, and wasn’t constipated!



    what can i do????? my milk is drying!!!!!!



    So I got over confident! I missed two pumps, that’s it and now the past few days I’m pumping 8 oz less! Grr, just when I thought I had no pumping worries….


    i’m looking for input in charting while breastfeeding. i’m three months post partum. prior to pregnancy we did temps, fluids and position to achieve ? is….i’ve been done bleeding for awhile now but have a slightly yellow discharge. every few days it will get very slick, stretchy…just like very fertile CM when charting. is this normal postpartum discharge or is it a sign of fertility? i am breastfeeding exclusively and have had no sign of my period coming. i had two full term pregnancies in 2009 so we don’t really want to get pregnant again too soon but we wouldn’t overly upset either….

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