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    I just got worried and read a little further and the reason some sites say dont reuse is because there havent been many studies and the ones done have been small. But that study did not find any more bacteria than the initial feeding. Its a judgement call, but the best way to determine if its still good is to smell it. Up to you though, I have a really hard time discarding breastmilk so I use it as long as it seems ok. I can usually anticipate how big a bottle he needs though based on the time of day so there isnt much left to re-refrigerate, usually only about an ounce



    I am 3 days past due and my baby is weighing in at almost 10 pds so my doctor has scheduled me for a C Section this Friday. I also have not dilated or lost any of my plug, I guess my body was not wanting to do this vaginally! My question is does it take longer for your milk to come in since your getting a C Section. Also is it harder to get your baby to latch on if they are delivered C Section? Thanks for you help!



    I agree with EvaV, I have always doubted my milk supply and we have successfully been bfing for 6 months now. I went back to work a month ago and I only pump about 5-6 oz a day. I thought that was very little, but she eats about that much when I am gone and still gaining weight. She seems to make it up during the evening and night feedings. I still want her to eat more, but if she is gaining weight and appears full after eating, I guess all is good!



    Hey ladies, I have had an issue before with BFing and found some great answers on here so I figured I would try again! My LO is 10 1/2 months old and has weaned during the day. He has his boob at naptime and at night. The night time is where I am having problems. He wants to eat ALL night. Not literally but everything 3 hours. He will normally eat 4 times at night. I have tried to get him to drink more water during the day so he won’t be so thirsty at night. I know he isn’t ‘hungry’ per say because he eats solids very well during the day . I have tried to use a bottle of formula during the day to try to offset his need for milk at night but he will NOT drink formula.. never has. He drinks water and juice from a sippy cup during the day but refuses formula. Any tips on why he is doing this at night and what I might possibly be doing wrong with the weaning? He choose to wean during the day.. I was prepared to go until he wanted to quit. But this night time stuff really has me worn out! Any tips would be appreciated!



    BRI- thanks i never heard of it but i’ll give it a try



    b/f helps some slim down and some not so much. It just depends on you and sometimes how much you gain during your pregnancy.



    yeah, rcullen, I’d be persisting with trying to get your little one to latch on!



    courtenay ~ i think i would try to pump if you are going to supplement with cereal as that may cause your supply to decrease. Pumping will keep it going.



    Hello everyone! First of all I would like to say that I think that it is so awesome that you have made the choice to breastfeed. I am currently almost 18 weeks pregnant and I have two other children that I breadfed but not exclusively. With this child, I am planning to bf exclusively and I have done extensive research on breastpumps. Today I purchased the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump as it got really great reviews and the price was very reasonable. I was just wondering, what pumps you all are using and are the giving you the results that you have expected. Thanks.



    kym-i just read your post about getting 6oz! i am sooooo happy for you! doesn’t it feel like a huge weight is lifted off when that happens! continue to keep puming after her feedings when you can and also when you pump at night try to keep pumping for 10 min after the last drop…9 times out of 10 you will end up getting more. i usually put the pump on and sit on the computer and at first there’s a lot coming out, then it slows down or even stops then i just keep pumping while i’m on the computer or watching tv, the next thing i know i’ll look down and see that i’ve gotten an extra 1-2 oz on each side after i thought i was done (or i’ll feel my 2nd let down and see all of the milk coming out) when i pump i usually try to go for about 20-30 min, that’s when i feel completly empty! again i’m so happy that you’re having more success!!!! has your LO upped her oz/feeding yet?



    Thanks for all your input on the birth control question:) I would like to get an IUD when i can but when i tried to get one after my firstborn, the doc said he couldnt put it in without doing an outpatient visit to dialate my cervix cause i was too tilted. I’m going to revisit the issue just to see and also cause i have a different doc this time around. Hubby and i had to try for quite a few months for both our little ones and i was never on any birth control before. Just tracked my ovulation dates/period. I was always really predictable with my cycles. Always worked really well for us but now that we have our second. I am really thinking this will be our last….just gotta convince hubby of that so he will go get snipped! 🙂



    greenmommy – You can pump colostrom but you don’t want to. Your baby needs that when he/she is first born. Wait until after you have the baby to start pumping and saving. Plus, milk only last a few months in the freezer, a bit more in a deep freeze.



    Emily, do you have a fast let down? It might be just too fast. Have you tried pumping some of the milk out first and then feeding? This might work until your baby gets a bit bigger to handle your letdown.



    Erica, I wouldn’t worry. Your baby is almost one and drinking milk just fine. You wouldn’t need to switch to formula if you supply goes. Nurse when your baby wants to and don’t when she doesn’t. She’ll probably self wean when it goes does too much. They also say hCG passes into the breastmilk making it taste different. She may not like it so many babies will self wean in the second trimester because of it. I’m 8 weeks and still nursing two or three times a day. My supply has dropped a bit but not too much. Kekoa drinks from his cup most of the time and usually only nurses for comfort and a little mommy milk. HAHA! Good Luck! I’m hoping Kekoa self weans before this next one. Actually, I hoping for a 2nd trimester wean so we’ll have plenty of time away from the booby before the next one arrives and avoid jealousy.



    Parkers- that is awesome! I am lucky if i can get 5 oz with each pump! And thats with reglan and fenugreek, i think some people get it and some dont no matter what they do to increase

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