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    twinsmake7: You totally can re-lactate. Even with your babies being 6 months of age you will still have some milk left in your breasts. You may not be able to express it but it hasnt been that long since you stopped. You can take Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle on your own (you can get this from any health or vit. store, get the capsules) this will help you to increase your supply, you can try to get the babies to latch on to your breasts and suckle this will also help to stimulate your supply. Although it will be tough to get them to want to suckle from you as they dont have the reflex that they had when they were just born so you may have to try different tactics for that. Try pumping as often as you can to stimulate your breasts as well. If you find that you need it you can ask your dr for domperidone which is a perscription drug that helps with lactation. That is great that you are thinking of trying to breast feed again, it can be done but will take some time. And if you cant you are totally not a failure and with 5 other kids I wouldnt blame you at all! 🙂 Hope it all works out for you one way or the other!



    I’ve breastfed my LO on four different plane rides and not one person had ever noticed (or cared) what we were doing…even right next to us. If you are shy, a light blanket and a loose shirt you can just lift up are easy to camoflauge, but I never even bother with that.
    I am just too lazy to deal with bottles/pumping all that extra stuff to carry! So much easier without.



    Has anyone else had a not so pleasant reaction to fermented oats, we’ll just say my digestive system didn’t seem to agree with them! It might have been something else but I didn’t eat anything else unusual.



    any one have advice on foods to avoid while BF. or foods that are good while BF. cant seem to find much on the net. thanks girls.



    i think my milk has excess lipase, it taste sour and it was expressed yesturday. i store in the fridge and transport it in a cooler.its discouraging.



    hi there another wee tip i have from breastfeeding. my baby used me like a dummy as well – i got one of those really sofe comforting teddy’s witht the blankets attached. when i fed him i put it under my boob and his chin – i finished breastfeeding at 6 months .. he still sleeps with his comforter under his chin..its the feeling he loves now now the scent of milk ( obviolusly it had to be ran through the wash)



    I never use a cover up, and I doubt most people realize what I am doing. I’ve never given my son a bottle, he has had to have to many of those as it is from daddy while I worked (he drinks from a regular cup now when not nursing). And I just can’t see giving him bm from a bottle if I am there 🙂
    IF you are nervous, you can dress so you can easily bf without showing anything, such as wearing a nursing tank under your regular shirt, pull the edge of the shirt up and the nursing tank will cover your stomach.
    Now that he is older, we don’t bf in public as often simply because he doesn’t nurse that often anymore, but I’ve been know to nurse him anywhere.



    emmalouliz- they actually have test strips that will tell you if your blood alcohol level is over .02%(the level that can be harmful to baby). Maybe if you get some and test he will be ok.



    Letty I had the same problems, you can tickle his lips or use your finger on the side of his mouth. Pinch your breast right around the outside of your areola and when he opens push as much as you can in and when you do make sure the way your pinching is the same way his mouth is once you get it in let go they will move there head so they can breath you cpan also look into getting a SNS for the time being to help if you can get him to somewhat latch on so you don’t have to use a bottle and get nipple confusion. You want your nipple to actually go to the back per my lactation speciaist. Try different postions. I lay my daughter on a regular pillow on my lap. If you want you can add me on facebook so I can tell you more about the sns or call me. My name is Ashlee Hodel and my phone number is in my info on there. Hope this helps hang in there.



    That is so funny! Tomorrow is my husbands birthday, and my MIL is keeping my two kids over night. Well, its my nearly 7 month old’s first night away from home and I am doing a whole lot of extra pumping so she has milk for the night. I just pumped a few ounces and set it on our coffee table so I could get the other milk I had pumped earlier, and when I came back the bottle was knocked over and an ounce had spilled out! SOOO mad! I just hope 19 oz is enough for my daughter for the night.



    u r right, bf in the restroom is like soo nasty and uncomfortable- wont do it again for sure! i also have nursed in fitting rooms which is much better. I wish I knew more moms that breastfeed, but it does hellp coming on here and chatting to ya’ll. So we were having problems with my 6 month old having severe constipation, and since we have stopped cereal all together and just give him one jar of either squash, greenbeans, sweet peas sweet potatoes, or pears and he’s pooping back on schedule again!! I read that carrots can constipate too so we cut that out. Its amazing to see your baby grow and fatten up soo healthy, and know that you are the reason, not some man made formula.



    ok so i got blessed thistle, fenugreek and milk maid tea! i am on my way to being a milk making machine i hope!



    I’m no expert, especially with thrush, but arent clicking sounds a sign of thrush? Or am I completely off?


    I get that. But does it really affect you in your daily life in a negative way if someone else is choosing not to BF because they believe what others say rather than experiencing it themselves? Now I don’t mean to upset anyone by that question. I just wonder why people get so upset over this issue.



    I’m pregnant (baby no 6) and have an 11month old who i still bf and we co-sleep. I have bf all my babies and always co-slept and see nothing wrong with it. My baby is miles ahead of other babies and is so happy and content 🙂

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