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    Okay, my left breast is in excruciating pain. For a few days now whenever my 8 day old daughter attaches it has felt like razor blades for a very short while, but then it feels fine. But as of this afternoon, the whole left side of that breast is hard like a rock and engorged to all the way beneath my left arm. It really hurts all over. There is a whitE dot on my left nipple. Could this be a blocked duct? What can I do. Public holiday here so might be hard to see a doc for a few days unless emergency.



    jenniewren, first, Congrats! Second…books for breast feeding… I think that my favorite thus far would be ‘So THATS what their for!’ I didn’t read it all the way through, but I read enough to know that it encouraged nursing on demand and tossing out all the clocks. Two of the many things I tell moms when trying to BF. I vaguely remember not agreeing with something that was said in the book, but I can’t remember what it was! I would encourage you to go online to This might be the best resource out there for nursing moms! I turn back to that site whenever I encounter a question I don’t know that answer to right off. Thirdly, I would look to see what kind of support you have in your area. Where is the closest LLL meeting? Is the LC at your delivering hospital (if you are going to a hospital) dedicated to helping you through, or will s/he toss a nipple shield at you at the first sign of latching problems? You want someone who will take the time to go through various positions and techniques with you and that will help you get baby onto the breast. Then, know that you can come here and get help. We are all happy to help others get through their ‘aahhhhhh!!!!’ moments because we know how beautiful a good nursing relationship can be!



    I got Calvin to take the breast for a tiny amount of time today. He whaled and screamed and cried and his face turned red he was so upset but I stuck with it and kept trying for 15 minutes or so. Then he fell asleep and when I went to move him, he bawled some more. I tried the other breast and he was clearly done trying so I gave him some expressed milk. Sigh…



    sassy, how old is your LO? Part of the issue could be that your milk supply is starting to regulate. Once that happens the boobs don’t feel full anymore, even though there is still lots of milk. Saying that however, a baby suckling does stimulate better than pumping does. I would just put the baby to the breast as often as possible today, which will stimulate more milk production again.



    Our childless friends are the opposite. They are living through our boys. One of our friends is unmarried and would love kids but hasn’t found the right guy. Well, she’s 37 and the prospects are looking quite bleek at the moment. So, she spends money, time and energy on ‘her little monkey’….aka my son.



    it wasnt meant toward you. you just saw it before i corrected it.



    BabyHeartCanada – Wow that sounds so young for a baby to hold his own bottle – what a big boy! Sounds like a cutie – good job with him!



    we bought all our bum genius on which also has some other brands.


    Member kourtney kardashian’s blog is so cool! this one is about co sleeping, i like her other one about breastfeeding too.



    god-iva – that is a real fear for many women in our society. I say our society because in many cultures boobs aren’t looked at as sexual objects. They are meant to breastfeed and that’s it. I went from a 36B to a 38DD! I’ve been like this since 2007 because that’s when I got pregnant with my first. It is myth that breastfeeding makes your boobs fall apart. What makes them *sad* as I call them is pregnancy. Pregnancy and all those hormones are what does it. I know women who have never breastfed and have boobs saggier then mine. Oh and age! That’s another culpret! HAHA! Boobs aren’t always destined to be sad. It’s like stretchmarks, some women get them no matter how little weight they gain and how much cocobutter they use. It’s just part of genetics. Look to your mom. Does she have sad boobs? If not then there is hope that you have her genes. But if not then you can blame Grandma! HAHA!



    You could always co-sleep as well? I know it’s not the most desirable situation but it’s better then you having complications. Chris loves his little brother. I’ve heard horror stories about older siblings kicking their baby brother or sister but not my boy! He gives him toys and plays with him. So nice to see! I am truly blessed with my boys. Now that I’ve said that I’m sure Alex will be a horror when it comes to sleeping and such.


    I think so pgfirsttimer I forget sometimes that things aren’t called the same thing in different countries.


    Bri- I understand! Damarion is 6,…7 in Octro so he’l be in 1st this year. All day school can’t wait! lol But when we took a trip to Alabama this month and had Johns daughter who will be 3 soon too it was crazy. I wanted to pull my hair out! lol I kept thinking I don’t know how my mom did it she had us 2 yrs apart and to addto it the youngest had more health issues then ever. He was born at 6 months came home 9 months later while on breathing machines n had a tube in his stomach that feed him. 23 year ago that was a big deal made the paper and all. lol now it’s different! yet eerytime she’s like cmon Jessica I did it. I’m like good for you mom you like Nike you just do it!



    I’m so happy to hear of all of you going to try this trick. Hopefully it’ll work. Let me know how much you pump out vs what you were. I’d love to hear more confirmations of this technique. Also, expecting-2b-patient, the first time I tried to use this technique Chris was a bit older. I had been struggling with fenugreek, teas and everything else under the sun. Then I ran into this one online and it worked. I don’t remember the age but I’m sure it’ll work for you too. Crossing my fingers anyways.


    Alyssa is 5.5 months now. Weighs about 14.5lbs and is 25.5 inches long. Is this too small for her age? I know babies come in all diff. shapes and sizes, but I’m wondering if she needs to be eating more. She eats at 7am (nursing about 6-7oz), 11am (nursing about 6-7oz), 3pm (bm bottle 5-6oz), 5pm (3tbsp solids), 7pm (nursing 6oz) and sometimes around 10-11 about another 3-4oz of nursing. That’s a total of about 26-30oz + 3tbsp of solids. Just wondering if this amt of food seems like too little. She’s a happy, healthy little girl and her development seems to be through the roof. Already standing, and assisted walking. She’s been sitting on her own since she was 4mo old. She is now just starting to crawl. Just worried I guess. Oh also, grats to all you mommies who have great luck with the oatmeal! I hope to have a success story soon as well!!! 🙂

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