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    Wow I feel for that woman. I choose not to NIP, I am just not comfortable with it so its not my personal choice. However, I don’t believe that anyone should be asked to leave from anywhere when bf in public. Hello its the law!


    I don’t think ‘lazy’ is the right word. I was young with my 1st and didn’t BF, not because I was lazy, but because I wasn’t educated about the benefit of bf. I’ve also seen in the month fourms that many stop because their ped thinks the baby needs formula to gain weight.



    LoL I know seem like way too much money to make in a month right. I did alot of research though, and I wouldn’t be expecting to make that kind of money, the guy boasting about making that much has been at it for 10 years. I was so worried it was a scam, but I signed up and am giving it a shot. All the research I could find on the program said it was legit, and your success rate depends on you. Here goes nothing 🙂 At least if I don’t make any money I can get my money back lol



    seuban0 – it’s a wonderful time to start signing! I did a class with DJ at 7mons. They told me he’d recognise the signs WAY before he’ll be able to sign them. DJ knows MILK, no problem, he actually shakes, lol!






    I just want everyone to know I was not trying to attack LawsonsMum is anyway.. I had heard her and many other say breastfeeding is natural and the way that god intended it to be…. what i was trying to say and I did not communicate it very well was that some times we have to do what is right for us even if it is not as what people are refering to as ‘god intended it to be’ eg raising a child in a same sex relationship, formula feeding etc I never said it was wrong and I never intended to make a personal attack. I have no issue with lawsons mum’s sexual preferences. I personally think she is doing a wonderful job and from what I have read, I know she works very hard to provide a safe, happy healthy enviroment for her daughter. I wish I was as strong as her and alot of thr other mums on here that have over come your struggles and been able to continue to only breastfeed and stay away from formula. My mother in law is in a same sex relationship after having 4 children she decided to divorced her husband and get involved with a woman whom she is still with. We even lived with them for a short period of time. Again I am very sorry I have upset so many people. I am not very good with words as you can see and yes my spelling is not the best I know this, but please know I never meant to hurt or attack anyone on this site especially Lawson’sMum .



    Double, this will sound weird but Jenn used to think about sad things to get a letdown while pumping. At least that is what I remember. While at work she’d google things, especially dealing with babies and it would help. I think of my boys. Silly things they do and things that pull at your heart strings. I also agree. If you prompt your breast ahead of time it’ll help get the milk flowing faster. Massage and pinch. You’ll notice a difference. It’ll start from soft to a little fuller feeling.


    Goods night all, its morning for me! Bouza I used to love going to the breast feeding group when I had James. I haven’t been yet with Ollie but do plan to go. I am going on a weaning course on Thursday, should be interesting to see what they say. My husbands cousin is going also who has a lo who is 16 weeks, but she has already started the cereal. I wish she hadn’t.


    Alyssa has stone blue eyes, sometimes more blue, sometimes they look green. She gets the stone blue from daddy and the green runs in my fam. although, I have brown eyes.

    crazy-beutifulmom2 – I take a prescribed prenatal vitamin. I took it while pregnant and still take it while nursing. I never experienced tooth/gum pain, even while pregnant.



    Just got the text ‘Got Milk’ I was so excited for her! And from texting back and forth it does sound like her ped was starting to become concerned over weight loss. Now maybe her baby boy will eat and the worry will all be over!



    Here’s a question. Can I cut down the amount of breastfeeding, say by giving formula every other feed for a while (while I give my boobs time to heal) and then increase the frequency again until I am EBF?



    wahooooo oatmeal..ate some this morning…usually pump 4 oz…just pumped out 7.5 oz!!! wow…love that!



    stay-c, my LO is 7 months old and we’re taking our time with solids as well. I offer some to her maybe once a day, sometimes she’s really into it, other times not really. She still nurses every 3 hours, about 4-5 ounces. She sleeps 10-12 hours a night, occasionally wakes up at night to eat, but rarely. I’m not too worried about her eating solids, I found when she ate more solids she got constipated, so I cut back on them some. We’ll ease into it…she loves Puffs and gets a sippy cup once a day so she can get used to it. Just go at your babies’ pace!



    charmed-thanks for the response. Everything that you say makes sence to me. I’m just so ready to assume that I’m doing something wrong. I was pumping and supplementing aabout 4-8 oz a day of formula. I’ve been EBF since Wednesday. I was going really well up until yesterday. It seems that he nurses really well at night while he’s still semi-asleep but during the day I can’t get him on a schedule. He may nurse for 5 minutes then spit out my nipple with a scream of terror. It seems like I’ve constantly trying to nurse him. My husband thinks he’s not hungry but he’s fussy or chewing on his hands…then combined with the lack of bm I assume he’s starving. The other thing is that I was dbl pumping and feeding him everything, but now he only takes one breast at a time. I’m so tired of feeling like a failure that I’m contimplating making the switch to formula. I would be so heartbroken though by I’m tired of getting my hopes up only to be let down again. Worse of all I feel like I’m projecting frustration on to him everytime I nurse him.



    Hi ladies. I’m new:-) my little one is 2 weeks tomorrow and I have had sharp pains in my breast after feeding. Could it be milk coming in

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