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    Oh man…..If I ever had that happen I would just get back on schedule and a couple days later I would be back up again.


    I was wondering has anyone heard or tried fertibella advance conception pills? I got a 2 month sample in the mail and wonder if it works.



    christie78 – From what I’ve learned is your body tries to heal itself before it makes milk. This isn’t fun when you are sick or getting sick. My supply drops everytime I get sick. It does come back when you are well. While fighting it remember to always drink water even if you aren’t well and try to eat. As for the dip when your baby is sick. That happens to us too. When Kekoa is sick I try my hardest to pump more often and pump after each meal. It sucks but it helps me to keep my supply up. Do watch for the signs of dehydration…no wet diapers, sunk in soft spot, etc. If the sickness lasts a day or two you should be fine with small nurses. Kekoa does lose weight while being sick but that’s the price…so do a lot us when we are. Keep offering the breast and if old enough maybe some pedialite. Good Luck!



    well i have been pumping pretty much every 3 hours… but i stop at night (9pm is the last time i pump) and dont pump again or bf until 9 am the next more.. i pump enough during the day and morning to get through the night, and what i notice is that in the morning i pump about 14fl oz then through out the rest of the day im only pumping about 6fl… does this mean my milk supply is going to go down… and i should pump or bf during the night? i dont want to lose my milk!
    any thoughts would be great!
    thanks ladies!



    For all the mommies breastfeeding and having a hard time or any questions whatsoever I totally recommend

    This website was a God-send when I was having troubles with nursing my baby!



    I know brown poo can be normal for some babies but not typically. Kekoa used to sleep 22hours a day. It was great but also frustrating. We HAD to wake him to eat because he never gave me the signs of being hungry. Every three hours on the dot we would wake him. I wonder what the doctor says? If this goes on a ‘good’ doctor would start to question and call authorities if she is letting her baby sleep away.



    if i take this will it effect the baby



    1st-timearound – I work and breastfeed. Kekoa is now 14 1/2months old. I’ve been working since the beginning of last February. It works really well for us. What I pump today he’ll eat tomorrow. Like Luv said, you need a good pump. I also recommend pumping at the same time everyday. I’m lucky to have bosses that work with me. I pump at 9am and 3pm. I take my lunch at 11am everyday and feed my son during this time. I think working and pumping can be very easy if your job allows it to be. I have a friend that couldn’t keep it up because she wasn’t getting breaks on a normal time. Since I’m in an office I just shut the door twice a day. Good luck and Congrats!



    violet-my lo eats every four hours. she is 6 months and we are still going stong with the breastfeeding.



    im breast feeding my 6 month old baby and still not had a period when do they start again? iv got really bad cramps and im worried incase its coming or worse im pregnant again (we had a bit of a near miss 2 weeks ago) n the first sign i was pregnant with amy was terible cramps!

    please offer any advice

    thanks xxxx



    I just got strep throat over the weekend after taking my boys to the E.R. for ear infections, so now i’m on arythromycin (z-pac). I’ve noticed a drop in supply has anyone else experienced this?



    Katymom – I have very sore nipples, but they do have cracks so that is probably the cause of mine. I do have a very tender red/purple bit on my right nipple. I think it might be come kind of bruise or where the suction is greater or something. I would love to give you some advice but I am still trying to get rid of my pain. Sorry.



    angelag3girl- i am away about 11 hours. when at work i only get 8 oz now. The other two comes from my morning pump from one side & Lo nurses on the other. Doesn’t it seem like i should get more than 2oz after ALL night long? She nurses from me about 9:30pm and then we go to sleep and I pump t 6:15am only to get 2oz.. saddening….




    I had my baby two weeks ago at 37 and a half weeks. Strangely after so much time on bed rest because of a short cervix trying to keep him in it was really hard to get him out. After three hours of pushing the doctor used a vacuum which caused a head injury that sent him to the NICU for a week.

    He is fine and doing great, only problem is they didn’t let me breastfeed for 5 days and now two weeks later my milk has not come in. I am presently using a supplementry nursing system, taking reglan, and pumping like crazy. He is willing to put in the work and latches well – I just am not producing. I am seeing a lactation consultant who pretty much said I have about another week and then I might as well give up. I can’t take fenugreek because I am allergic to peanuts.

    I feel like a failure, with such a hard pregnancy, an unrelated trip to the nicu, and now I can’t breastfeed. I am feeling very depressed about this and just can’t face anyone right now.

    Does anyone have any experience with not producing milk after a nicu stay? Please don’t tell me not to feel bad, just tell me what might have worked for you.

    Thank you!



    tanner-i always say ‘what fun is having a baby if you can’t spoil it a little.’ my coworker constantly reminds me ‘they’re only little once’ meaning spoil them while they’ll let you.

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