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    Hey everyone-
    A poop question-Sadie is seven weeks and exclusively breastfed. She was having a BM once a day. We are now on day 5 with no BM. Doc isn’t worried, as she isn’t fussy or uncomfortable. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, has anyone donated to a milk bank? We are thinking of doing it and just curious as to anyone elses experience, as its a big committment.



    I would habe given my firstborn 😉 to spray and have the supply you guys have. I never sprayed and leaked too much. I guess it is like anything… There are problems with things no matter what your situation.
    Thanks for the advice on weaning Bri. Ill try her with some whole milk in a sippy today and see how she goes with it.



    I often have people ask me if I will continue to BF after one year, when my baby can have ‘regular milk’. I have to say, that term itself is silly! It’s not regular milk; itscow’s milk. And for some reason, its considered more natural by most to have a one year old drink milk from a cow, instead of milk specially made for them? Silly!



    Ash – Breastfed babies are the best on planes. Honestly! If they start to act up you just breastfeed. No one notices and if they do they are thankful that your child is happy and not crying. The ladies that I know that work for airlines are sooo pro breastfeeding because of how easy those children tend to be. I agree. Get a window spot. I always get on first, get settled and before take off I start to feed. My son was usually asleep before the plane left the ground. It was great. Plus, the sucking helps with ears popping and such. I wouldn’t worry about a microwave or formula. People on flights know not to harass a breastfeeding mom. And if they do, you can always come back. Would you rather my baby cry the whole trip? It’s not like you can go anywhere while on a plane.



    I am still exclusively breastfeeding (son is 11 months) and I got my period back at 6 weeks. Completely regular, like it was never gone to begin with. Boo me. The only thing I notice besides PMS which is worse now, is my supply drops by half the week leading up to it. Which compounds on my PMS and is a complete downer. Riding that low right now 🙁



    babybelli – My pediatrician said there were no real conclusive foods to avoid in general. If you find that your baby is extremely gassy then monitor what you eat, take things out of your diet and add them back in slowly to see what affects the baby and what doesnt. I never had any problems. I generally just eat healthy (fruits vegetables especially). Then I know that I am getting the right nutrients and you lose weight faster in the process. Just watch alcohol and caffeine.



    anne- i just looked up that disease and if sterling had it wouldn’t he have more than just the one symptom of diarahha. Where i read it said chronic diarahha so i wouldn’t be too worried at this point because you said you just started him on table foods. His body is probably adjusting or it may be teething or something else going on. I would just keep my eye on him to make sure it doesn’t get worse and he doesn’t get any other symptoms. Sterling is a pretty happy baby right? i would think he would let you know if he wasn’t feeling good because his body was having a hard time with the food. Kudos to you for still breastfeeding strong!! I am getting ready to drop my last feeding with Julianna. I’m a bit sad about it but I need to because between her and this pregnancy it’s wearing on me.



    Heey ladies:) I have a question, has anybody went thru the whole ‘nipple confusion’ and won the battle back with the breast? My lil Zoe is a week old today and I wasn’t producing enough breast milk so I had to give her the bottle and pump between feeding to increase my milk flow but now it seems like she realised that it’s wayyy easier with a bottle so she cries when I give her my breast.. I keep giving it to her till she gives it a shot but she keeps getting upset and after a while I have to give her the bottle….. :'( has anyone went thru this and was able to breastfeed normally after?



    I am using the MiPump by the First Years. I love it and it works wonderful. Its the pump that came with The First Years Breastflow bottles. Those are a lifesaver as well. My baby wont use any other bottle and I wont let him use any other bottle. These ones dont leak. The pump was only like $80 too so it was very affordable. I love it!!!



    where can I get these test strips? The husband is so uptight 🙂



    i hear ya katie….. i didn’t get to hold my lo until day 2 or 3(cant really remember i was in so much pain after the c-section and sleep deprived….when i could sleep i had darn visitors ) which is also when i was finally able to nurse her….i was soooo not happy when i seen them give her a bottle…..she was in the nicu but still if they could hold her and give her a bottle why cant i nurse her? the last night we were there i had the worst nurse there watching her….when i had trouble nursing her…she didnt help me she just said well you gotta learn….wouldnt let my husband help me…wouldnt let me sit where i wanted. so sorry for the rant…..oh i soooo wanted to slap that witch



    jeniwalker – I believe the rule of thumb is 1 oz per hour you are away from baby (not nursing)



    I just have a quick question and hope someone can help.. I just lost my amazing father last night and to say the least it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and as I said ‘good-bye’ my heart felt like it was just getting pulled and was getting ripped right through my chest!! I am emotionally and physically drained.. At the same time I have my 3 1/2 week old baby girl Layla and I have continued to pump for her, but I have heard that I should not be giving her my breastmilk at this time due to all my emotions and all, I just don’t know if that’s a myth or completely correct.. If anyone here has a better idea than myself please let me know.. I am waiting for the lactation consultant to return my call but was just hoping to get an answer soon.. Thank you..



    I agree with mrsjmickens, not all who formula feed are LAZY! I had so many issues with nursing. Fought with it for 3-1/2 months before switching fully to formula. My body would not produce enough for my baby. I would still be nursing if I had the choice.



    Bri- it has been a challenge to breastfeed my little man! things are much better now but i was close to giving up in the first week 🙁 i do feel like i have a good supply but he CONSTANTLY wants to eat, like he isn’t content until he empties my breasts! let me give an example… yesterday he ate from 4:50 pm until 6 pm. at 7:15 pm he was ready to eat again, screaming and sucking his fist. so i fed him AGAIN and within 20 min or so he was fussing and im pretty sure it was because nothing was coming out.. so i gave him 2 ounces of formula… this is his typical behavior. so if i dont give him the ounce or two of formula he ‘starves’… and as for pumping, he is always hanging from my nipple so i barely get to pump… lol… he normally eats like this every evening but during the day he has a pretty normal schedule. i just want to be able to leave him with daddy while i go to the grocery store and not worry about a feeding 🙁 i feel like its pointless for me to put a shirt on in the morning… as much as he eats, the shirt just gets in his way!

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