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    i have not been able to find this ‘malt’ that people talk about. I have found ovaltine which has malt in it…is this what you are using?



    sweet1- you are doing great! If possible, I would pump more often than every 5 hours. That will help keep your supply up. Sounds like you have had lots of difficulties but are handling them well! Glad your lo is doing well. Good luck finding a LC that you like. Keep up the good work.



    Mine went 5 days without pooping around the same age and then suddenly, BIG POOP EXPLOSION! My doc wasn’t worried either, they said they can go 7 days. I was worried after the first day of no poop. It still happens every now and then, but usually no more than 2 days. For the most part, she is very regular and almost 4 months old now.


    Hey y’all…just letting you know I’m still around…just not much to say lately. 🙂



    gladek – I totally agree. Many moons ago it was the norm to wean at several years old, like at a point where the baby teeth (aka milk teeth) fall out. I do see that as a little old but in truth that’s how it was. Then after they are weaned they didn’t go to cow’s milk. I know this was ages ago but you have to think, did some people get it right. We are the only species to drink milk from another animal.



    Bri, good point! Every flight atendant I have dealt with was very supportive and loved that my son was so quiet on the plane! Slept attached to the breast most of the time 🙂



    hchina – Medella is the pump I have and I love it. Couldnt have gone for so long if I didnt have it.



    1byfaith – My son also weighed 7lbs 2oz when we came home from the hospital. He is 24lbs even now!!! Hahaha. 11 1/2 months and the least picky eater ever, obviously!!



    yeah i guess you’re right, he would be more irritable and showing other symptoms. it’s just so hard to not worry about every little thing. i think within the next 3-4 weeks he’ll be dropping his daytime feedings and going to just morning and night time nursing sessions. i’m so happy that i decided to stick with it as long as i did. i can imagine wanting to wean b/c you’re pregnant. it’d be hard to never have your body to yourself.



    nikki — I’m not sure how old your LO is, but the first 2.5 months of my LO’s life she wanted to eat every hour. When I was on maternity leave the first 10 weeks, I spent most days sitting on the couch with a boppy and watching tv with her eating. I think most go through this at the beginning. She is now a week shy of 7 months, and is beginning to lose interest in nursing, (this morning she was distracted by the bagel I was trying to eat!) and although I never thought I would make it this long, it breaks my heart so enjoy the time while you can!



    I cover over my shoulder while I’m setting up (ie removing the nursing pad undoing my bra, getting him latched) and then I pull the cover down around my waist so he can look up and see me and I can see him. Typically I pull my shirt up to feed him so once he is latched and I have the blanket down I pull my shirt down in a way that most people wouldn’t even notice what I’m doing. If I have on a shirt that exposes side boob I’ll sort of wrap the blanket around in a way that will cover that area. Mostly though I meant I don’t go hide in a corner somewhere or place my back to everyone. I just find a convinient, hopefully comfortable spot to feed and do it.



    emma – they sell the strips at babysrus! I have them! they are pretty neat!


    Fenugreek works as well (or it did for me) to up the supply. I got it in a health food store.
    I had dd weighed today. She’s 6 days old, weighed 7lb 12oz at birth, now she’s already at 8lb 7oz!



    Hey ladies! I’m back! My first son weaned 4months ago but tonight I had my mini elephant. Alexander Ka’ua was born. He weighs 10lb 11oz! and was 22in long. He is latching like a pro which is so different then his brother. It’s amazing not to have the crying spells in the hospital. I’ve very proud of our accomplishment. Kekoa took over 2months to latch but once he did he took off and nursed for 22months. Last time my milk took 7days to come in (with reglan help) because of the latching issues. I hope to bypass that issue. I hope it’ll be in within a day or two. Especially with hope extremely big he is. He’s going to need the nutrients. Anyways, I’ll be on this page more often again. I love hearing about new ideas and giving out ones that I learned last time. YAY for breastfeeding!



    XMVmommy – With my first I was very irregular for several months. Actually I started to get the pregnant feeling along with it. It was really scary! I didn’t want to have my babies 18months apart! HAHA! But I wasn’t. After a few months I became more regular and in fact got pregnant with my second while TTC while breastfeeding on the first try.

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