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    anyone using fenugreek to increase milk supply? Did you notice an increase in your blood pressure after using it? I did ..and i wonder who else could have noticed this??



    I have been looking online and in stores for sexy looking nursing bras(i.e padded or lacey)…that come in size 32 e, with no luck. Only half way through my pregnancy but a 32 band is still loose currently wearing 32 DD…was a 32 D before pregnancy worried i may not grow to a 34 band and won’t be able to find larger cups that look good in a 32 . Any suggestions.Want to be prepared.



    what kind of ebf schedule would you guys recommend for a 3 month old? she’ll be 3 months on the 24th and our schedule is crazy, or should i say our lack of scheduling is crazy lol. she normally sleeps 5 or 6 hours straight and nurses every couple of hours during the day but lately she wants a lot of comfort nursing, sometimes every 30 minutes. but now she doesnt want to sleep for long because she always wants a boob in her mouth lol.sometimes a pacifier will get her to calm and fall back asleep but usually it just makes her mad. any tips?



    anyone nursing have a spitter/puker??? Kaiden spits up all the time. i bet its my diet, i dont eat as well as i should. with my daughter i never even used a burp cloth, this time i have like 3 with me at all times. i dont think its reflux either. i am trying shorter feedings, prop him up after for atleat 40 min the dr said. and try to start cuttign out foods. he isnt a bottle drinker, has had one but always is so cranky after. so i dont pump. if i get extra milk i freexe it for when he will have cereal. im thinking my diet. but just wanted to see if anyone else has a puker. thanks!



    I sure do know what you mean. 4 months will be here before you know it. People that have never exclusively pumped have no idea what a sacrifice its is and how hard. Your doing a great job! If I’m lucky and get to have another baby I hope that the breastfeeding goes better.



    ugh, so confusing… AF is still not regular since the birth of my son. AF started in March 18-23 then came back April 30-May 4 now, It’s June 1st and no AF. My DH and I have been BD fairly often but I am not sure if I am even fertile yet because I am BF my 7 month old. Any opinions??? I had a BFN a few days ago. We BD on May 12, 16, 21, 25 and 29 because I am not sure when I’m ovulating. My hubby was saying he’d love to have a BFP for his father’s day gift! could I get prego??? it was super easy with my son.. (I posted this in TTC too-just trying to get some help=])



    Breast milk can stay fresh for up to 8 hours (depending on the person) without even being refridgerated. The catch is once the baby drinks from the bottle the bacteria that is naturally found in the babies mouth will ‘contaminate’ the milk and cause it to spoil faster. Just like formula. Formula can be kept in the fridge for a while, but once the baby drinks from it, its shelf life goes to about an hour.



    Cutie – I can way more milk in the morning then in the evening. You have a bigger span for your milk to build up. Plus after a nights rest I’m more relaxed and can pump more. It’s perfectly normal and does not mean your supply is going down.



    WOW! Thanks ladies, lots of helpful information, thank you very much I appreciate it!!!



    my baby is 11 days old and she has gained her birth weight back…possibly even more. She tends to sleep for 4 to 5 hours at a time…once it hits the 4.5 hour mark I’ll wake her up to feed her. Should I be waking her up sooner than that???? I mean wouldn’t she be waking up sooner if she was really hungry and unsatisfied?



    Hi all can someone help I have tried fenugareek in order to up my supply and tried expressing between feeds. Is there anything else?



    Crystal907 – I had to use a nipple shield to breastfeed because of flat nipples. I didn’t try to wean her off the shield until my nipples would stay out after taking the shield off. At that point, I would start a feeding with the shield and after several minutes of nursing I would take the shield off and let her try to latch on. Eventually she was able to latch and then I would do more and more of the feeding without the shield until she was eventually able to latch on without the shield.



    So bizarre hearing you all talk about snow and being so cold. It has been 115 and over for the past 2 weeks here in Australia and we are MELTING in this heatwave. I dont remember a year where we had back to back hot days for so long. Thank goodness for air conditioning.


    Oh and that was a few days ago I am still leaking two days later, please respond on my profile.



    m.m.masi- I hope you start feeling better soon. We have had bouts of fever and slight cough over here but so far no infections!! Little jakub woke up from his nap with a temp of 103.1 but tylenol got it down pretty quickly. I hope its just the virus the girls had and will be gone by tomorrow.

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