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    i was watching the tyra show yesterday and this girl in the audience mentioned that she saw a woman breastfeeding in public and felt uncomfortable and asked if that was normal. and the answer to her question was like, oh yeah woman should cover up and be discreet about it… oh my god like we are being nasty or somthing!! but woman walk around with their cleavage hanging out, u see models on billboards and posters everywhere half naked but i can feed my baby cause everyone seems to get totally uncomfortable?? just soo aggravating even if u do cover up people notice and stare! things need to change



    babybean3 – It depends on the woman. Some unlucky ones get it right after birth while others don’t get it until the baby completely weans. The average is around 8 months. This is the time that baby is most likely sleeping through the night AND eating solids on a regular basis. Once your supply ajusts to these your body swings back into the ovulating/baby mode.


    How do you know when your supply is going bye bye?



    Pumping really makes me sad. Nursing was so enjoyable the first 9 weeks before I went back to work. I just hate to pump. She eats 16 oz while I am at work. To get 16 oz for her, I have to pump in the morning after I feed her, pump twice at work, pump before I go to bed and sometimes 1x during the night. I just don’t like to pump. It is making me sad and my nipples still really hurt because I didn’t pump much while I was on maternity leave this time. It is getting better. I keep telling myself that I have 10 more months left to pump…then I will just feed her at home until she is ready to stop. EBF is so enjoyable when at home and seems easy. I know why some people start formula full time when they go back to work. I personally hate pumping, but think it is one of the best gifts I can give my baby. My two year 5 month old child was just sick for the first time last month with a stomach bug …I think the nursing had something to do with it. I will not stop pumping, but would love to know how others deal with the pump! I tried telling my baby that she prefers 12 oz while I am away, but she is not listening! 🙂



    I have heard a lot of people on here that have no appetite, so i would say it’s not uncommon. Not for me, however, as i was hungry all the time when DD was born! But just so you know, for me, pumping hurt my nipples much, much more in the beginning. I really hope that things get better for you. I remember having such a hard time, and i realy do feel for you!


    jessicalynn21 – I LOVE your thought process! lol. I often ask Alyssa what she wants for dinner so I can it eat at lunchtime. lol. 🙂



    dollybird – Yes it’s a clogged duct. You want to get it out immediately before an infection sets in. Massage your breast and pump or feed on that side. If you can feed with your baby’s chin pointing towards the clog. There is better suction that way. Get into a hot shower and massage the lump as well. It will be painful but once it’s relieved you’ll have almost immediate relief. If you are running a fever then you need to get meds along with getthing the clog out. Good luck! mastitis is very painful so you want to avoid it at all cost. Also, watch yourself as you continue to nurse. Those that have had it once are prone to getting it again.



    I’m an avid reader and will read anything that I’m interested in. I just got ‘The Politics of Breastfeeding, when breastfeeding isn’t good for business’. It’s more a econ book on breastfeeding but I’m excited to read it. I also just ordered a new baby led weaning book that I’m excited to get. The womenly art of breastfeeding is a great reference book but asking on here and kellymom will get you more direct answers. The LLL is a good source as well. In many places they have multiple meetings. Here in Seattle you can pretty much find a meeting at least once a week. Each subburb has one once a month! It’s great. Friends that breastfeed is another good reference. What I like about this site is that there are so many women that whatever obstacle you run into someone here has been through it and concurred it. Congrats and I’ll be here. Since Alex is only 4 months old I’ll be breastfeeding another good 20 months at least! Then I’ll be onto the third.



    Thank you for all your help! I forgot to mention, when I got him to latch earlier, I had pumped just a litle bit before to draw out my nipple for him (like I said, they’re inverted.) So I pumped long enough so that the milk was starting to come and there was some left on my nipple, I figured that way, I’d get his interest. I really want this to work as I’d much rather only have bottles for when I’m not around. He’s 9 days old today so he can still learn 😉


    what are your opinions on putting a tiny bit of rice cereal in my breast milk once before bed..i had refused giving him anything other than BM…but i could really use atleast a 4 hour stretch of sleep..lack of it is taking a serious toll on my body, energy..and my attitude..waking up so much to feed him is not the issue..its he fact every time he wakes up i am up for over an hour feeding,,,changin…then he fusses till he goes back to sleep…im getting on average 4 hours sleep a night…and thats chopped into 1 1/2 segments…napping during the day is near impossible..i have a 3 year old to tend to during the day hours…looks like she will have to start napping again during the day….i dont know what to do..and i need sleep!



    Did anyone have my problem? Only pump out alittle in the beginning, and then eventually started pumping more?



    For those of you taking Fenugreek; I know how expensive it can be (espeicially when taking up to 16 pills per day). I found this site which you may want to use: They have a bottle of 180 pills for $6.99, which is like half the price I was paying at the local health store for a bottle of 100. I ordered 4 bottles at once got free shipping AND they sent me some free lotion and instant cappuccino! I got my order in 3 days!


    I’m sooooooooooooooo discouraged atm. I was doing so well I thought with breast feeding that today is the 2nd time ive had blood come from my nipple. He was sooo hungry I gave in and made a bottle. He is so peaceful now. He ALWAYS acts hungry even after both breasts. I just dont get it. Blahhhhh I know its good for both of us but I’m like do I go get a breast pump and spend $90+ and it not work or do I just go to formula :\
    They told me hes not going to latch well because my nipples dont point the way they are suppose to. He really has a tough time. Mehhhhh…


    What Shannon said about EBFpoo!



    doublemama – I totally agree with you. I don’t understand why people feel like it’s ok. I’ve tried and can’t. As for not liking to feed anymore, I’m complete opposite. But I also don’t have the same letdown feelings as you do. I feel calm and relaxed while feeding. I don’t have any depressed thoughts at all. The world is in peace while I’m feeding. It’s addicting for me! I love it and don’t ever want to stop.

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