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    GIRLS I NEED YOU!! I stopped breastfeeding Jakey two months ago and dried up like two weeks after stopping no leaking or severe soreness or anything, this mornining I woke up and felt really nauseous but I had a few beers last night soo didnt think anything of it and my breasts have been hurting all day, so I go to get into bed tonight and my shirt is wet and so I think I must have done it while doing dishes so I take off my shirt put on a new one and now that ones wet, IM LEAKING!!! Girls please let me know if this happened to anyone else or if you have a eduacated guess to whats going on. Thank you!!!



    m.m.masi – Oh honey! I’m sorry you’re sick. I hope you get better soon. I’m sure your supply will go back up once you are well. I’ve been told a million times by doctors that your body wants to heal itself before putting in the work to make milk. Once you are well things should go back to normal.



    My son Jaxson is 7 mos as of Wednesday and I’m still nursing. I would like to continue to nurse until he’s 12 mos. but I had one breast dry up several mos. ago…we’ve been doing ok with just the one breast but I am holding 6-8 ozs in just that one. I had had repeated infections in the one breast and he naturally preferred the other…so it stopped making milk : ( How do you, or can you, bring it back? I’ve tried pumping and putting him on it to stimulate it…how often or is there a better way?



    kym22- I didn’t think coming off the mini pill would make a difference but, I thought, what the hey? Let’s see if it gets better. Between when I started the pill at 6 weeks and when I quit at 5 months, I battled to keep my supply up. After I stopped taking it, I only have a difficult day every once in awhile. If you read the fine print on the pill, it says it can decrease supply (in some cases) Some women don’t have a problem, lucky me, I did 😛 It’s worth a shot though. Just make sure you are using another form of bc…. good luck!



    I have seen the malt in the isle next to the nestle quick, hot coco, and chocolate syrup



    Angie – No, not always. Some women get regular immediately and some don’t. I’ve had one since giving birth and if it went by my old cycle I was suppose to have it again last week…Not so much!



    I have a question about weight loss while breastfeeding. My husband keeps asking me if I’m loosing weight yet. (I won’t go into specifics about his feelings on my weight right now.) When I got pregnant, I was 25 lbs over what I like to be at. Then I gained another 55 by the end of the pregnancy. After I had the baby, I lost about 20 in the first week. Since then I’ve slowly lost another 10. I need to loose another 50. My baby is almost 4 months old. We have been nursing every 2 hours around the clock since she was born. I am always exhausted, and I’m always hungry….but I still manage to eat extremely healthy…chicken breast and steamed veggies for lunch and dinner every day, and cereal for breakfast. I have granola bars for snacks. I am eating the recommended amount of calories. But I’m not loosing 1-2lbs a week, much less in fact. Could breastfeeding be interfering with my ability to loose weight? Or is this just my body changing after having kids. I know some people claim bf-ing helps them loose weight but that hasn’t been my experience. I read somewhere recently that you don’t start seeing weight loss until after 4-6 months of breastfeeding. If that’s true then maybe I will start loosing it soon since she’s almost four months old. I don’t personally feel like I should have to rush to loose weight. All I care about right now is her. But, my husband…..

    I would love to know others’ experiences with breastfeeding and weight loss/gain. I plan to breastfeed at least the first year. Is what’s happening to me normal, or could it be a sign of something else going on, like thyroid or something?



    ash070658 I heard that you can do this it’s called layering but I was told that it should be the same temperature. So I put both containers in the fridge until cooled then add them together.



    last one for me – When I came back to work full time when my lo was 3 mths I tried fenugreek, alfalfa, & more milk plus to increase my pumping supply. None of them did anything for me. Then I tried the goat’s rue and I was able to start pumping about double the amount was I getting previously. It has worked great for me and a friend of mine. I bet your supply will be great with the pump you have plus the more milk and goat’s rue. Good luck!



    My baby is 10 days old, and she has been eating every 3 hrs or so. At night I have to set my alarm for every 4 hrs to get her up, b/c she will sleep longer than that. Is it really necessary to feed her every 4 hrs at night if she doesnt wake up on her own? Also, she only nurses for 10 min. on one side and then usually only 5 min on the other. Is that long enough? No matter what i do, she wont eat longer than that. Suggestions greatly appreciated.



    lilli1317-yeah ok so its my supply not the pump bc i hv the medella too.



    So after weeks of thinking we had new latching problems (after EBFing for weeks already with no problems), I’ve come to realize I have an overactive letdown. Now that I know that, i’m so much more patient with my LO pulling off in the first few minutes. I pump a little first sometimes, but I hate pumping, so not always. can be a really useful resource!



    Samantha, I totally agree. Some babies aren’t ready. It’s ok because your milk has enough nutrients in it to last them quite a while. I didn’t have any solids until I was over a year old. I just didn’t want it. I also have no alergies and rarely any problems with food. Let her lead you. If she wants it she’ll be interested. Have you tried mushing your food. Baby food can be nasty. If you are eating a Banana and she is interested then mush some of that for her. She may like it since it’s what you are eating.



    Hi All!!, I’m new to breastfeeding and my LO is now 6 days old…while in the hospital and the first day or two home I bf’d my baby but it continued to hurt so I gave her formula in between then one morning I decided to take a stab at pumping(I have a dual electric pump) and it helped me tremendously!! I did it for a whole day and a half exclusively and not only did I get tons of milk(I filled up 2 4oz bottles) it also gave my sore red nipples time to heal(I guess some of the expressed milk on the nipple while pumping helped) and now when I do breastfeed her it does not hurt and no more sore red nipples!!!!! I absolutely love to just pump my milk directly into the bottle, no hastle, no pain , fast and it keeps up my supply:)



    Oy speaking of being sick and breastfeeding… When my son was 2 months old my husband and I BOTH got a virus of some sort. The works, throwing up, headaches. Sure he could just sleep it off but of course the baby had to eat! The problem was, nursing made me completely nauseus especially in the middle of the night. I swear it was like a mantra to myself. I had to keep telling myself over and over again if I didnt nurse I would have to pump and somehow that would have been worse. Thank God he didnt catch it! Oh and this was Thanksgiving weekend last year when my inlaws didnt tell us EVERYONE had a virus because they thought we wouldnt bring our infant son down there to visit for 3 days… nice right?

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