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    Man do I miss the BF baby poo! SO much easier!!! Esp because Zach only ever pooed once a week. Now he goes two to three times a week and they are super gross. He just gets bits and pieces of table foods, no baby food, but even the table foods here and there are enough to do the poos in! I love that there are so many CD mommas here. Usually I don’t run into many unless I am in a CD group! The one on this site is kind of a dud though 🙂



    Bri-Thats how I feel nursing…when I get stressed out its like all I want to do is sit and feed my little guy the world stops around me…Double my bestie also has those upset feelings and could have easily given up but she has pushed thru it and I am SOO proud of her…Its funny I was up last night looking at diff onsies and stuff that are so cute I think I am going to get danny some just like you dont like to eat in the bathroom why should i…another was cow milk for baby cows human milk for human babies…I am so interested to see how everyone reacts to it. I am going to get one that says I cant produce enough formula so I breast feed lol



    Ugh. Speaking of heat.. it is not supposed to be this hot out here! Stupid heat wave. I live at the very corner of PA, NJ, and NY and it’s cooler today than it was yesterday but it’s still 95 degrees. That is ridiculous. And we just moved to a new (old, but new to us) house that has no air conditioning at all, and we tried to put an air conditioner in Ella’s window and it fell out and broke. =[ Poor kid is so sweaty. There are two community pools here, though, and we go during the evening sometimes, but during the day it is SO bright and sunny that i’m scared she’s going to get burnt. And i don’t like to go alone and my boyfriend is always working, so I don’t go as often as i’d like. And since he’s at work all day where there is air conditioning he just keeps saying ‘she’s fine, she’s fine.’ He has no idea how uncomfortable it is here, and we need to buy some sort of air conditioner. It’s making me so mad. Plus! The air conditioning in my car needs to be recharged and i’ve been asking him to do it since like May and he hasn’t done it, so i can’t even go anywhere because it’s so hot in the car. He’s such a pain in the ass sometimes. Hahaha Sorry guys, rant over.



    I think I’ve lost my battle. my baby is finally gaining weight but isn’t a good nurser. in fact he is a crying hysterical mess on the breast. ..then we got thrush.
    I’m pumping like a mad woman but I already see the supply dwindling since the baby is not at the breast.

    Because hes tiny I don’t have the option to wait him out and duke it out until he learns how to work the breast.

    I’m kinda bummed but man we have given this a go!
    my first nursed for 10 months.

    …any thoughts or ideas welcome. ….my hub is supportive but kinda saying I need to throw in the towel for my sanity.

    I’m pumping 6 – 8 oz morning, 4 every three hours and 6-8 before bed.
    Im going to try feeding him before he becomes a hungry mess …maybe dream feeding but if that doesn’t work I really need to just accept that we are not a match



    Our doctor’s office has a little bench for mom/dad/sibling. I just sit there and nurse with the legs exposed. He doesn’t even notice. This last time he did stop nursing and frowned at the nurse and then screeched at the top of his lungs at his and then laughed. He then went back to nursing. He just had to express his displeasure over the needles. She interupted him! HAHA!



    ok so i am a first time mom and i am breastfeeding…well my lil one is only 9 days old and when i nurse her it takes 1 hr before she seems full….how long is a normal time to nurse? the 20-30 min they told me at the hospital just doesn’t seem to be enough…is this normal?



    Good morning. I’m sorry to come on here and vent but I need to pour my heart out a minute. I go back to work on the 23rd of next month and I have been slowly making the preparations I think I will need…I bought some bottles and a container of formula. Up until then I plan on continuing to breastfeed. But you know what, I was nursing Derek in the middle of the night and it hit me like a ton of bricks…I don’t want to stop this. I have to return to work but there has to be a way I can still give him breastmilk isn’t there? I am a teacher and pumping at work will be near impossible as I really only get a lunch break and one planning period which I need to do work but I’m starting to wonder if if I can find a way to make this happen. I have so many questions though…can I still nurse him when I’m home? How often do I need to pump? How and where will I do it? How do I store the milk? Lots of questions and so I’m reaching out for help. This may be my last child and I’m not ready to go to formula in a few short weeks. Hubby keeps telling me formula is a good idea because he knows how stressful my job is and he wants me to make life easier on myself…however will feeling guilt not make my life more stressful too? I just feel a little lost and if anyobe can help or better yet help me come up with a plan I would be grateful…I will now end the vent session. Thanks for listening.


    I’m like you scarlet. I was 2/4 went to a 6 and I just went dress shopping and was able to get back in the size 4. Yet my body is just so soft. I need that firm feeling back. I also can’t stand that my stomach is flat as a board when it’s empty but as soon as I even drink a glass of water I look 3 months preggo! lol Mostly my fault for not doing crunches! But part of being able to fit in that size 4 has hurt my supply. So I’m trying to take in my calories without gaining much back.



    haha Bri, that’s a great comeback. I’ll have to remember that. Anyone have an issue with their supply dropping when you start working out?



    QUESTION–My LO is almost 3 months & I still nurse him every 2 hours. And he gets up usually 2 times at night. Should I stretch out his feedings more?? My family thinks I’m crazy for feeding him every 2 hours still. I think it’s good for him, keeps up my supply & I figure if he sleeps good at night that I don’t want to change anything. But I don’t really know what to say to my family…….. :-/


    Bri – the reverse cycling might end up being something we resort to if I am unable to keep up with her demand.

    phatbaby – I do have a small supply in the freezer but it’s nothing to bank on. I think it’s maybe about 15oz?

    Last night went a lot better than I expected. I fed Alyssa at 6:30pm and did not let her fall asleep until she ate from both sides. She was down by 7pm. It used to be that after her bath she’d nurse but fall asleep almost immediately and then wake up an hour later and nurse again. This time, since she ate really well before falling asleep she did not wake up once! At 11pm I woke her and nursed her again… both sides. At 2am I pumped 3oz. Alyssa slept until 6:00am and played in her crib on her own until about 6:30am. I was able to get about 7 cumulative hours of sleep!!! My next plan of action is to pump 2x at work instead of once. Alyssa eats nurses at 7am and 11am and then I pump at 3pm and she gets a bottle. So between 11am and 3pm I can manage another pumping session around 1pm. Hopefully this will net me more milk soon and I’ll be able to keep stocking up and not just satisfying the deficiet. **crosses fingers**


    casen- check the highway safety website, they tell you the best carseats. when i bought one for my olde son i guess i bought one of the worst rated, but i found the site, and realized this and ended up buying a britax. i love it!



    I got the first response early response test when preggy with Ayden and got all the negatives. I went and got the cheap-o walmart test and did an early response test and the walmart test at the same time. I got a positive with the walmart test, but the early response still gave a negative! With Zach I stuck with the dollar store tests!


    Just received letter through for Ollie’s second injections 🙁




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