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    I did one cup of water to one cup of oats. Had it this morning heated up with honey on top. It was actually very good!!!



    Dumb question… when bottle feeding breastmilk, you need to warm it up correct??? Babies dont like it cold?



    What in the world would make a grandpa think that sour cream and onion chips are an appropriate thing to feed a 15 month old? Ugh! That’s after I semi overlooked the chocolate chip cookie his wife/the grandma was feeding her! Why?! I don’t get it. In-laws!


    Chellebob- It took me 8 weeks before I didn’t have anymore pain. I would pump and use nipple shields to give my nips a break. I used the lanisnoh cream all the time, the one that is safe for baby and never let my nipples get dry. Hang in there I know its hard now but it does get easier. It seems like it will never end now but trust me it will.



    I had tried fenugreek ugh. awful taste when yoju burp lol I didnt notice an increase in my BP cause mine is always on the high end. I did notice it made me feel a heartburn or food in the throat feeling. I discontenued it…



    Autumn – I am a 28 c/d. I just purchase cute bras and then take them in and have them fitted by a tailor. It’s an extra step and $1O extra per bra but that’s the best I can do.



    Aprilrose- I was feeling the same way. I was told that maybe my letdown is too fast for him and to try to lay back with him on top of me, this keeps him from letting go all the time. Also I felt like I was feeding ALL the time. for three days straight I was ALWAYS feeding, I got little to no sleep and he would eat almost 45 min of every hour. It is a phase and they will stop. My LO has BM only once every 3-5 days, and I think that is bothering him as well. we were to go to the dr today but we had a huge ice storm and we cancelled to many accidents and not worth risking it! I hope things get better for both of us. I go back to work next week and have nothing stored because he eats EVERYTHING. not sure how it is going to work and I have wanted to quit many many times but i am still trying!



    I’m with Dulciana’ pump in between feedings b/c your body thinks the baby needs more so it will produce more. I had every problem under the sun when I began breast feeding so if anyone has any more questions I would be happy to answer. Hoping the second time goes more smoothly.



    On the site it says I should aim to pump for approximately 20-30 minutes per breast, but I am able to empty my breast in 10minutes and I empty 6-7oz each session, so I have been wondering maybe I’m not losing any weight and I’ve plateau because I’m not actually mimicking the rhythm and timing as to when a baby is latched on? But I do pump ever 4hours (which is the rate my four month old feeds



    I finally found the right forum! My hubby and I have just started to TTC again. We currently have an almost year old and an month old. I have yet to get AF since I am still bf my son. I was wondering how to tell or keep track of when I may be ovulating. Are there any obvious signs? What should I do?



    my daughter slept 8-10 hours at night and now is up every 4 to eat, she is 5m, she’s just hungry now at night, i will start cereal at 6m. lastnight she had a bath fell asleep at 8 got up at 12 then slept til 6 then til 9… she’s still not on a complete pattern but does usually have her ‘2:00’ nap, so funny we always say Mara is having her ‘2:00’, i never had to wake up at night with her before to where i actually said ‘i’m sleepy’ well then she started waking every 4 and i was like omg whats wrong, and i was sleepy, but now lastnight she slept better again??? i also put a humidifier on at night as the house is dry i think, but didn’t lastnight?? i usually give her a bath every other night but i may start every night. does anyone give baths every single night? thanks! tam



    bella1281 – I’m with you. We tried inducing and nothing. I had three doses of gel and 12 hours of pit. I got to 60% and a finger tip. It was awful…so I had a section. My milk did take longer to come in but I don’t think that’s normal. I had problems from the get go with my little one not latching and me not being very good about pumping every couple of hours. I didn’t realize the mechanics of breastfeeding and doomed myself to a struggle. So, my suggestion is find out everything you can about how milk comes in and why. If you have a good sucker then you won’t have any problems having your milk come in. As for getting your baby to latch on. I’ve heard of moms having to wait to even hold their babies. My hospital asked if I wanted to feed him as soon as we got into recovery. Do that. The sooner the better. There will be lots of people there to help you get your baby to latch on. They will help you sit up and prop lots of pillows around you. Don’t be shy in asking them for help. They will even help you hold your boob just right. Good Luck! After you get past the beginning ‘tough’ times things get so much better. It’s definately well worth it!



    I’m currently (well, not AT THIS MOMENT haha) breastfeeding my 13 month old and it’s going great! He is getting his molars in, though, so he sometimes nips at me. 🙁 That REALLY hurts now because I’m 12 weeks pregnant and with the addition of tender nipples… It can be a hassle! I plan on nursing him until he is ready to stop. Unfortunately, my milk supply is dropping pretty drastically so he gets frustrated sometimes. But, he nurses now mostly for comfort or when he is going down for a nap so it isn’t a problem.</br A question for mama’s who tandem nurse. The first few days, during the colostrum period, did you let your older child nurse or did you just let your newborn nurse until the colostrum was replaced with regular milk? I’m just a bit confused on that part, do you let your newborn nurse and then your older child during the colostrum stage like you would during the normal milk stage? Any advice would be great!



    With the blisters – have you tried rubbing breastmilk on your nipples after the feedings and pumpings? I have always done that and have never had a sore or anything. Also, are the pumping cups the right size?



    december – Just remember the first couple of weeks are the hardest you are both still adjusting. Trust me we’ve ALL been there!!! My son is 16 weeks and now its such second nature to us its refreshing. I still cringe thinking back to the beginning but looking back I am SO thankful I stayed with it.

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