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    Also, if you have trouble getting the shield to stay on, put a bit of lanolin under the edges of the shield



    Angie2008 I used to say I was Off to Milk the Cow… sorry, not exactly professional…..



    hey ladies, hope all of you had a great mothers day!! =) have a question.. i woke up yesterday with a sore hard lump on my areola (a little smaller than a marble). its not a blister and has a small dot in the middle. not sure if i should put warm compresses on it and try to pop it with a sterile needle or just leave it alone? i’m still nursing on that side but its pretty uncomfortable….. thanx



    I love my pump in style. I had milk and latching problems in the beginning and my pump in style kept me going. I pumped until 16 months. I’m not working anymore so I have no need to pump but the pump in style allowed my son to have only breastmilk at daycare for 13 months in daycare plus the 3 that I was at home with him.



    kym-i get those pains all the time too! not really sure, i read something about a yeast infection at getting sharp shooting pains, however i don’t think that’s it. so glad that things are starting to work for you with pumping, i know what a stressor it can be! i was just curious about the amount she was eating cuz you said your grandma thought she was still hungry after she had 4oz…did you end up just increasing the amount and leaving her with more milk or now that she’s eating a little more are her feeding times naturally spreading out a bit more so that you can nurse right away when you pick her up? mama-mimi—keep your LO at that breast as much as possible and pump, pump pump! if possible try to pump on that side while your LO is feeding to help encourage let down and relactation! it might take a while but it should start up again. also see if you can get in contact with a LC and they might be able to offer you some great advice too!



    anniemarie- i may just have to do the top off with formula. i was so excited the past two weeks because i was pumping 15-17oz a day. after the weekend it just stopped!



    greenmommy- My best friend is a teacher and she never pumped while she was at work. The baby would get formula while she was at work and then she would breastfeed in the evenings. I personally would not recommend doing this because it seems like it is setting you up for major engorgement and infection. Thankfully for my friend she never had any problems, except her breasts were really full when she got off work. But she said that eventually her body just got used to it and this is how she bf for an entire year.



    I need to know what can i take for a sore throat while i’m nursing, I don’t want to take something that will hurt her


    duskpoo: my son is almost 10 months. i gained 45lb during pregnancy. i lost quite a bit of the weight as soon as i had him, but i had another 20lbs to go to my prepregnancy weight. it came off slowly, id say in abotu 6 months. in the last, id say 3 months, i lost an additional 10lbs, but thats also with walking, doing wii fit, and trying to be even a margin more active. i was eating a lot of sugar, and eating out a lot too, so i cut that out all together. so it was a combined effort. maybe you’re not eating enough and you’re body is storing what it can as fat. you shouldnt always be hungry.



    I’m in the ‘no spray’ club. I have plenty of milk; my LO is FAT, but I’ve never leaked onto clothes or sprayed with letdown.


    Member sounds like you covered a bunch of bases =) I have a blog on my page with some other tricks for boosting supply…feel free to take a look. I tried to compile all the suggestions that everyone was making in one place. Good luck!



    jamie79- My daughter would only nurse for a max of 5 minutes at a time. 3 on one breast and 2 on the other. My milk just came out really fast. If you are worried about it, at your next dr appt. Nurse your baby right after weighing and then weigh again to see how much intake. Also – my daughter slept 6 hours at night without waking. then nursed and slept another 6 hours.(she still sleeps 12 hours at night and shes 3) The only time that you need to wake baby is if you are ingorged, or your milk supply is low…if you have any other ?’s feel free to find a local la leche league. They are awesome…and free!



    I am bf twins and got my 1st period when they were 6 months old… but I think it might hold off longer since BF two doubles the milk you produce



    thanks for the kellymom website am gonna check it out



    Has anyone stopped BF for a few weeks and then started up again? I stopped due to a thrush infection about 3 weeks ago. I EBF for 3 weeks and stopped suddenly. I now strictly formula feed but I have a strong desire to BF again. I’m just so afraid of getting the thrush again. It was so painful. Any advice?

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