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    Mummy and Dominique: I found that for our family it was easiest to pump. I went back to work at 4 weeks, and my daughter would never latch well. So for us, it works.
    I couldn’t imagine being at her beck and call all the time!



    Sydnee- LOL! That is too funny 🙂



    Rissa- We tried a couple of different pacifiers in the beginning and our son really did not seem interested (especially if I was the one giving it to him) But then I remembered that we had gotten a free bottle and paci in the mail from Avent and I knew that he liked the bottle so I tried the paci and he loves it!!! He is 9 weeks old now and EBF. I went a bought two more yesterday just in case the first one comes up missing.



    I have a (stupid?) question. When someone says ‘solids’ they are talking about about any sort of babyfood right? Even cereal?



    Thanks sydneemae 2009! I did the usual like you said and it seems to be better now. The actual lump is gone but my whole breast is sore =( I also had a lot of hair loss about 6 months PP, I cried when I would brush my hair. I loved my prego hair!



    luv2- The potential side effects is why I didn’t take the reglan right away. I’m wishing I still lived in Canada so I could easily get the domperidone 🙂 I did re-latch at 4 weeks but with my son, not daughter 🙂 He’s having 1.5 oz weight gain a day so until it starts to drop I won’t change anything. I always had less milk in my left than right so as long as I have enough in right I guess I’d be okay. Thanks for the suggestion on the SNS, He’s 8 weeks so i’ll keep and eye on it and perhaps that’s what I’ll have to do


    Congrats on your new little one Bri!!



    When we were just starting out I NEVER nursed in public, I was so nervous. But, then, one day he was screaming and I didn’t want to go sit in the bathroom or leave my grocery cart so I just sat down on one of the benches in the front of the store and nursed him. I think he was 4 or 5 months at the time. I will NEVER go and hide out to nurse again!!!



    jeniellezeidan- I had flat nipples and i have been exclusively breastfeeding for 7 months now. The baby just has to pull them out. I didn’t have any idea that they were any different until like my last appointment before she was born lol. But they said they were ‘slightly’ flat. but i have heard of many people being able to successfully breastfeed with flat or inverted nipples.



    nena- My son is three months, I have to use nipple sheilds. If you love breast feeding I would get some. they are about 8.00 each where I am from. I also use the lansanoh breast pump which is 50.00 at walmart I love it. sometimes i only get a bit when I pump. but I pump anyways to keep the stimulation up.. I go for about five mins wth nothing before I stop. but I have milk stored up in the freezer now :).. Good luck. I know it is frusturating!



    jessica… i have NO appetite at all its normal today i have not ate anything but what i do is get the carnation brand breakfast powder mix its by the breakfast foods it got all the vitamins and minerals you need plus i take vitamins i was concerned that is what my OB told me to do she said its normal after having a baby the first few months some women just cant get hungry …. im one of them lol


    Thanks Ladies!



    explo: with my first son, my milk supply was very low and I had to suppliment pretty much right away with formula. He still got brastmilk for 5 months, but nevr enough to make him happy. With my new son, breastfeeding is a breeze and so far he’s been exclusively breastfed for 2 months. My supply is great and persistent, even when he sleeps throug the night. I don’t know what factors changed, but it’s been a world of difference. So don’t lose hope. You may still be able to do it again. My 2nd son is just a much bette latcher and eater, maybe that makes a world of difference



    Bri I am in tacoma do you know how I would find a LLL meeting around here? My Lo is 12 days old now and I don’t know if we are going thru a spurt or not he was great every 2 hours for 20 min but. Now its every hour 15 min on one side than the same on the other the next side.



    my lo has been nursing for about 5 minutes then crying. if i take her off shes fine but acts like she is still hungry so i offer the other side and before i put it n her mouth she starts crying again. if i pump and bottle feed it to her shes fine. idk whats going on.

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