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    thanksfor ur advice BRI—yea i know it not a great method but we are using it for now but the reaon why i was concern was due to me bf i know that causes the uterus to contract and if i was i didnt know if it was safe to still bf while i wait another week hopefully its just because of my transition to the bottle with her



    I had a drop in my milk today and was wondering if it could be from my new bra which is a little bit snug. Does any one know if wearing a tight bra affects your milk?



    Oh Sunshine that’s so cool! I got mine back at 9months too and it only lasted a day the first time but I wish you all the luck. I can’t wait to have another baby. Sometime in the next six months I will be qutting work and soon after I want to start trying. I did have a scare last summer which was way too early for us but I was disappointed when it was negative. Good Luck! I’m hoping for a positive for you! Oh by the way I was gifted with mine this morning too. Ugh! I have felt nasty all day!


    Hi ladies, can someone PLEASE help or give advice. My baby is 8 days old today and I am breastfeeding him. My right nipple tore and the pain is unbearable when I have to feed him. I have tried all sorts of nipple creams and even silicone teats which latch on to your breast, but nothing seems to be working. Do you have any remedies I can try and also does it get better or will it last until I stop breast feeding him ????



    Hi ladies, I have a question about AF. I have been BF my son for almost 8 mos, no AF. On Dec 20 I had real light pinkish spotting for 2 days, but hardly at all. I had some cramps with just a bit of pink 2 weeks later and now I am really bloated, have low back pain in my sides, off and on nausea, and feel twingy in my lower abdomen. I have had headaches and bouts of stupidity at times. I usually don’t get PMS. I am wondering if this is how AF returned for anyone. I was watching CM to see if it let me in on anything and it started out clear and wet then real thick and white for a day and then white and creamy ever since?? Don’t know if that helps. Sorry if TMI!! LOL



    Bri- Let me know how the whole weaning thing works out when you start it, I kinda let slip that I might decide to bf past a year, hubby didn’t seem to thrilled but I figure it’s going so great right now why mess with a good thing right…so I’m thinking I might just take a pretty structured approach to it like you got planned, I don’t even know if they’ll let him have bm at his daycare past a year so that I’ll have to look into…hmmm, don’t see why not but we’ll see how it goes….they don’t just let them walk around with a sippy anyway so I’ll have to find that out here in the next 5 mths….can’t believe he’s almost 7 mths already!



    iv not had one since having her so i dunno if its just my period FINALLY getting here or baby number 2 which i soooooo dont want not yet or if its just my IBS lol

    it hurts but to be fair i took an ibs tablet before n its stoped so im thinking it might just be that lol but i did think amy was ibs for a good few weeks lol



    I would pump between feeding a bit, and pump once at night while he slept. Remember, you are just freezing up a ‘buffer’, so to speak, as the goal is to pump enough during the day while working to have for him the next day, and vice versa.
    Another good trick is to pump one side as he feeds on the other. Good luck!



    mama-mimi- pumping that side while nursing is a really good idea. Also the pump pump pump. When I relactated with DD 7 yrs ago I pumped every 2-3 hrs and during an evening show I liked I would pump during the show and rest during the commercials. Its called a power pump. If you have time you can also pick a day to simulate a growth spurt and pump every hr or as often as you can. I was also taking herbs to help but since you already have milk in one side the prolactin levels should be there. Eating soaked old fashion oatmeal might be a good idea tho and that is to soak equal portions oats to water and soak over night then heat and eat. It took me 2 months to be comfortable having her fully on the breast again but everyone is different and again with one side still working it could help speed things along. Good luck.



    kym-that’s so heartbreaking when that happens! were you able to pump more often over the weekend? that is very odd that this week is off…my suggestion with the formula is to have it as a last resort…maybe just knowing that it’s there for her will allow you to just relax and not be stressed and then sometimes you’ll just get more milk from not being stressed out. it really is very unfair that we do not have an other option as mothers who are nursing and HAVE to work to help support our LO’s. not fair at all!



    I found te malt in the same aisle as coffee and cocoa etc as well. In australia the tin is blue and the same as a milo tin. It says Malted Milk Drink on the front. Its made by Nestle and here there is only 1 Malt drink available so look really good as i nearly missed it when i bought my 2nd tin and i knew what i was looking for! There are not a heap of brands so really look.



    if your newborn fell asleep during nursing, did you feel the need to wake and burp, or just let them be?



    Bri and gladek- thanks for the advice. My problem is that with my job, it’s really really hard to pump consistently. I work 7-8 hours a day, my dd eats 2 times at daycare. Sometimes I can pump once, other days twice and some days I pump just on the drive home. I work with people with disabilities on their jobs and with some consumers I literally can’t leave them alone for 2 minutes even on their breaks. Right now I am covering for a girl who is out on maternity leave so I someitmes get office time and am able to pump 2 times a day. She is getting ready to come back to work and I know my schedule is going to be crazy again. At daycare julianna eats anywhere between 5-9 oz in one setting. I pump in the Am before she wakes up and used to get a decent amount. Now i only get about 5-6 oz from about 10 hours from overnight. Even when I just get to pump once a day or after 7 hours i only get 3-4 oz. I’ve tried malted milk, otameal and haven’t had any results. I try the nursing marathon on the weekends, but when she doesn’t want milk she doesn’t take it. I had a lot stored in my freezer but it’s definitely dwindling away. i’m not sure what else I can really do. She does seem to be drinking a little less than she did before I added solids so maybe i can somehow catch back up.



    colleenbeth- don’t worry too much, it can take months for some women’s bodies to get back to normal and regular cycles after coming off the pill.


    Member, you’ve got the right idea, making sure your milk supply is plentiful. But if he’s wetting at least 6 to 8 diapers a day and seems content, as you say he is, then your milk supply is just fine. Babies gain weight in jumps sometimes, then plateau for a while, and that’s perfectly normal. I’ve had two that were under the 2%ile when they were little so I understand that it can be scary, but if he’s healthy in other ways, don’t fret about his weight. My 5 year old is only 30lbs, arms like little sticks, but he’s active, healthy and happy. Just prefers veges over meat and carbs. Doctor says to encourage body-building foods, but not to worry. Different kids are different – it’s just how they are.

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