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    Dominique: we had the bottle vs breast issue as well! One Sunday my hubby stayed with my LO (she was 6 months at the time) and just kept offering her the took her 2 hours to take the first bottle, but after that it was no issue. Now she is not the best bottle taker, but she will drink a little from it when I have to go out. And she’s 10 months now, so I figure we’ll just go straight to sippy cup when she turns a year.



    So, Calvin was fussing and he had just eaten an hour ago but he hadn’t eaten much so I thought I’d give BFing a chance again. He wasn’t having it. So I tried the shield agan and to my surprise, he took it for a while!! When he gave up, I checked and he had actually gotten some BM 🙂 I was soo happy so then I started pumping and he started fussing again so I tried again without the shield and he nursed for about a minute maybe. Then he fussed lots more so I let him fall asleep and finished pumping. I’m so happy though 🙂 This is a start!!



    dinorah- fenugreek is good stuff start with the lowest dosage the package says i started with two pills once a day for a week and went from nada to 3-5 oz on both side by the end of the week be careful tho as the tea also contains fenugreek too!



    LaIslaBonita – They do in the UK. They get a year off. I don’t think it’s completely paid for but like 75% or something. Canada has a longer leave time too.



    Did i say want? I meant **NEED**



    What is the best way to store/freeze breastmilk? I bought a hand pump and pumping into the disposable bottle liners, but I only have a couple of bottles to put them in to store them in the fridge. Is there some kind of sealable plastic bag or bottle meant for storage or freezing? I looked at wal-mart, but didn’t see anything other than the disposable bottle liners. I’m pretty new to the pumping thing, so not sure the best way to do it. Thanks!



    if you guys click the movie than close the window it opens you come back and its paused…It is annoying lol


    I’m sorry to hear that about your bones Emilee, I think I’ll do some research into it. I was only wanting to take it whilst breast feeding thein return to the normall pill, I don’t trust the mini pill since I fell pregnant on that



    sometimes she just fusses and dont want to latch…like she is using me as a pacifer…..its a good thing that i wanted to breast feed because she wont even take a pacifer… hoping that she will take a bottle in a couple of weeks so that my husband can feed her every once in a while….yes she has plenty of wet diapers, we’ve been marking them down to keep track i just worry because sometimes she will only feed like for 8 min on one then only 5 on the other, or some only 10 minutes on one


    WELCOME BACK LESLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We missed you


    Hi ladies! My daughter is very tounge tied and my dr wants to snip it when she turns four months. She does fine with bf so Im confused as to why he wants to snip it so soon. Do any of you know anything about when a good time to snip it is or just any info that may be good to know? Im just scared for my little one and dont want it to interfere with her bf.



    Wow, I’m impressed with the women who are all ready wanting another child! I always thought I wanted kids close in age but my view has sadly changed:( My girl is only 14 days old so maybe it will come back but I cant even think about being pregnant again yet.



    maddux, I have a couple of friends to teach and only have lunch/planning period to pump. They have been able to do it, so it is possible. I never asked for details, but I would think a good hands-free pumping bra would come in quite handy! You can hook yourself up and have your hands free to grade papers and eat your own lunch!


    ON the nursing time. My son has never nursed longer than 15 minutes. He’ll have the boob in his mouth for longer but he isn’t eating. I don’t know if its becuase he’s go good at sucking but he gets full and I know if he eats longer he’ll over eat and throw up.



    deeyore486 – My LC gave me nipple shields. Even with them though my son just really isnt interested. He is almost 5 months though so he’s pretty set in his ways I am afraid.

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