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    nic4charles – Nope, feed on demand. You’re lucky you only have to feed twice a night! It’ll start to go further apart here shortly. They go through so many growth spurts in the first couple of months they need it.



    So I have a story for you ladies today. My MIL watched my LO yesterday while I ran errands for HER. I came home and there was one of J’s bottles on the counter with water in it. She has been insisting I give him water for a couple of months now. I haven’t bc I thought BM was enough for him even when it is hot. I didn’t see the bottle until she was already gone but apparently my DH spoke to her and she said she gave him an ounce. My husband said that she was worried about how heavy and chunky he is and worried that he will get DIABETES. Are you freakin serious? She thinks I have been feeding him too much. Ok so he is a little heavy for his age…20 lbs at his 4 month checkup…but I think it is awesome for him to be soooooo healthy. I assume when he starts to be mobile he will thin out. Can a baby this young get Diabetes from over eating??? I think she is NUTS! Thanks for letting me vent I was tossing all night thinking the whole family thinks he is too fat and that I should stop feeding him sooo often. Ok done venting now 🙂



    My Britax doesn’t come out of the seat. It’s not a carrier at all. Both the boulevard and marathon are for staying in the car. Yes, going to the airport is sooo much fun but so is going to the airport with two small children. They do sell rollers for them for airports but other then that there is no reason to take the car seat out. Oh and even the directions say never to allow the child to be in the seat when it’s not in the car. It can tip over that way and hurt the child.



    Maybe I’m deaf then! HAHA! We got ours on Amazon for $21 and love it.



    Ladies- Itake a day off and come back to this! petskie- i don’t see how when you read your first comment you don’t see how it’s not meant to be a personal attack. you mention her name and bring up it being against the bible thus god in the ‘adam and eve’ comment. it’s disgusting really and while you seem ashamed of yourself now it really is like walking into someone’s home in front of their family spitting in their face, and telling them you hate them as you slam the door. Now if i did something like that in real life i wouldn’t dare go back to that house with an apology. I’d assume that bridge was burned. i recommend you do the same in this case…well unless the person who was personally attacked is bigger than me and excepts your apology. Lawson amazed me on other fronts, so we shall see.


    chellbob- have you joined us on facebook yet? All the vets from this page have moved over there. It’s a great place for bfing advice as we aren’t always over here anymore. I take quite a few vitamins a day still I take a prenatal along with 2 fish oils and a 5 htp. hope this helps… as for the chomping the advice given to have baby open mouth wider is good… also pinch your areola to shove as much of it in the babies mouth as you can when she latches… you want to get as much of the nipple in the areola in the babies mouth as possible. My baby had a lazy suck and she was constant down to the end of the nipple ad i had to re latch her several times a session. Just keep in mind you are both learning and it does get easier. hope this helps


    Thanks illy, have looked it up 1 US cup equals just shy of 100g. Going to mix mine with lemoncurd, quite excited!!



    I’ve read and known babies’ eyes to change up until 2 years of age. Normally they are their color by six months but not always. Also, usually around birth you can tell if they will be darker or lighter. Many blue eyed babies are born with blue eyes while darker eyed babies are born with a more steel color. Granted that isn’t always true but it can give mom a guess. HAHA!



    didderty – lol finally someone s suffering like me , some times im away for 5 hours then i have to read 7pgs to catch up 🙂 , i just read the article n WOWWWWW WHAT A MIRACLE , Amazing how natural n simple things change our life 🙂 i forward it to my friends . Thanx for sharing it with us.



    Thanks everyone. I am taking each day at a time now. Every day I manage I feel proud so I have my fingers crossed that I will see it through. I have been using lanolin and I think the cracks seem a little better than this morning so maybe in a few days they will be much improved.


    OMG! My boobs have gone insane! I am trying to wait 4 hours in between pumping- that’s how long my LO goes, but my boobs are making SO much milk right now. I don’t even know what to do with it! I know a lot of women on here will be mad at me for complaining of an oversupply- but this is ridiculous. We are in the market for a deep freezer or else I will have to start pumping and dumping for lack of anything else to do with it. I am looking to donate at the local milk bank at this point…. I don’t know if I can keep doing this for another 10 months, as I hope to give her only BM until she is one.



    with my first i cut out dairy and everything u can think of, lol. this one i havent cut anything out. its prob the diet. and i swear the prenantals, i havent taken them and he is btter. as soon as i take them he gets pukey. how long do they stay in system i wonder…



    Mummy & Lunababy-please don’t take this wrong but your breasts are milk factories….not milk storage units. Your making more as your LO is feeding. They have to work harder but it is still making more. BUT that being said maybe you should look into fermented oats or the MMT. Also if you can spend a day in bed with lo…you shirt off and lo in diaper…hang out and watch movies. The nakedness helps get the milk makers going. Nurse baby as much as you can. And remember this tip on the bottles…..the baby is 99% of the time going to finish a bottle. Its a constant drip in their mouth and if all they are looking for is to suckle…it will bring milk in the mouth…therefore they swallow…Now with the breast the mouth movement is different as they can suckle getting little to no milk in the mouth. So thats why I say they finish 99% of anything in a bottle. A lil one that age should not have a 4 oz bottle…this may lead to stomach stretching and you will never beable to meet this childs demands. My advice is to cut the bottles to littler bottles and nurse baby as much as you can…for as long as baby wants to . This all of course if you want to get back to EBF. I hope i don’t come off rude,,,just want to get the info out there without sugar coating anything! Message me if you need…i will help the best i know how! Good luck mama!!



    Thank you Plumeria- that’s just what I need! It is so hard at the beginning and I had no idea last time that it would be. No one prepared me for it. At least this time I have a better idea how to get the baby to latch on correctly and I know how good it turns out in the end. Thanks for you lovely encouragement.



    Yes most likely that is the reason. You need to mimick how often your baby would be nursing. i think I pumped every 2-3 hrs even thru the night until Aliyah was 4 months old. I’m pretty sure that you will see that you will produce more milk once you start pumping thru the night. Pumping exclusively is hard. escpecially at first. after 4 months or so you can go longer no more than 4 hrs and can drop the night pumps.

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