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    Well, weaning has been going really well. We are down to three feedings a day. We were at 6-7 a day about two months ago. I only nurse her before bedtime and twice at night. My BB are awful full by nighttime, but hopefully that will go away soon. She is drinking from a bottle her whole milk and loves it if it is warm. I will worry about switching her to sippys for her milk later. Right now weaning is top priority!! Next to go is one night feeding, but that isn’t until next week. A lot easier than I thought it would be…



    and yo umight want to advise her that you are not meant to give babies eggs untill they are over a year old.



    Thanks. I think I will start with a nettie pot. I wonder about using a little vicks rub?



    I pump once at work since baby comes in at lunch to nurse. I used to pump twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, but I found Anna could make it from her morning feeding to lunch without a bottle so I eliminated that pumping session. When I pumped twice, I could get 10 ounces. Now, it depends when in the afternoon I pump. Usually only between 4-6 ounces. I work hard to squeeze out every last drop. Right now though Anna will only take 1-3 ounces in the afternnon because she is on an extended bottle strike. Its ok though, she is a cute little chubster.



    OKay mommies who have breast fed before.. I am pregnant with my 3rd baby.. I did not breast feed my other 2 childre now 8 and 6 y/o. I have inverted nipples on both sides what can I buy or do to help my nipples be breastfeeding ready? I was 17 and 20 when I had my first two and so immature. This time around I REALLY want to do this for my baby!!! Any input helps thanks ladies! 🙂



    my son used to take an hour to feed for ages. he used to fall asleep on the boob all the time. then all of sudden he got the hang of it and was so quick, i thought he wasnt getting enough!! but he was!!



    Nor do I care what their problem is lol. If my baby is hungry I am going to feed him. I don’t care where I am but I do use a nit poncho. I think if someone asked me to go to the bathroom I would say right after you but don’t forget your plate.



    I’m sorry to hear that Amy! Maybe next time will be better. I’m planning a VBAC with the next one…when I get pregnant.



    Hi BF girls, I just wanted to drop by and say I have just finished BF after 16 months and I’ve been really grateful for this forum. Thanks to all of you for your tips and encouragement… even just reading what everyone is going through has given me the determination to keep going for so long. It’s been great and has come to quite a happy and natural end. Good luck to you all 🙂



    he has just been diagnosed with acid reflux so ive given up all dairy. He just arches is back and screams at me, it s becoming so frustrating x



    aidensmommy1 – I’m so sorry. It’s so frustrating that family feel it is their job to tell us moms how long we should feed and for her to be a doctor it’s so stupid. If you look up what the WHO and APA recommend then you will find 2 years is suggested. Any doctor that keeps up with research would know this. It’s just like the doctors that think it’s time to wean when a baby bites or that formula will help a baby sleep through the night. Grrr! Just give her what research has said for many years now and ask where her evidence is that suggests formula is better at this age. Stupid! Why would you change to formula at 7 monthts when you can’t give milk until a year…formula for 5months??



    Thank you ladies for your comments! I was almost ready to give up breastfeeding… I feel better now knowing that this is normal and that I’m not the only one !


    Ok so my understanding is I shouldn’t be pumping until my milk is well established….6-8 weeks? My son is only 5 days old. I have been pumping thinking this was the best way to relieve the hardness and to bring my milk down…but what do I know this is all knew to me and my hospital was absoulutly worthless.



    angie2008- I tried the brewer’s yeast tablets too, and they work nicely. I am even able to cut back slightly on my calories without worrying about losing my supply. It just gives me enough of a boost that it isn’t a struggle every day to keep up. My lo also started going longer between feedings. But, there was a time that every little thing made my supply go down, so I take the tabs as an insurance policy. I got mine at walmart too.



    Hi ladies. My little one is 11weeks and i have been bf exclusivly. Last week my milk just decreased so drastically that i had to put her on formula when i cant help her with breast milk. Any suggestions? I really dont want to stop bf.

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