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    I sprayed/leaked for the first couple of months, but then stopped. Always have plenty of milk, though. For some reason, though, about a month ago I started leaking again, and having random let-downs when I least expect it.



    I stopped feeding a week ago and i miss my big full breastfeeding boobs!!! sob sob
    They are almost back to normal and are soft again. Hubby thinks its fabulous but i liked the full version much better =) Enjoy your boobies while you have them girls…



    thanks everyone who posted in response to my post the other night. i’m happy to say that when i got to him tonight he nursed very well off me, even though he’s teething and has a fever. poor baby isn’t feeling well at all. thanks again everyone!



    Bri – Hear, hear! Hitting a child teaches them nothing but that it’s okay to hit someone as long as they are smaller than themselves.



    Just out of curosity does anyone know the average time a breastfeeding mom gets her period back? My lo is 8 months I’m starting bc this weekend! Not looking to get pregnant anytime soon:)



    I have a question/concern. I got really engorged last night. My lo went 8 hrs w/o eating. I block feed so that means he went 12 hours on one side. Plus we gave him a bottle earlier in the evening. I normally pump while he takes a bottle but I was wiped out yesterday. Anyhow, I got up at 4:00 this morning to pump because I was in so much pain. Of course my son woke up about 15 minutes later starving, so I got really drained on the engorged side. Now it hurts. Almost sore. It doesn’t feel like a blocked duct or mastitis. Is it possible that I got so full I stretched something? I keep massaging it. Is there anything else I can do? Has anyone had this happen before?






    my favorite nursing tank is my ‘skinies.’ Its like a tight tank ‘so it helps to pull in the tummy’ with two wholes cut out of it for the breasts. You can wear your bra over it or under it depending on the color of your clothing and your bra. I have even slept in mine without a bra so that I am mostly covered and Zach can just have at it when he wakes up. 🙂



    Hi ladies…Has anyone suffered with mastitis? I have it at the moment and I’m worried that my baby won’t take the breast again after it clears. The dr told me not to feed from that side in case of puss etc. So I’m feeding from one side and using formula to top him up…it’s a bloody awful thing to have 🙁


    anybody bf twins. my girls are almost a month old and id like some tips how to last long term and a little advice on what to expect in the coming months. reply to my profile plz.



    My husband is TOTALLY jealous of my daughter breastfeeding. He gets angry when I tell him that it feels awkward that he would want to suck on them and such during sex. He tells me all the time that he is going to have no interest in them after I’m done breastfeeding, because I don’t like him touching them. Its so frustrating!



    Went to a baby discussion group for the first time today. They hold it every Tuesday at the health unit here, it’s free, and there is a different topic every week. There were 18 moms there with their babies! Looks like I’m going to be making some new friends pretty quick… they also have a baby weigh scale in the lobby, which anyone can use, so I weighed Braeden. He’ll be 4 weeks old tomorrow, and he’s a whopping 10 lbs 2.5 oz! That’s more than 2.5 pounds over his birthweight! Great to see, since he is EBF, so I wasn’t sure how much he was getting to eat… evidently enough!



    Mybabysurprise- I wouldn’t worry to much right now. My LO did this to me several times & I also freaked out. My doctor told me that babies need sleep JUST as much as they need food. That totally put my mind at ease. It was true he was just completely exhausted. Next week he could start cluster feeding. They know exactly what they need, just follow their lead (with common sense too obviously). Good lucky with your sleepy head!



    Pumping is horrible!! I worked the first time around and it sucked big time!!! I can definately say that it is much easier this time without needing to pump. I haven’t even pulled it out of the closet! There is no worry about pumping X amount of ounces every day. The ‘oh I didn’t pump enough at work so I need to spend my whole evening pumping for a few more ounces!’ It’s horrible bt it’s rewarding too! I pumped for over a year. I stopped working when my son was 15months which is when I stopped pumping and just nursing full time. Makes life so much easier! I feel for you ladies that need to work. I sometimes miss the interaction but I love being at home. When my kids are old enough to take care of themselves I’ll probably go back part time or volunteer somewhere in the mornings but for now I enjoy being at home with them.



    well said T3PO

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