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    Not to ‘stir things up’, but SIDS has NOTHING to do with suffication! The definition of SIDS is- sudden infant death syndrome: sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant up to 1 year of age during sleep. This is when a baby dies SUDDENLY in their sleep with no reason as to why.



    Bri, katjak7 and phatbaby57 – Thanks so much for your wonderful advice and info re blocked ducts and mastitis. Thank goodness – though I don’t want to talk too soon – it looks like it’s now cleared. I did get baby girl to keep feeding from it and alternated her position so her chin was facing towards the clog. I also applied hot washers, massaged the area, and expressed a little milk to rub into the area. It still hurts a bit but not nearly as much and the swelling has gone down. Phew – close shave!



    Styx, Congrats, at two weeks I think it’s just a growth spurt. They go through several major ones for the first three months. But anyways, your meetings are: North Tacoma: First Friday of each month at 10 a.m. Please call or email Raissa for meeting location. Raissa 253-212-6159, [email protected] OR

    Parkland: Third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Lakeview Church of Christ, 1709 112th St. S., Tacoma, WA. Please call or email Betty for more information. Betty, 253-539-1209, [email protected]



    Congratulations Ash, sounds like you are well on your way to getting him to eat directly from the breast!



    Hello ladies.. Has anyone used the playtex embrace double electric pump? I have an evenflo but I am looking for a double inexpensive pump. I have read many good and bad reviews on it.



    As for NIP. I’ll do it pretty much anywhere that I am and can sit down. Alex being almost 22lbs is too heavy for me to hold and nurse. I do try to feed him before we go out though. The grocery would be a hassle with the cart and a toddler. I refuse to go to a bathroom. And even many ‘mother’s rooms’ are gross. The one at our Babies R Us is disgusting. I’d rather go find a seat on one of their gliders then go in there. Yuck!



    Ella, I agree with you. I really wish comment spy didn’t exsist. Honestly, those that come here go to certain pages. Why go trolling other pages. It only leads to trouble.



    Casen: medela makes a freezer storage bag for bm that you can pump directly into. It has the oz’s marked, and come in boxes of 50


    At least when they are little, by the time my DD was 1 I could use any diaper w/o feeling like I strapped a pound of cloth between her legs.


    Emilee- My BFF is the same way. She was on Depo from 14-21 pretty much continually. No problems getting pg when she cam off…but her bones are terrible. She is now 26 and is supposed to use a cane b/c her hips are so bad. She will prob need both hips replaced around 30….. On the BC topic… has any one used the Nuva Ring while feeding? I’ve used it before and loved it, but don’t know how it wil affect my supply. Me and hubby are trying to decide b/c options. We want another baby in about 2 years. I Have a clotting d/o so that complicates things. I don’t trust the mini pill b/c I’ll have to return to work.



    Hi everyone 🙂 I am a new mummy with a 6 day old baby girl – Florence. I thought I would join this section for help with my breastfeeding, mainly support and encouragement. During pregnancy I was worried that I wouldn’t have any milk- but sheesh, my milk came in a couple of days ago and I am sporting some seriously large watermelons that never seem to empty 🙂 I have spent some time today with my midwife who is also a lactation consultant and it appears I wasn’t latching properly so have these nasty red sore nipples that nearly made me give up and switch to bottle… I did forget to ask her today when my BB’s will settle down, does anyone have any idea?



    Welcome back, Lawsons! Definitely glad to have you back!



    mere, m kid started getting teeth at 8 weeks. Whenever this little guy gets fickle we start checking his mouth for teeth buds. she had 12 teeth by 12 months!



    keiko972 – That’s completely normal. She’s just learning how to take the milk in and process it. It’ll come. They all eat differently, just like us adults. Remember these little ones are humans too. They aren’t all going to fit into a perfect mold.


    Good luck Maddox I hope you find a solution

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