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    styx, it should have come through as a page suggestion, but if not, here is the actual link to the page…!/InspiredByFinn?ref=ts



    Anyone want a free nursing cover? Go to and enter promo code breastfeeding. It is worldwide breastfeeding week so all you will have to pay for is S&H.



    benbubby – Isn’t that always the case!! HAHA! It’s cloudy and blah here in Bothell. Sea fair isn’t supposed to be much better. Grr!


    benbubby – Wow… that would really set me off! I’m sorry your MIL has not respected your wishes. I know what that’s like and it’s crappy. What is it with MIL’s undermining the parents? Anyway, from what I’ve been told and what I’ve read it’s impossible to overfeed a breastfed baby. My pediatrician has told me (even through hot weather) that Alyssa does not need water. If dehydration is a concern she suggested I nurse more often. I wouldn’t worry about your bub getting diabetes… I wouldn’t worry about your baby getting sick period since he is BF’ed. There is nothing healthier for them to be eating at this time. And you’re right, he should be packing on the weight right now to help him grow healthy and strong. Once he starts moving around he’ll start to thin out. I’m sure it’s varies baby to baby, but from what I read it’s usually between 6-8 months.


    Just curious what kind of storage bags you ladies use for breast milk. I use the medela storage containers. They only hold 2.5oz and a pack of 12 bottles costs $14.99. I have two sets so I can only store up to 60oz. I figure there has to be a cheaper alternative. I think bags would be cheaper but I’m not sure which kind or maybe they’re about the same price too? I’m also assuming that bags aren’t reusable. That’s fine too as I’m planning to store milk for a few months and not just days/weeks like I do with the containers, and toss them afterward.


    I don’t think anyone felt it North of Seattle. I knwo people did in Renton. My parents live in Everett and didn’t feel it nor did a friend in Mountlake Terrace, whichi s closer to Bri.



    oh and what a sweet partner in crime coming on her to show love and support to a breastfeeding mommy. if i new you and could see you i’d give you a big kiss on the mouth for that!


    Newborn babies do seem to feed pretty much around the clock, I know it is hard but it does settle down. I have a 21 month old aswell and it is hard work but so worth while to keep at it. Also expressing isn’t a true indication of what you are producing, baby can get more out than the machine can.


    sorry illy not sure how long it takes. Have you ate something different to normal?


    TISH- I drink coffee and red bulls! I’ll drink them while i’m nursing sometimes. I started drinking it when I was about 7 months pregnant and just never stopped. For about a wk I had problems where if I made the coffee to strong even if 2 hrs went by, then fed him he could crap A LOT. But that was months ago. Now it doesn’t do anything. I looked up the amount that is safe to drink and it equal 7 red bulls in a day.



    Bri & Bouza ~~ THANX FOR THE REPLY 🙂 .



    Thanks everyone. I am taking each day at a time now. Every day I manage I feel proud so I have my fingers crossed that I will see it through. I have been using lanolin and I think the cracks seem a little better than this morning so maybe in a few days they will be much improved.



    For anyone who pumps I suggest you look up a product called the PumpEase – a hands-free pumping support ‘bra’ that allows double pumping with NO HANDS! Wish I knew about it when I was exclusively pumping for my son! If you live in Canada, the creator of the PumpEase, Wendy Armbruster, will be featured on Dragon’s Den on CBC October 13th. Here is the Facebook page if anyone is interested in reading more about it:!/PumpEase


    So quiet n here. Where did everyone go? Are yall on that breastfeeding facebook page I could never find..?



    aw, Shiz… it’s so easy to say that… with my first I was up 8-10 hours a night with a screaming baby and I didn’t know why. Finally some stranger at the supermarket came up to me when my baby had been screaming the whole way around and said as kindly as she could, if baby cries for more than about 5-10 minutes, there is something wrong. Oh yes, there was something wrong. There was no milk…only I didn’t know this until my milk actually ‘came in’ at 10days pp and was miniscule. This was confirmed by the nurses, but only after the event (ie, oh yes, that looks like milk and what you should have been having the last 10 days, but hey more complications, here’s some radiation and you can’t feed your baby for 24 hours). Once we visited formula, omg, my whole life changed. But unfortunately by then, it was too late, I hadn’t bonded with my baby (very difficult pregnancy and difficult birth and difficult recovery with a screaming baby not getting enough milk and to add to that – I had glandular fever. Could the situation really be any worse?). Ok, look, I know what you’re saying, but with my daughter I had the time to spend a day doing what you’ve described – stay at home and offer breast permanently. Only trouble was, I had no time for anything else – namely, looking after me. Now? Well, I have my daughter to look after too and if I can get a normal supply up, then I really would like to do it. Back on subject, I’ve continued to take the milk thistle and now that my milk seems to have come in (yay!), bubs is taking less formula. I actually managed to express some today as well! And it was the full creamy milk 🙂 Hooray! So, now looks like baby is happy with bf and top ups of formula of about 4omls, 4 hours between feeds including at night 😀 So, today – since everything is getting on track – I’m sending hubs out for some fenugreek and breast pads (washable ones I have just don’t last long enuf). I think I might be able to handle the fenugreek now – 2moro will be 1 week pp and tummy feeling alot more normal. Shiz, I really do appreciate your input….. I just cannot under any circumstances end up back where I was 3 yrs ago. It went very wrong. I’ve only described to you the events leading up to more. I’m very very lucky to be here today with a loving husband, daughter, family and I in no way take any of them for granted. But I know I need to look after my physical and psychological as well and torturing myself with ebf now and no supplement I know would be a bad move for me.

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