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    what is malted milk? does it help with your supply? how does it taste?



    on the poo issue, Julianna only poops on mondays. pretty odd and definitely not planned by me, but for the past month or even more the only time she usually poops is on mondays. once in a while it’s on a sunday but she is happy and healthy. Her poo is not hard and she isn’t constipated, and our doc said it’s normal for some babies.



    Ok- I think I am going to stop taking the Reglan as I feel I am getting a little depressed. Every task seems so HUGE even giving LO a bath. I dread it all. I have been on it for four months. Do I just need to stop cold turkey or wean myself? I am so afraid my supply will drop and not being able to nurse anymore will depress me even further. I really don’t know what to do. Any advice?



    I have decided to apply at uni to do a bachelor of nursing next year so i can become a midwife. I have wanted to do it for 16 years and now im in a position to be able to do it. I know i can make a difference and plan to teach women the beautiful gift breastfeeding gives their babies.



    It is funny how my experiences being a mother and nursing my baby has totally changed my perspective on breastfeeding. I have always thought breastfeeding was a good thing I just thought after the baby was a year old it was weird to continue nursing your baby. Well now after being a mom myself and nursing I can totally see myself continuing on nursing after my son’s first birthday. I think I really want to let my son self wean when the time comes. I was having this whole conversation with two other moms that both nursed but only until their babies were 5 months old and they thought I was so weird. I know I used to think the same thing but I just thought since they did nurse their babies as well they would at least understand where I was coming from. I just love the cuddle time that nursing brings and I will be VERY sad when the day comes when my LO will be too old for it.



    I’m sure this has been asked before but does anyone know where I can find a Medela breast pump coupon. I don’t want to purchase online.



    I did the same thing Jessica- i’m 9 wks prego now!! haha i wasn’t counting on it as birthcontrol. Just wasn’t using anything else. Waddya know.. I’m fertil..



    phatbaby, I have found even when I have been engorged, or emptied after being blocked, I can remain pretty sore for a few days.



    Thanks ladies im going to try the Avent bottles cause she is gassy. So ill grab a pacifier while im at it lol



    Hi ladies — for clogged ducts, Gerber makes these little discs you can put in your bra – you can either heat them in the microwave, or you can cool them in the fridge… I found them to be lifesavers. I had a lot of clogged ducts early on and it was an easy way to keep heat on before every feeding.



    Okay so I’m a first time mom, my DD is 12 days old sometimes she will nurse for a couple of min then fall asleep for awhile has anyone had that happen to Them? I have stripped her down to her diaper and she still does it. If I would let her she would eat every 4-5 hours, but I was told not to let her go past 4 hours, but if I do it sooner I have a had time waking her up. I’m trying to EBF, but I have had to give her a.bottle.of.BM since she drains both breast. Should I pump and hour or two after feeding Her? Srry for the long post



    letty, to get the baby to latch properly tickle his upper lip with your nipple. When his mouth is open REALLY wide, pop the nipple in. Aim for the ROOF of his mouth, NOT for the back. He should have a good mouthful, with his chin and the tip of his nose touching the breast. Try to nurse him BEFORE he gets too hungry, so that he is not screaming and really hungry, that way he will be more receptive to the boob. If he doesn’t get the latch right, take him off and try again. How often are you feeding him? It is very common for breast fed babies to want to nurse every 2 hours, sometimes as often as every hour. It doesn’t mean they’re not getting enough, breastmilk just digests faster than formula, because it’s not full of empty calories and fillers. Make sure you are either pumping or nursing directly from the breast at least every 2-3 hours, preferably every 2 hours. Good luck!



    I am SO excited to starts nursing a newborn again! haha. I can’t wait to tandem nurse, either. It’ll be the first time I do it so it’s a new experience!!



    Hi ladies havent been on here in a while hope you are all well. i have a concern regarding my 7 months old bowel mvment. i noticed today he had a very dry difficult poo and a small amount of blood was present…eek what could it be? any ideas please let me know…



    My Baby is 5 days old, for the last 3 sometimes when I feed her she gets really badstomach aches about 30- 40 minutes after feeding. This happens about onceor twice in a 24 hour period. I will feed her a few times between my meals and she will be fine, but then she will get bad cramps another time. Any ideas. I have been eating bland and cutting out a lot of the dairy.

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